11 Tips to Getting Your Magazine Cover Design Right

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No form of media could replace a hard paper copy of a magazine. People have been especially fond of attractive cover designs. The cover is a significant factor in helping a buying decision. Due to this very reason, designers and publicists take special efforts in making sure the cover design is on point – digitally as well as print-wise. Making a creative magazine cover design might come off as a significant challenge. It can be difficult especially for the untrained beginners in graphic design. As such, we have created a guide that consists of 11 tips to get your magazine cover design just right.

10 Ways to Evoke Emotions Through Social Media Design

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It’s an era of Social Media, and emotions play a vital role in providing useful information about your customer’s interests. The make-shift trend of Digital Design and vibrant color palettes help the heads turn and keep eyes hooked to your content. But we all know that creating a mental hook is a difficult job. So, here are a few tips with which you can get a larger attention span of your audience. Portraying the brand is what designers must do, which is not an easy task. Also, designers must bring out emotion from the viewers through social media design. If the designer manages to evoke emotions in the viewer, then he or she has been successful in creating a fantastic social media design. Here are 10 ways in which designers can bring out various emotions through social media design:

11 Types of Gradients for Creating Stunning Backgrounds

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It is safe to say that color has the potential to make or break a design. While sometimes a plain black and white design might get too monotonous, the use of gradients comes into the picture. Essentially, a gradient is one color that fades or merges into another. This gives a light to dark, or multicolour effect. Positively, gradients are making a comeback, and this trend is already visible on many websites as well. To make it easy, let’s try to understand what a gradient is, and then look at their usage through the course of this article with a few examples.

13 Smart Architecture Logo Designs

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For any company belonging to any sector, a logo acts as the first identity that customers and clients base their initial opinion about the company on. It acts as a visual identity of any company’s products and services. A logo helps a customer or a client create a sense of trust, clarity and their initial perception about your brand. Since logos are visual, they also help the most with the retention of a brand association for your existing customer or client pool.  It is especially true for architecture logo designs.

20 Examples of Bad Website Designs to Avoid

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Websites are like our second home. A website works as your online image and is judged upon harshly by your users. This is the reason that making a great design for your website is very important. However, sometimes the websites really don’t look how they should, or how you originally envisioned them after they are coded from design into live sites. Following are 20 examples of bad website designs which would help you to avoid such mistakes in your website creation. Some websites made it to this list because their design elements serve no purpose, while others are so user-unfriendly that we had to include them. Please note that some of these websites are very well known. “Bad design” can be quite subjective, so before you leave comments disagreeing with our list, please keep that in mind :) If you have more websites to add, or want to comment on anything written in this bad website designs roundup, please don’t be shy to comment below.

20 Graphic Design Websites You Will Be Inspired From

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Graphics designing has become the core of every industry from the past decade. The entire digital marketing concept is based on graphic designing. For every website we create, for every blog we post and for every Instagram post, we require graphics that speak for us. Top companies are identifying the needs of graphics and have started adopting them using the latest trends.