Creating User Flow Maps – 20 Excellent Examples

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For creating successful websites, you should consider beginning the website design process with planning the user flow maps. It’s imperative that you create various scenarios of what your users might do and where they will navigate when they enter your website. A detailed analysis will help you know exactly how to position your content in order to make your website as functional as possible.

CSS Range Sliders: 20 Impressive Designs

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Nowadays, CSS range sliders are continuously gathering popularity and are used more and more in multipurpose websites. Range sliders function on a simple and very effective design principle which can be activated by a dragging action. Besides their usability, their interactive design makes your websites more appealing to the users. Discover these incredible CSS range sliders and use them in your web design projects.

Demystifying the Hamburger Menu: 20 Hand-Picked Examples

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Hamburger menus have gained some popularity in the past few months and are currently being used for both websites and mobile apps. Their role is to help you navigate everywhere, in an easy, mobile-friendly manner. Hamburger icons have become a well-known and easily recognizable UI action button. Although they have a familiar three-bar design, their aspect can vary from a project to another, depending on the chosen style.

Mobile App Animation | 20 Excellent Examples

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Today’s article focuses on mobile app animation and ways on how to improve your app designs. This is a great collection of 20 excellent examples of how you can use various elements to make your applications more user-friendly and interactive. Let yourself be inspired by these mobile app animation examples!