Tips and Best Practices to Reduce Abandoned Cart Issues

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Statistics share that almost 59% of customers abandon their shopping carts.  This means that customers search the site, select items to purchase, place these items in a cart and then fail to check out.

In a study by PayPal, researchers showed that 45% of customers had abandoned a purchase more than once.

20 Best Slab Serif Fonts You Should Use

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Looking for some of the best slab serif fonts for both digital and printed projects? Here are some typefaces you should add to your collection.

These slab serif fonts can be used for a varied array of projects, both modern and vintage. You will find bold slab serifs, round slab serif fonts, free slab serif fonts, geometric slab serif fonts, condensed slab serif fonts thin slab serif fonts and more. Most of these font families come in different weights and some even have some font pairing suggestions you can use. Check out their features and choose the ones you like.

7 Mobile Landing Page Ideas That Your Visitors Will Love

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Ever since Google announced mobile-first indexing, having a well-optimized mobile website has become a necessity. However, it makes perfect sense because global mobile traffic keeps increasing. Customers are getting more comfortable with buying goods and services via their phones.

This change is particularly significant for local businesses and agencies. The growing importance of mobile interface changes the game, and everyone needs to adapt.

Thus, here are some tips on how you can improve your mobile landing pages.