40+ Free Workspace Mockups for Photorealistic Presentations

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Workspace mockups can be very useful for designers to present their creative work to their clients. Most of the available mockups on the web are fully editable PSDs, with very organized layers and smart objects, which will give you the freedom to easily edit the characteristics of the workspace.

Also, using workspace mockups to showcase your app or web designs, will allow you to save a lot of time and money and create incredible, professional-looking presentations. The main advantage of using workspace mockups for design presentations is that they transmit the full potential of the design in a natural environment and your client will love your work!

21 Best Free Shopify Themes for eCommerce Websites

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In today’s article, we are going to round up the best free Shopify themes available in the Shopify theme store. Shopify allows you to quickly and easily create an eCommerce website or online store. Both premium and free Shopify themes come built in with all the features you need, such as credit card processing and a very powerful back-end. While there are many free Shopify themes, Shopify itself is a premium platform due to the plethora of powerful features it offers, as such it requires a low monthly subscription cost. This ensures that there is a development team constantly developing the software on which your online store runs, and because the fees are more than reasonable, Shopify is an online sales platform that is widely recommended. This article has been completely updated this year with latest Shopify themes.

40 Beautiful Sketch Templates for Sleek User Interfaces

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UI kits and templates will save you precious time and money, which is essential when working under time constraints or on a tight budget.

These beautiful Sketch templates and UI kits include graphics, icons, fonts, hundreds of screens and categories, widgets, infographics, and a plethora of other UI elements that will make your life significantly easier.

20 Letterhead Templates & Mockups That Will Save You Time

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In case you are not familiar with what letterheads are, you should know that a letterhead is a sheet of paper, marked with contact details of a company. These details include the name, business logo, telephone number, address and sometimes even a beautiful background pattern for the whole page. Letterhead templates and mockups are very useful if you want to deliver a complete corporate identity project for your client. To help you, we hand-picked some of the best premium and free letterhead templates and gathered them here for your inspiration!

20 Black and White WordPress Themes & Website Designs

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We’ve seen full-screen images becoming more and more popular in web design, but one trend that really stood out to me is the use of black and white photography in some designs. Black and white images have always conveyed more emotion than a full-color photo, and that continues when it’s implemented into the header or background of a website design.

20 Premium Product Mockups For Showcasing Your Work

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Mockups fan? Check out these 20 premium product mockups and make your mockup collection complete.

Creating mockups encourages design review, feedback, and validation activity as well as encouraging teamwork and active stakeholder participation. The ability to simulate an end product in significant detail generally results in a higher quality product that can be produced in less time than traditional design approaches allow. There are many benefits of using mockups for your projects and combined with the use of the best tools, templates and practices, practically guarantees a successful outcome.