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With professionally designed 1930s fonts you can infuse a genuine vintage feel into your Art Deco projects! Start with our list of the best 1930s Art Deco fonts, extremely authentic and of premium quality.

The 30s era continued the 20s Art Deco trend of symmetrical styles and designs that were glamorous, and elegant, embracing geometric shapes and patterns. These design styles pair well with script and serif typefaces.

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On the other side of the 30s typeface designs, there were common styles with brush strokes and those that were handwritten for signs, merchandise labels, and packaging.

Okay, now it’s time to see some fantastic 30s fonts that match the popular typography styles of the day.

The Best 1930s Fonts for Art Deco, Vintage Projects

Today there are thousands of professionally designed fonts that bring these classic styles back to life. We are excited to offer this hand-picked selection of the best 1930s art deco style fonts provided by Envato Elements.

Avoner – Art Deco Fonts

Avoner - Art Deco Fonts

This art deco font Avoner – Art Deco Fonts makes capital and lowercase letters all the same size which is perfect for your advertising project when you are looking for the luxurious feel of the 30s.

Rocketeers – Art Deco Type

Rocketeers - Art Deco Type

The Rocketeers – Art Deco Type takes you back to the 30s with bold letters and shadowing, giving a vintage or retro vibe. Notice the creative ligatures.

Genesis – Art Deco Typeface

Genesis - Art Deco Typeface

With Genesis – Art Deco Typeface you can set your vintage designs apart from others. Get over 50 ligatures and start using them for menus, magazines, books, headers, and more.

Nerts Deco Artdeco Display Typeface

Nerts Deco Artdeco Display Typeface

The Nerts Deco Artdeco Display Typeface is a classic, nostalgic-looking, vintage font. Give your packaging, magazines, logos, and headlines a genuine feel in the art deco era.

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Artikullash – Elegant Art Deco Typeface

Artikullash - Elegant Art Deco Typeface

Artikullash is an elegant art deco typeface ready to take your design to the elegant side of the 30s but with a modern touch.

Plasma – ArtDeco Style Font

Plasma - ArtDeco Style Font

Plasma – ArtDeco Style Font will transport your designs back in time. This selection is perfect for movie titles, posters, logos, and videos. This one happens to be one of our favorites.

Watson – Vintage Display Font

Watson - Vintage Display Font

Watson – Vintage Display Font is a unique and bold attention-grabbing deco font with 6 styles available and comes in TTF and OTF formats.

Abraham Vintage Monoline Font

Abraham Vintage Monoline Font

A smooth decorative serif, Abraham Vintage Monoline Font is great for packaging, logos, t-shirts, emblems, jerseys, mugs, and so much more.

New Year Deco – A Festive Art Deco Font

New Year Deco - A Festive Art Deco Font

Time to celebrate with this New Year Art Deco Font. Not only is it celebratory but it also has an elegant vintage feel which is perfect for ceremonies and invitations.

Kohm – Vintage Font

Kohm - Vintage Font

Kohm has a realistic-looking rough or distressed appearance, making it perfect for vintage manufacturing and utility signs. You can’t go wrong using Kohm for logos, packaging, posters, banners, and more.

Marline – Vintage Texture Font

Marline - Vintage Texture Font

If you are looking for a classic vintage block-style font that is rough and textured Marline will be a great addition to your portfolio. There are 4 styles and 3 formats to choose from.

RNS Camelia – 20s & 30s Inspired Font

RNS Camelia - 20s & 30s Inspired Font

Inspired by the geometric typography of the 1920s and the Egyptian styles of the 1930s, Camelia can add a vintage and modern style to your design. Its rectangular and circular shapes make it unique.

Inlander – Retro Display Font

Inlander - Retro Display Font

Here’s a fun retro display font that includes 8 style typefaces and 85 ligatures for that authentic and realistic 30s look. Inlander – Retro Display Font is a fantastic option for any retro or vintage sign or label.

Bygonest – Old Typewriter Font

Bygonest - Old Typewriter Font

The Bygonest Old Typewriter font is a classic-looking slab serif mimicking the keystrokes of a classic 30s typewriter, the most commonly used tool for printed communication in that time period.

Mahacara – Vintage Script

Mahacara - Vintage Script

How can anyone not love the look and feel of the Mahacara Vintage Script? Here’s a beautiful, elegant, and classy option that will cause others to take special notice. Use this one for fashion, advertising, stationery, business cards, labels, and practically anything.

Rosterine – Nostalgic & Vintage Condensed Font

Rosterine - Nostalgic & Vintage Condensed Font

Rosterine is a condensed font with so many potential applications. Just place the font in your OTF-supported design program and play with the letters to capture a unique old-world look and feel.

Rosaline – Art Deco Display

Rosaline - Art Deco Display

Another inspired Art Deco font, Rosaline – Art Deco Display is an outline-designed type that will work well on large areas. Apply this font to your elegant or classy project with a modern or vintage theme.

Silvestern – Vintage Display Font

Silvestern - Vintage Display Font

Are you looking for a vintage luxury or western design concept? The Silvestern – Vintage Display Font will take you to a place of completion on your next project, be it modern, vintage, western, or luxury-focused.

Western Rome – Vintage Western Font

Western movies were big in the 30s with movie cowboys like John Wayne blazing the trail for Hollywood. The Western Rome – vintage western font will drive your classic western designs to the top for all to see.

New York Serif Font – Grunge & Shadow Style

New York Serif Font - Grunge & Shadow Style

On grunge or distressed-looking projects, the New York serif font will be a well-suited match. You’ll get 8 styles to choose from including shadow fonts.

Zelda – ArtDeco Font

Zelda - ArtDeco Font

Probably the most unique font in our collection is this Zelda – ArtDeco Font. If you really want to stand out, Zelda will make it happen. We love the fact that it’s different and outside the norm.

Alter – Vintage Style Font

Alter - Vintage Style Font

Alter, a vintage style font was created with perfection and portrays everything needed for a 1930s look. Picture this selection on your movie poster, header, logo, label, apparel, and more.

Ponds Typeface – 4 Vintage Style Fonts

Ponds Typeface - 4 Vintage Style Fonts

As you can see from the others we’ve already covered, grunge and distressed elements are common in vintage typography. Ponds Typeface is another great example, ready to transform your project.

The Pantaleone Vintage Typeface

The Pantaleone Vintage Typeface

Breathe some life into your design with The Pantaleone Vintage Typeface. Easy to read, Pantaleone can be used in so many different design projects including both print and digital designs.

Burges – Classic Art deco font

Burges - Classic Art deco font

Burges – Classic Art deco font is just as the title states, a classic. Here we see the 1920s and 30s designs in typography with decorative art on each letter, therefore, making it a great choice.

Old Movie Title Text Effect (a CreativeMarket font)

Old Movie Title Text Effect

ShinyPixel has done a fantastic job creating Old Movie Title Text Effect. Here’s an excellent example of a font from an old classic 30s film that is a keeper.

Vintage & Retro Font Collection 🗝️

Now that you’re done with this 1930s selection of fonts, take a moment to learn more about our extensive typography collection of retro and vintage designs. You’ll see nostalgic and classic designs that are ready for immediate download with many of them being free of charge.

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