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In need of the best movie fonts for your video, web, and print content? If your project is centered around motion pictures and theatrical themes we can help. Whether you are in charge of logo design, posting social media videos, movie trailers, posters, or t-shirt print designs, having a captivating typeface that looks like it was from a movie can help your projects have a dramatic flare.

All these amazing-looking premium and free fonts, inspired by movies, are also great for video titles, lower thirds, post-credits, print banners, movie posters, websites, logos, and more. Most of these fonts are provided by quality sources like Envato Elements and Adobe.

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When you find the best match for your cinematic project, be sure to look through our frequently asked questions listed at the bottom of the page. You’ll find answers to licensing concerns, the best movie font for videos, posters, and more.

First, browse through the best premium set of high-quality, royalty-free, and most stunning movie fonts on our list, and then take a peek at the top free movie fonts. Your cinematic-themed designs will come to life with our font collection, so be sure to come back often for a fresh look.

Top 30+ Best Movie Fonts – Premium

Action Hero

First on our hand-picked list is the Action Hero font. This fun retro or grunge style font, inspired by action movie posters of the 80s and 90s, is a hand-drawn brush font that will fit with many cinematic design applications. This font comes will all the letters, numbers, and characters expected with a high-quality film-looking font.

Movie Credits Entertainment Font

Movie Fonts: Movie Credits Entertainment Font

Here’s an awesome sans serif style display font that is tall, sleek, and very clean. The Movie Credits Entertainment font as the name suggests is the perfect font for your video or movie post-credits. The characters are condensed so as to not take too much space but at the same time also be easily readable.


Movie Fonts:  Buffallo - Movie Font

The Buffallo font is anything like its namesake animal. Rather it is a beautiful handwritten font that is highly versatile. The letters are uniquely created and the irregular baseline gives it a creative feel that you can use for short videos, movies, and print projects like posters.

Zombie Punk

Zombie Punks Font

Here’s a great-looking retro font with a horror movie design. It has the 80’s VHS vibe and really stands out with its grunge, hand-drawn brush font along with paint spills. This is a classic style font that will fit your scary designs and really stand out. It comes with uppercase, lowercase, numerals, symbols, punctuation, and language support.

Mars Attack

Movie Fonts:  Mars Attack Typeface

If your movie or video has anything to do with an alien invasion, then this movie font can work really well for you. The font style is of a ‘brush meets grunge’ effect. You can use this font for movie posters, titles, and other branding material.

Willordy Night – Movies Display Font

Movie Fonts: Willordy Night - Movies Display Font

The classic movies have a very creative feel about them when it comes to their choice of fonts. The Willordy Night movie font falls in that category of fonts. You can apply this font for movie titles, credits, movie posters, and even graphics.

Sign 45

Movie Fonts: Sign 45 Typeface

Coming in at number 7 on our list of the best movie fonts is Sign 45. This nostalgic-looking font can transport you back in time. Once you download the font you’ll get 6 different styles including scratched, stamped, and round. You can use this font set for movie posters, branding, and even album covers. If you’re working on a military or war theme, Sign 45 will fit right in.


Movie Fonts: Gunterz

A heavy and powerful movie font, the Gunterz is best suited for applications wherever you need a strong display font. It is available in four weights and even in italics. You can apply this superb font for title display, motion graphics, and promotional designs.


Movie Fonts: Hitchcut

All Alfred Hitchcock movie fans are going to love this font. The font is inspired by a number of his hit movies and carries his signature style. The letters seem as if they have been cut out with scissors. You can use this font for movie titles, posters, and marketing material.

Hoglar Sans Display

Movie Fonts: Hoglar Sans Display

Modern movies need modern fonts. The Hoglar font is a sans serif display font that can be widely used in a variety of movie applications. The font supports over 100 languages and can be used for titles, posters, and other large-scale applications.

Blow Up

Movie Fonts: Blow Up Typeface

A cool and quirky font with bold letters, the “Blow Up” typeface is a multi-use font suitable for comedy or retro-style movies. You will get uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and punctuations with this font which makes it very versatile.

Ottenburg Display

Movie Fonts:  Ottenburg Display Typeface

The Otternburg movie font is a strong but condensed display font that can easily catch the user’s attention. The minor creative touches to some of the letters make this font stand out. You can use it for movie titles, posters, and other print applications.

Devant Horgen – Modern Typeface V3.0

Movie Fonts:  Devant Horgen - Modern Typeface V3.0

A modern and versatile font style – Devant Horgen can be perfectly used as a movie font. The letters are very well refined and the condensed nature makes the text take less space. There are two styles available and you can use them for movie titles, subtitles, and typography.

Due Credit

Movie Fonts: Due Credit - The Film Designer's Font

The Due Credit display font is a must-have for all designers as it ticks all the boxes for ideal cinema-type fonts. The characters are bold, condensed, and given an extra height making them eye-catching. You can use this font for subtitles, credit blocks, and even motion graphics.

Hellprint Font

Movie Fonts:  Helprint Typeface

Creating a movie or a video related to western classics? The Hellprint font would be perfect for you given its rough look. The font comes with all characters and symbols and you can use it for movie logos, branding, video titles, and even motion graphics.

Montero Display

Movie Fonts: Montero Display Typeface

Certain art movies need their own style of branding and creative design. The Montero Display can be used as a movie font for them. The variable weights and availability of all sets of characters will let you use this font for movie titles, posters, headlines, and promotions.

Vierra Faux Japanese Font

Movie Fonts: Vierra Faux Japanese Font

Another movie font that can be used for art films is the Vierra Faux Japanese font. The designer has infused a lot of creativity by keeping the bars and angles unique. You can use the fonts for web applications, movie headlines, posters, YouTube thumbnails, and more.


Movie Fonts: Rukhosia

If you are looking for a font that will fit a science fiction movie, then the Rukhosia font is a good choice. The font has a futuristic appeal to it and you can easily use it for movie titles, motion graphics, and posters.


Movie Fonts: Vaskogiv

A unique font, the Vaskogiv movie font has a very good recall value given the way certain characters are designed. The width of the stem is kept uniform. You can use this font for movie posters, banners, and digital promotions.


Movie Fonts: Doremason

The advantage of using special fonts is that they add much-needed creative appeal to the design without much effort. The Doremason movie font is one such font that can stand alone and make your movie designs look good.

Brush History

Movie Fonts: Brush History

A movie font highly suitable for western action movies, the Brush History display font has all the characteristics of the western classic. The letters are bold and strong and have a grunge effect imposed on them giving them a vintage feel.

Modis Fashion

Movie Fonts: Modis Fashion

The Modis Fashion font is a modern and creative font which are essentially designed for fashion. But its styling and appeal can make it a highly effective cinematic font and you can use it for movie titles, posters, and other marketing materials.

Muscle Font

Movie Fonts: Muscle Font

As the name suggests, the Muscle Font has a bold visual appeal or strength. The letters are made with straight lines. The stem width is high and there are only two angles. You can use the font for action or science fiction movie branding.

Antebellum Family

Movie Fonts: Atebellum Family

A vintage-inspired font, the Antebellum rough font family is a unique combination of handwritten and grunge effects. The swashes are extended beautifully while the rest of the letter design is given a handmade feel which you can apply for old movie effects.

Bandonde Serif Font

Movie Fonts: Bandonde Serif Font

Serif display fonts are not common and hence you should collect one when you come across a font like this Bandonde Serif font. A perfect movie font, its letters have extended height and small extenders making them versatile to use.

BRITANIE Vectorian Serif Font

Movie Fonts: BRITANIE Vectorian Serif Font

The Britanie Vetorian movie font is a must-have for film designers as it has all the characteristics needed for a classic movie or theatrical font. The styling is very impressive and you can use it for movie posters, motion graphics, and even post-credits.

Mendl Sans

Movie Fonts: Mendl Sans

The Mendl Sans font family comes with a set of over 20 font variations. You will find the perfect weight you want in this smooth and clean font and use it easily across various movie and drama applications.

HWT Mardell

Movie Fonts: HWT Mardell

Sometimes it needs a quirky font style to set the creative tone of a film. The HWT Mardell font does exactly with its solid design where the letters are converted into blocks. The font will have a minimum application but will leave a lasting impression.

Bodega Serif

Movie Fonts:  Bodega Serif

The vintage classic movies always used to rely on serif-style handwritten fonts. You can continue the legacy by using this Bodega Serif movie font in your next movie. It has three styles and you can use the font for movie titles, subtitles, and post-credits.

Jeanne Moderno

Movie Fonts: Jeanne Moderno

The Jeanne Moderno font family is one of the rare families where you will get a standard roman font style and also a geometric styling. This wide variety allows you to mix and match the styles and create amazing designs for your movies.


Movie Fonts: Manicotti

A typical cowboy font, the Manicotti is one of the safest fonts you can use for western action classics and cowboy movies. The characters are designed keeping in time that era and they do not fail to generate the vintage effect.

Top 10 Best Movie Fonts – Free

Pasajero Font

Movie Fonts: Pasajero Font

Leaping forward to futuristic movies, we add to our list the Pasajero movie font which is simple but creative enough to be used for movies. The missing bar in letters like A and E makes the font unique and gives it a science-fiction feel.

Brethen Font

Movie Fonts: Brethen Font

You won’t come across many stylish cinematic fonts like the Brethen font. The swashes are free-flowing and there are stylish glyphs added to characters to make them more creative. This font you can use for vintage English classics or horror movies.

Pete’s Dragon Font

Movie Fonts:  Pete's Dragon Font

The Pete’s Dragon font, Inspired by the famous 2016 film Pete’s Dragon, has a childlike feel to it. The character design is uniform but its cool and quirky feel makes the font versatile. You can use the font for children’s movies and their promotions.

Jurassic Park Font

Movie Fonts: Jurassic Park Font

The Jurassic Park movie not only made dinosaurs cool but also made its font widely used. The Jurassic Park font has become synonymous with dinosaur graphics. You can use this font for any movie-related designs like titles, motion graphics, posters, and others.

Movie Poster Font

Movie Fonts: Movie Poster Font

The Movie Poster font is a superb vintage font with bold characters and a loud serif effect. You can easily use this font to give your film the western classic effect be it through titles, motion graphics, or print designs.

Terminator Genisys Font

Movie Fonts: Terminator Genisys Font

The Terminator Genisys font is no doubt a classic font. A pioneering movie of its time, the Terminator movie set the way for many other science fiction movies. What it also did was give the designing fraternity a futuristic font that you can use for films related to science, or other action movies.


Movie Fonts: FANTEO Font

Another stylish futuristic font is Fanteo. The design of the characters is simple except for the missing edges or extenders which give the font its style. You can use this font for modern, tech-driven films be it through titles, posters, or other promotional material.

The Godfather Font

Movie Fonts: The Godfather Font

Our movie font collection would be incomplete if we do not include the classic Godfather font. It is heavily inspired by the super hit movie and you can use this font for any designs related to the movie or its fan videos.

Neon Future Font

Movie Fonts: Neon Future Font

Neon fonts are many times in demand for movie promotions and that is where this Neon Future movie font can be useful. The design is done through light slabs arranged in requisite order. With the right use of colors and shadows, you can create amazing designs from this font.

Madame Grettha Font

Movie Fonts: Madame Grettha Font

The Madame Grettha movie font is one of the best classic display fonts that you can collect for free. Based on calligraphy font, many characters break the norm by having a non-handwritten feel and that is what makes the font fascinating. You can use the font for movie titles, motion graphics, slides, and even print designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best movie fonts for videos?

With the unprecedented rise in video creation and millions of videos being uploaded to websites and places like YouTube, the question above is not as easy to answer but should be addressed.

A couple of factors to help answer this question would be to consider personal preference and matching design to content such as grunge fonts for themes with an urban setting and bold uppercase fonts for military and war movies like the Sign 45 typeface.

However, you can’t go wrong using these 3 fonts for videos. They are easy to read and creative looking:

  • Due Credit, a compressed sans serif movie credits font
  • Helprint – a rough-looking font for cinema-type designs
  • Action Hero – a distressed or grunge movie typeface

Social media alone is brimming with content creators who are pushing a huge volume of videos online every day which increases the demand for these types of “flick fonts” and having the right cinematic typeface can help your video, print, and web content stand out from the crowd.

Do I need a special license to use a movie font?

That’s a great question. As with all design assets you should have a royalty-free license for commercial or personal use from the designer or provider.

When you use a trusted premium source like Envato Elements, you’re covered and free to use ALL their design assets under your subscription license. This means you can use the fonts for any type of use, for a lifetime. Pretty cool, huh?

However, using some free providers like FontSpace.com and MyFonts.com, you will need to verify the type of license the font comes with first before downloading a font. Some do not allow for commercial use and limit how many views of the font can be seen before having to buy another license. Due diligence is the key.

What are the best movie poster fonts?

Another great question that is dependent on your project subject matter and overall style. Look at examples of blockbuster hits and notice they often use bold, uppercase fonts for titles. The other content such as credits should be easy to read from a distance. Stay away from italics when displaying small or lower case fonts since they are hard to read. Tall fonts work well for movie posters also.

Our recommendation for the best fonts for movie posters would be Montero Display, Due Credit and a personal favorite – Blow Up

What’s the best movie font for web design?

The majority of the Premium options in our list are safe to use for web pages. The reason is that they fall into a font family known to be safe for web browsers and operating systems. These are typefaces called Sans-Serif, Serif, Monospace, and Cursive.

Most of the premium fonts on our list, for movie-themed projects, are developed within one of these typefaces and so, the best movie font for websites would be your choice, as long as they are in these typefaces.

Top 40+ Best Movie Fonts (Free & Premium Options)

Movie fonts play a crucial role in accentuating the overall creativity of your cinematic-focused designs. You can select the font that is most suited for your movie genre and use it to create stunning movie designs like titles, subtitles, and motion graphics along with other web and print design projects.

Now that you’ve gotten this far, you may want to see our collection of other great-looking fonts from our fonts category featuring the best grunge fonts and free dramatic fonts along with our list of the best 20+ space fonts.

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