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Bubble fonts are without a doubt some of the most playful and cute designs to work with. They share a common style that resembles party balloons, having rounded, poofy, and airy designs. These popular and playful fonts are ready for download and to be added to your own collection.

While some of the choices you’ll find below are thinner and less bubbly, most are more energetic and bouncy in appearance. Here we’ve compiled a list of the top 31, fun and exciting bubbly font styles and for your convenience, we’ve included both premium and free bubble fonts in our list.

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Let’s jump into this fun and exciting list now. Remember, the premium options come with a royalty-free commercial license, while the free options do not.

Best Bubble Fonts – Quick List of 31 Choices

  1. Bubble Shine – premium
  2. JellyBelly Font – premium
  3. Lizadah – premium
  4. BLUM – premium
  5. Bubble Rainbow Font – premium
  6. Bubble Boom Graffiti Font – premium
  7. Gingies Bubble – Handwritten Font YR – premium
  8. Cute Bubble Notebook Handwriting Font – premium
  9. Balloo – premium
  10. Bubble Bobble – Playful Font – premium
  11. El Mojo – Bubble Pop Bold Fonts – premium
  12. Bubble Mint – Fun Written Font – premium
  13. Blobby Chug – Kids Blob Font – premium
  14. Hellioum – premium
  15. Baby Glaze – premium
  16. Black Paint Vector Font – premium
  17. COCOLA – kids Font – premium
  18. Bulb Decorative Layered Font – premium
  19. Chunky Bubble – premium
  20. Hubble Bubble – premium
  21. Sugar Bubble – premium
  22. Bubble Gum – premium
  23. Youth Mojito – premium
  24. Vintage Lander – premium
  25. Majestic Bubble – premium
  26. Bubblicity – Bubble Font Family – premium
  27. Bubblegum 3 – free
  28. BubbleZ Font – free
  29. Bubble Sky – free
  30. Bubblegums Font – free
  31. Just Bubble – free

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30+ Best Bubble Fonts to Add Some Fun to Your Designs

Bubble Shine (premium)

If you’re looking for a fun display font, Bubble Shine is the one for you. The font has uppercase and lowercase letters and is suitable for school and children’s projects, packaging designs, labels, posters, and more. Provides multilingual support and works with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Word.

Best Bubble Fonts - Bubble Shine

JellyBelly Font (premium)

Enjoy free updates and instant downloads with the JellyBelly font. This adorable bouncy font will become your favorite with imperfect perfection and rounded with love. As with all Envato Elements assets, this font comes with extended licensing and offers a variety of file formats.

JellyBelly Font

Lizadah (premium)

Lizadah is a trendy, bubbly display font. It embodies playfulness and authenticity and is perfect for school projects, parties, food designs, and many other applications. For being bubbly, it also has a slightly fluffy design to it which will work with your cloud-based designs.


BLUM (premium)

BLUM will help you create fun promotional content and stunning logos. A total of 249 glyphs are included to support extended language. The font BLUM consists of two weights (Normal and Italic). It includes OTF and TTF Desktop fonts and optional Web fonts. You can download the font and use it to create impressive designs.


Bubble Rainbow Font (premium)

The Bubble Rainbow Font is a cute monoline hand-brushed font. You can use bubble rainbow for different digital and print projects including packaging, branding (daycare), social media, wedding cards, etc. Download the font and give it a try.

Bubble Rainbow Font

Bubble Boom Graffiti Font (premium)

The next on our list is the fun Bubble Boom Graffiti font. It is suitable for kids’ pop music, kids’ posters, flyers, children’s books, cartoons, comics, and so on and so forth. The font has uppercase, lowercase, number, punctuation, and more. File formats include Bubble Boom. OTF and TTF.

Bubble Boom - Graffiti Font

Gingies Bubble – Handwritten Font YR (premium)

Gingies Bubble is a cute, bold, and playful font available in various file formats (OTF, TTF, and WOFF). The versatile font works in different design software, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Design, and Microsoft. The font has basic Latin A-Z and a-z, numbers, and functions.

Gingies Bubble - Handwritten Font YR

Cute Bubble Notebook Handwriting Font (premium)

The Cute Bubble Notebook Handwriting Font has a chunky, fun flair! You might find it useful when looking for aesthetic fonts for hand-drawn or personal items. It comes with different file formats (OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2) and can be used for many fun, childlike designs.

Cute Bubble Notebook Handwriting Font

Balloo (premium)

With Balloo, a handwritten font, you’ll get a fun and very bold font for your Designs. You can use the font for different purposes like comic book designs, coloring books, childcare crafts, kids music videos, and much, much more. It comes with the BallooWalloo.ttf file format and supports multilingual characters.


Bubble Bobble – Playful Font (premium)

Use the Bubble Bobble if you need a playful and cheerful look, such as a child’s birthday bash, cards, or even a baby reveal. Download the font and use it for labels, quotes, posters, banners, DIY projects, branding, packaging, greeting cards, websites, and photos. Have some fun and download it today!

Bubble Bobble - Playful Font

El Mojo – Bubble Pop Bold Fonts (premium)

EL Mojo is a stunning bubble font that will make the Design virtually stunning. It’s perfect for pop art, kids” books, food, and beverages, ice cream branding, snacks, posters, and book covers. Take this design to the fair, markets, special events, bounce house parties, and the list goes on.

El Mojo - Bubble Pop Bold Fonts

Bubble Mint – Fun Written Font (premium)

Bubble Mint Font comes in a wide range of file formats with multilingual support. It’s cute, bubbly, fun, quirky, and versatile. You can use it to make birthday cards, social media posts, packaging, logos, t-shirts, kids’ stuff, and much more!

Bubble Mint - Fun Written Font

Blobby Chug – Kids Blob Font (premium)

The Blobby Chug is a great design that resembles real balloons. This font is perfect for kids’ markets, online games, stationery, t-shirts, school supplies, posters, movie titles, and YouTube covers. The font is compatible with different design software.

Blobby Chug - Kids Blob Font

Hellioum (premium)

Hellioum decorative font comes with 102 characters. You can use it for various applications, including logos, labels, t-shirt prints, and product packaging. Download the font today and get the desired look for your graphics!


Baby Glaze (premium)

With uppercase, lowercase, number & punctuation, the Baby Glaze bubble font offers a whimsical feel to your Design. Download the font and make the best eye-catching and friendly design for your next project.

Baby Glaze

Black Paint Vector Font (premium)

The Black Paint Vector Font is a friendly entertainment vector font that works well for titles, headers, lettering compositions, etc. This one is a good match for pet graphics. The font comes with vector files and PNG with transparent background.

Black Paint Vector Font

COCOLA – kids Font (premium)

The COCOLA Kids Font is easy to install and comes with different file formats. Suitable for social media, food menus, packaging, games, magazines, posters, movie titles, labels, thumbnails, and other applications like these.

COCOLA - kids Font

Bulb Decorative Layered Font (premium)

If you want to add some comic book feel to your design, use Bulb decorative layered font. Using the font, you can add some handmade touch to your graphical project. Bulb font has 170 characters and is very good-looking in logos, labels, t-shirt prints, product packaging, invitations, advertising, etc.

Bulb Decorative Layered Font

Chunky Bubble (premium)

Chunky Bubble Font is a cartoony, childlike font that will make you smile! The font features basic Latin A-z and a-z, numbers, symbols, ligature, and more. This font supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7.

Chunky Bubble

Hubble Bubble (premium)

Hubble Bubble font is a playful and fun font that can be used for social media, quotes, clothing, and other projects. To create a hippie and carefree atmosphere, you can use the font. The font comes with OTF and WOFF file formats.

Hubble Bubble Font

Sugar Bubble (premium)

With Sugar Bubble Font you can turn any crafty project into something special with its unique feel transparent style. Because of its playfulness, it’s a great choice for creative projects, whether it’s an inspirational wall poster, a logo, a brand, or anything else. Great for crafters and graphics artists alike. It is compatible with all operating systems.

Sugar Bubble

Bubble Gum (premium)

Bubble Gum is a very versatile font and adds a stylish look to your images. It is ideal for branding projects, homeware designs, product packaging, magazine headers, and more. The font set includes uppercase, lowercase, ligature glyphs, and more.

Bubble Gum

Youth Mojito (premium)

Want to change the look and feel of your typography? You can use Youth Mojito for your modern posters, graphics, presentations, website, and even your logos with a 100% unique SVG font. The font comes in different formats and supports English and Western Europe languages.

Youth Mojito

Vintage Lander (premium)

The Vintage Lander will make your images look antique, retro, or vintage. At the same time, its rounded script style falls into the bubbly category. The letters in this font are thick and angular, resembling cursive or script style. If you want the classic or vintage bubble font style, you need this one.

Vintage Lander

Majestic Bubble (premium)

In addition to TTF and OTF support, Majestic Bubble is also multilingual. Whether used for packaging, branding, magazines, social media, or weddings, the Majestic Bubble fits whenever you need a little elegance mixed with fun.

Majestic Bubble

Bubblicity – Bubble Font Family (premium)

The Bubblicity is a playful font perfect for posters, posts, invitations, and other art stuff. Utilize multiple blending options and change the hue/saturation of colors. In addition to bevels and embossing, there are many other possibilities. It comes in OTF file format and offers upper and lower case, numbers, symbols, and punctuation.

Bubblicity - Bubble Font Family

Bubblegum 3 (free)

If you are looking for a nice-looking free bubble font, you should consider choosing the Bubblegum 3 typeface. The font can add a sense of coolness to your images. This free font comes with numerical and punctuation, but it’s for personal use only. Use it for practicing your own designs.

Bubblegum 3

BubbleZ Font (free)

The BubbleZ font is fun and would fit well for craft time. It includes special characters with letters and is for personal use only. Another good example to use for practicing your own bubbly font design ideas.

BubbleZ Font

Bubble Sky (free)

BubbleSky is free and supports most design software. Combining uppercase and lowercase letters and the swash can help you create beautiful personal designs. BubbleSky is inspired by cute graffiti on the streets.

Bubble Sky

Bubblegums Font (free)

The free Bubblegums font is fun. Throw a party for your kids and start designing the flyers with this one. However, there is no commercial use allowed. You can use it for practicing your own font designs.

Bubblegums Font

Just Bubble (free)

With the free Just Bubble you can play around with many kidlike designs. Along with the alphabet, it also comes with numerals and special characters. Again, not for commercial use. Have some fun here and play with it in order to spark your own design ideas. Place on your own child’s next b-day card and see their reaction.

Just Bubble

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bubble fonts?

A bubble font is a typeface with rounded letterforms that resemble bubbles or balloons. It is perfect for designs centered around children-themed projects or events because they are whimsical and playful.

Can you name a bubble font that’s best for a boy’s birthday?

Practically any of the options on our list will work, but those that stand out most and are ready to go (without much editing) would be Bubble Bobble – Playful Font, Bubble Shine, Jelly Belly, and Bubble Boom.

Why use fonts made to look like bubbles?

a bubble-shaped font has rounded letterforms and often, they convey a playful or childlike tone. They are easy to read and great for Kids’ books, greeting cards, logos, children’s apparel websites, social media posts, t-shirts, and other print and digital designs. Designers use these types of fonts to add an animated, cute, or childlike look to their designs.

Do I need to be concerned about font pairing?

You can get away without focusing on font-pairing with these types of bubbly and fun fonts, especially if it’s used for a kid’s birthday party. However, for professional designers, the general rule is to always implement font-pairing rules no matter what and always for clients’ projects.

30+ Best Bubble Fonts Summary

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the top 30+ bubble fonts (including free and premium options) and you were able to choose the right choice for your project. No need to spend hours looking on the web for a quality list, just bookmark this page and you’re all set. Please let us know what your favorite is in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you!

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