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1960s typography often used styles and designs popularized by the pop culture during this era which saw a lot of psychedelic colors, tie-dye designs, pastels, irregular shapes, and more. We will show you how to get some groovy-looking premium fonts and get a commercial license included.

The 60s are known for Bell-bottom jeans, anti-war protests, Woodstock, and also common drug use among the youth which caused psychedelic hallucinations. This was known as the hippy generation which popularized slogans and phrases like groovy, what a trip, far out, out of sight, and others.

20+ Best 1960s Fonts for Groovy, Retro & Psychedelic Designs

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: Just sign up with Envato Elements, download all of these 60s-era fonts (commercial license included) and you’re done. For less than $0.55 cents a day, you can enjoy premium fonts, graphics, templates, plugins, images, and more!

Now that’s a far-out and groovy kinda deal!

KABIF – Groovy Retro Font

KABIF - Groovy Retro Font

Start your 60s project with the KABIF – Groovy Retro Font and watch your project come to life. Included are 4 ligatures and multilingual support. This choice is very authentic-looking and a keeper.

Broodim – Retro Groovy Font

Broodim - Retro Groovy Font

The Broodim – Retro Groovy Display Font captures the typography style and design of this era and can really make your project look “far-out”.

Peace and Love Font Duo

Peace and Love Font Duo

Here’s a great-looking Peace and Love Font Duo to use for getting your message out. This was another popular message and slogan of the 60s in response to wars around the world.

Hippie Vintage – Vintage Sans Font

Hippie Vintage - Vintage Sans Font

The psychedelic look of Hippie Vintage – Vintage Sans Font is perfect for those looking to catch the groovy wave of the sixties.

Kenzo – Psychedelic Typeface

Kenzo - Psychedelic Typeface

For those non-traditional designs, the Kenzo – Psychedelic Typeface will surely take your project to the next level with it’s authentic look and feel.

Lucidity – A 60s Style Font

Lucidity - A 60s Style Font

Lucidity is another great design in line with the psychedelic styles of the 1960s and 70s. This is a hand-drawn font family that comes with stylistic ligatures and alternates.

Trippy Trip – Psychedelic Font

Trippy Trip - Psychedelic Font

Are you looking for a groovy, trippy, psychedelic look for your project? Then Trippy Trip is the font for you! This typeface was inspired by albums, posters, and bands of the 60s.

Califunkia Font

Califunkia Font

This is a chunky, playful bright 60’s font called Califunkia. With over 260 alternative ligatures and multiple interlocking ligatures, this is great for advertising, signage, branding, and much more.

Jassin – Groovy Typeface

Jassin - Groovy Typeface

Jassin – Groovy Typeface is a perfect match for any retro or vintage design. Use this whimsical typeface for headlines, advertising, posters, logos, both digital and print projects plus more.

Particela – Display Font

Particela - Display Font

Get into the groove with Particela! It offers open-type features such as stylistic sets, swash, contextual alternates, and the list goes on.

Eggciting Typeface

Eggciting Typeface

Eggciting Typeface is a fun, bold, celebratory type. The cute, abstract look draws you back to the 60’s era and is perfect for websites, branding, quotes, children’s designs, logos, shirt designs, and more.

Curly Sweet – Psychedelic Style

Curly Sweet - Psychedelic Style

Now, the Curly Sweet Psychedelic Style font is ready to go with its fun curves for that 60s hippy feel. Not much left to do with this selection except download it today and start editing. It’s best for large areas.

Euphoria Party

Euphoria Party

Get your Euphoria Party started and see your designs come to life. In the psychedelic category, Euphoria will turn heads towards posters, labels, banners, shirts, and wherever you can imagine.

Rose Gold – Groovy Font

Rose Gold - Groovy Font

The easy-to-read Rose Gold – Groovy Font matches the 60s and 70s typography perfectly, can you dig it? Get your retro project off on the right foot with Rose Gold font from Envato Elements.

Wonderland – Psychedelic Typeface

Wonderland - Psychedelic Typeface

Keeping in the groove of Psychedelic Typefaces, Wonderland portrays the styles and designs of the sixties era really well and is available at Envato.

The Beardy

The Beardy

The Beardy font captures the essence of popular typography in the hippie era and is just right for album covers, websites, t-shirts, logos, books, social media posts, and so many other graphic design projects.



Get Groovin for those funky and hip projects today! Watch eyes and heads turn towards this great-looking 60s font.

The Archies

The Archies

Not all pop culture was about hippies and psychedelic events in the 60s, but surfing was popular on the west coast and typography like The Archies is an excellent option for the surfs up designs.

Mimosa – Modern Retro Typeface

Mimosa - Modern Retro Typeface

When you combine a modern, but elegant style with retro vibes you get Mimosa – Modern Retro Typeface. So many options with this selection and both OTF and TTF files are included.



Based on the old photo-typositing, Periwinkle is a fun and whimsical font that will liven up your designs. There’s a nostalgic feel to this selection that conjures up kid shows of the 60s and 70s.

Califormia – A Hippie Display Font

Califormia - A Hippie Display Font

Hippies were flocking to the California coast in the sixties and this Califormia Hippie Display Font is spot on with its design. Bring out the hippie in your social media posts, banners, headers, and so on.

Weirdtopia – Groovy Retro

Weirdtopia - Groovy Retro

Stand out and capture your viewer’s attention with the curvy and fun lines of Weirdtopia – a Groovy Retro font. We think this is one of the best sixties fonts around and you can get it from Envato today!

Quechely Sign Retro Layered Font

Quechely Sign Retro Layered Font

Not all signs, banners and posters were grooving to the psychedelic styles of the day as we see here with the Quechely Sign Retro Layered Font. Storefronts and business signs would look great with this one.

Far Out!

Far Out!

Get some hip ligatures and groovy graphics with this 60s typeface called Far Out!. It’s gonna fit just right with those hippy-style projects that need a little flower power in the design.

Remember, you can download all of these fonts with a commercial license just by trying Envato Elements. Keep them all if you need to cancel – Now that’s a really groovy deal for designers!

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