10 Awesome WordPress Tools & Services You Should Check Out

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It wasn’t long after WordPress first came on the scene that it has succeeded. It gained the reputation as a complete website building platform. Now, it is the #1 favorite of web designers and the most widely used tool of its type on the market.

The WordPress team set out to build what they intended to be the ultimate website builder. Thanks in part to the growing number of tools and services, their goal was reached.

Latest UX Patterns Trends That Your Visitors Want to See

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Website viewers don’t pay a great deal of attention to the structure of a design or what goes into the planning.  They aren’t aware of the many ingredients, the complexity of the mix or the thought that goes into it.

Instead, they explore the end result.  They are aware of how they feel when they use a site and this is about it.

Good design is always invisible and it is reflected in your User Experience.  When your user enjoys a site, it will become a destination of choice.

25 Free Material Design Code Snippets

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Here are 25 free Material design code snippets you can use to build fantastic Material-style websites and web apps. The items we gathered in the list below contains everything from basic color schemes and grid setups to more detailed components like responsive cards, flip cards, news and blog cards, profile cards, switches, container elements, forms, icons, buttons with animations, dropdown menus and carousels.

MyWebsite Site Builder from 1and1

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Today, we decided to review MyWebsite Site Builder offered by the 1&1 hosting company.

1&1 offers powerful web hosting from $0.99 per month. You can use their services to launch your own successful website within minutes, setup them in 55 seconds via a scalable, fast and secure interface, and even easily design your own WordPress website. Moreover, they offer Microsoft Office tools so you can work from anywhere with Office 365, enhanced by 1&1 and professional email addresses that match your domain.