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14 Best Websites in 2020 to Download Free Vector Art

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What is the absolute, most prominent identity of an online business? Being in a generation that is highly dependent on infographics and icons, the simple answer to the above question is vector graphics. Mainly, vectors refer to the graphical illustrations, logos, icons as well as other digital representations that add an edge to your website and make it more interactive. These days, vector graphics are a must-have for promoting businesses on the internet as they are a great way to bring certain things into attention for the visitors. Vector art is a cleaner, more convenient high-resolution solution that enhances the overall effect of the brand’s identity. There is a lot of free vector art available that you can use on your next project.

8 Free Christmas Vectors for Designers

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Christmas bells are ringing again! With the festive time just around the corner, all the designers are sprawling through the internet searching for the best Christmas vectors. Starting from a simple Christmas greeting to indoor decorations to creating infographic videos and other communications, the need for the shining Christmas star, the Christmas tree and different designs is very high right now. The internet is flooded out there with such vectors, but it is not all easy to find the perfect one which matches with your design and augments your creativity. Here is a list of resources of Free Christmas vectors that you can use for creating your designs:

14 Best Logo Design Tools to Create a Professional Logo

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Logos are the best tools for leaving a long-lasting impression on the audience. This is why you must create a good logo for leaving a great impression on your audience. It eases communicating your business identity to a great extent. If you are a new business whose product and services haven’t reached your targeted audience yet, you would primarily depend on visual elements like a logo design for creating an impression about your brand and also for the marketing campaigns. Logos give identity to a brand that it uses throughout its range of activities and products. Logos, thereby, can be considered to be the face of a company. One of the primary purposes of creating a logo is creating a perception and image of the brand that it’s different from the existing alternatives available in the market, in the right way. This is why keeping up with the design trends is an essential element of logo design to ensure your logo doesn’t get obsolete and is well perceived by the public.

10 Best Resource Sites for Free Photoshop Actions

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Photoshop actions are a sequence of tasks saved in a file that you can apply to any image or text. These tasks will then run on the image or text and provide a final output by modifying the image or text. Photoshop has a set of predefined actions installed to help you do simple tasks. These tasks can be anything from adding effects to changing the size of the image. Using Photoshop actions, you can automate routine editing tasks that you may perform on images or texts and thereby save time and produce identical output in different images.

10 Excellent Websites for Finding Photoshop Brushes

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Photoshop brushes are designed to help you create the visual elements quickly. Right brushes can enhance the visual experience and help you design faster. There are plenty of brush collections available in the market. But only a few are compatible with all versions of Photoshop. Some of them are easy to use while others need advanced skills.

Here is the list of places for building your Photoshop brush collection. Most of these sites provide free brush sets and include a tutorial to help you use those brushes. You can certainly find something to suit your requirements.