15 Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes to Use This Year

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The concept behind the design of most multipurpose WordPress themes is simple. It’s the ability to produce a template that can create different kinds of websites. These websites usually suit any type of company, brand, agency, or cause.

A multipurpose website would, therefore, have all the necessary features.

There is an argument against multipurpose themes. It is that website designers and owners would often have to settle for results that, are not the best.

No More Excuses: How to Finally Start Your Business

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Owning a business can be empowering. Owning a company that you’ve built from scratch is more than empowering, it means taking full control of your professional life. While that sounds very appealing, most of the time it’s simply intimidating as having a unique and promising idea is not enough to build your dream business from the ground up. On top of constant market research, endless paperwork, and competitor observation, you have to find motivation to keep you going even through the hardest of times.

Are online quizzes a part of your content marketing strategy?

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Brands, entrepreneurs, and especially marketers are going out of their way trying to find more unique, motivating and engaging ways to get their products or services out there, as the usual marketing and branding strategies are not as effective as they used to be. To stand out in the pool of similar products and services, business men and women have to get creative. On the side of the usual content marketing methods: video, blogging, and infographics, there’s a new trend on the horizon – quizzes.

Why and When to Redesign Your Website?

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In this evolving and competitive market, every business to be at the top of their game for making a significant profit to sustain operation. In order to do so, having an online presence is as important as having a good product, as one can’t sell a good product without promoting it.

How to Use Handwritten Typography in Website Design

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Website typography is a new form of art. Using typography well helps to create an atmosphere for a website and gives identity to a brand. Using fonts well shows viewers that they have come to the right place.

When a designer blends fonts well and creates a harmonious feel for a site, the brand comes together. This encourages viewers to explore further.

8 Best Productivity Apps of 2018 to Improve Your Workflow

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“Work smarter, not harder” is a phrase you’ve probably heard many times before. It’s also a truism whether your goal is to increase productivity or simply to make life a little easier. Working smarter is easier said than done unless of course, you have the right tools to make it happen.

The right tools, in this case, are productivity apps. They can help you with your project management tasks and do many of them for you. They also can promote team collaboration, track time and expenses. Or, they can serve as design aids that enable your workflow to function more smoothly.