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12 Best Firefox Add-ons for Graphic Designers

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These days, Google has acquired a lot of the market share, and people are used to having Google at their fingertips. And in this rage, users have forgotten about Firefox Mozilla’s existence. Like Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla also has plug-ins and add-ons that you can use to your advantage as a designer. And when we talk about graphic designing and graphic designers, many interesting and useful Firefox add-on are out there that you may not know about.

10 Graphic Design Courses You Can Take While Working From Home

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Graphic design is a challenging profession – whether it is your main job, or even a side hobby. It may have happened so that you wanted to give it a try but could never do it because of your other job, kids, or a number of other things. You might be one of the people who has stepped back from graphic design due to the expenses that could be incurred from learning a new skill – especially graphic design classes.

16 Free Geometric Backgrounds Sets to Add to Your Collection

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16 Free Geometric Backgrounds Sets to Add to Your Collection. Any design art generally has two dimension aspects to it. The texture of the design and the pattern over it. The smooth or the grainy surface that repeats itself at every regular interval is called a Pattern. Graphic design involves the use of lines, curves, shapes, and much abstract art that is consistent and pleasing to the human eyes. The modern design art is defined by using seamless textures wisely.

13 Evergreen Greeting Card Designs

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A greeting card is a piece of decorative, high-quality paper that encapsulates a message that can be sent by a person to another during the holidays and otherwise, to convey good wishes and thoughts. There are many types of greeting cards available in the market. Initially, when the trend of sending the greeting cards began, people used to send physical greeting cards; they used handwritten cards to send them across to someone.

20 Amazing Free Abstract Background Sets

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It is a must for a graphic designer as well as for a web designer to have a good collection of abstract backgrounds. While designing, it is better to have the background selected first so that the designing process could start. The most critical yet difficult task is to choose the background that is attractive and elegant. While selecting a background, you must consider the color combination that would suit your project. In this free abstract backgrounds roundup, we present you with some irresistible and smart abstract backgrounds that will enhance the beauty of your design. The best background will direct the attention of the viewer to the designs. Without further adieu, the free abstract backgrounds are as follows:

14 Best Websites in 2020 to Download Free Vector Art

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What is the absolute, most prominent identity of an online business? Being in a generation that is highly dependent on infographics and icons, the simple answer to the above question is vector graphics. Mainly, vectors refer to the graphical illustrations, logos, icons as well as other digital representations that add an edge to your website and make it more interactive. These days, vector graphics are a must-have for promoting businesses on the internet as they are a great way to bring certain things into attention for the visitors. Vector art is a cleaner, more convenient high-resolution solution that enhances the overall effect of the brand’s identity. There is a lot of free vector art available that you can use on your next project.