Are You Using Whitespace in Your Website Designs?

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Designers see it as crucial. Site owners want to fill it up with anything they can find. You might wonder what I am talking about. It’s whitespace!

Whitespace is one of the most crucial elements of design. Without it, you will battle to create a great site layout. However, many see it as simply empty space, and therefore as something which should be filled.

How to Design Cool & Efficient Infographics

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Infographics may be a bit tricky to create, but there is no better alternative for presenting complex data in a ‘digestible’ and eye-catchy way. Better yet, infographics are slowly becoming critical elements of visual marketing.

Of course – text was and remains a leading mean of communicating important information, but we can’t undermine the fact that human brains process images way faster than words.

5 Website Navigation Best Practices All Designers Should Follow

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Creating a coherent user-friendly website navigation structure just got a lot easier. We’ve tried one version of the mega menu after another. We have also tried complex schemes that only made navigation more complex.

It took a responsive design to get us back on the right track.  We wanted to help visitors navigate through websites while using their devices.

This is still an ongoing process. However, the advent of minimalist architecture design concepts helps a lot. We are fast approaching the dark cloud’s silver lining.

How to Use Handwritten Typography in Website Design

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Website typography is a new form of art. Using typography well helps to create an atmosphere for a website and gives identity to a brand. Using fonts well shows viewers that they have come to the right place.

When a designer blends fonts well and creates a harmonious feel for a site, the brand comes together. This encourages viewers to explore further.

8 Best Productivity Apps of 2018 to Improve Your Workflow

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“Work smarter, not harder” is a phrase you’ve probably heard many times before. It’s also a truism whether your goal is to increase productivity or simply to make life a little easier. Working smarter is easier said than done unless of course, you have the right tools to make it happen.

The right tools, in this case, are productivity apps. They can help you with your project management tasks and do many of them for you. They also can promote team collaboration, track time and expenses. Or, they can serve as design aids that enable your workflow to function more smoothly.

How to Take Your Design Portfolio to the Next Level

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As a designer, your portfolio showcases your interests, skills and achievements.

When you put your portfolio onto the internet, you will be competing with other talented designers.

How can you offer your very best in your online proposal in order to stand out?

How might you catch the eyes of potential clients and keep them interested?