25 Creative Powerpoint Templates for Awesome Presentations

25 Creative Powerpoint Templates for Awesome Presentations
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July 25, 2022

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Do you want to create a bad-ass presentation for your project and impress your client? If you want to do this without wasting any time on the design for the presentation, we have a solution for you!

Here are 25 creative Powerpoint templates for awesome presentations. These Powerpoint templates have different styles, are premium-made, and have tons of useful graphics. As most of you know, presentations are typically conducted using Powerpoint, but creating a presentation from scratch without using any templates is both time-consuming and inefficient. That is why in this roundup we’ve collected a total of 25 Powerpoint templates to help you create presentations faster and easier.


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Whether you’re looking for adding graphs, images, charts, or any other graphic elements to your presentations, these templates have them all. Because these creative Powerpoint templates are very diverse, including various colors and styles, they are perfect for a variety of uses such as business presentations, client presentations, product pitch presentations, and almost anything else.

Look for the style which best fits you or your brand and start customizing, as these Powerpoint templates are extremely easy to customize. The whole process will take less than an hour and you’ll have a perfectly done presentation ready in no time.

Here they are. Impress your clients and create awesome presentations!

Animus Powerpoint Presentation Template

Animus is a nice Powerpoint template that comes with more than 30 color variations to make sure your presentations will be remembered by the crowds.

Animus Powerpoint Presentation TemplatePin

Massive X Presentation Template v.5.6 Fully Animated

This awesome template is fully editable so you can create modern, clean presentations to showcase your ideas. A very popular template, provided by Envato.

Massive X Presentation TemplatePin

Be PowerPoint Presentation Template

The Be Powerpoint template that gives you the option of inserting colorful infographics, images, vectors, and any other design asset, creating a clean PowerPoint display. It comes with over 125 clean creative slides, 550 free font icons, and it’s easy to change the sizes and colors of font icons.


Sparrow – Creative Agency Powerpoint Presentation

This stunning template set comes has a style that is a clean, flat design, with a minimalist, modern look that works well for agencies in the creative industry such as web design, fashion, modeling, photography, marketing, and more. You’ll receive over 100 unique slides for creatives including the formats of Retina, Full HD, PPT, and PPTX. There’s more, so head over to Envato to see the details.

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Finci Powerpoint Template

This is a great Powerpoint template that comes in two ratio versions: 16:9 and 16:10. It also gives you the possibility to choose between a light and a dark background.

Finci Powerpoint TemplatePin

Red’s – Creative Multipurpose Powerpoint Template

Red’s is one cool option if you want to create 16:9, 4:3, or even A4 presentations to showcase your projects, projections, data chart, infographics, and more.



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Aone – PowerPoint Presentation Template

Aone is a great alternative option for creating clean slides with a strong geometric look. It also includes automatic slide numbering.

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Semua – Powerpoint Presentation Template

Semua is a cool Powerpoint presentation template perfect for 16:9 screen sizes that uses free fonts and offers great transition animation.

semua powerpoint presentation templatePin

Mercurio PowerPoint Presentation Template

Mercurio is a clean, versatile, and multipurpose PowerPoint Template that was created to help you present your business to potential clients in an elegant way. This template is beautiful as well as structured with a smooth design to keep a good flow. Here’s a sample of the stunning high-quality infographics within the template.


Corporate PowerPoint Template

Corporate comes in two versions: light and dark with different color styles such as red, purple, green, teal, or multicolored.

Corporate PowerPoint TemplatePin

The LECCO Business Theme

Lecco comes with over 1000 vector shapes that you can insert in your business presentations to make them stand out. You can also choose between unlimited color schemes.


Mica Powerpoint Presentation Template

Here we have another example of a great alternative to classic Powerpoint templates. Mica comes with 3 color schemes: yellow, red, and multicolor.

mica powerpoint presentation templatePin

Leafy Powerpoint’

Here we have Leafy, a Powerpoint presentation template with 12 unique slides available and many more features. It also comes with full 24/7 support for your needs.

Leafy PowerpointPin

3 in 1 Powerpoint Bundle Vol.1

Rocket Bundle Powerpoint Template is perfect for business, corporate, and even personal use. It’s very easy to customize and it also comes with fully editable infographics.

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Analysis PowerPoint Template

Analysis is another great example of a Powerpoint template that gives you the option to choose between more than 300 font icons.


YOKI – Powerpoint Presentation Template

Here we have an awesome example of a stylish presentation template that lets you create countless creative slides.

Yoki Powerpoint Presentation TemplatePin

Gart Powerpoint Presentation Template

Gart has a very clean and minimal style with creative and unique slides. We strongly recommend this for business presentations or portfolios.

gart powerpoint presentation templatePin

Riwayat Personal CV Powerpoint Template

Riwayat is a gorgeous alternative if you want to present your CV as a powerful presentation. It comes with 40 color schemes so you can find the perfect one to match your CV and personality.

Riwayat Personal CV Powerpoint TemplatePin

Charts Bundle 3 in 1 Power Point Presentation

Here we have the perfect choice for creating a Powerpoint presentation based on charts. Recommended for business, corporate and educational use.

Charts Bundle 3 in 1 Power Point PresentationPin

Changes – Powerpoint Presentation Template

Changes is a Powerpoint presentation template with a nice pastel look that’s perfect if you want to create modern, minimalist presentations.

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Excell PowerPoint Template

Excell is a great template for creating data charts infographics and even portfolio testimonials. It comes in two versions: light and dark and lots of infographic elements, charts, and icons.

Excell PowerPoint TemplatePin

5 in 1 PowerPoint Business Bundle

This is the ultimate business bundle for creating eye-catching, professional presentations.

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Experience Multipurpose Presentation Template

Experience is a template that lets you create 84 types of unique slides. You can choose from 10 available color schemes to make sure your presentation will stand out from the crowd.

Experience Multipurpose Presentation TemplatePin

SmartArt Library PowerPoint Presentation Template

Here we have a nice library that contains all of the SmartArt Graphics that can be used in Powerpoint. Use it to find the perfect elements for you.

SmartArt Library PowerPoint Presentation TemplatePin

Blur PowerPoint presentation

Blur is a 16:9, 1920 x 1080 HD, fully editable Powerpoint presentation. It comes with a subtle gradient background that will give your presentations a very professional look.

Blur PowerPoint presentationPin


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    Amazing templates. Very good work. Thanks for sharing.

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