30 Inspiring Examples of Retro Style Website Designs

30 Inspiring Examples of Retro Style Website Designs
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January 03, 2020

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The retro theme has exploded in recent years with nostalgic styles becoming popular in fashion, photo, and video. That is why we decided to find some of the most inspiring examples of retro style website designs and share them with you. 

In the web design industry, the emergence of the retro or vintage trend has kind of evolved from the “grunge theme”, with designs taking inspiration from a particular era in history.

This post showcases 30 website designs that perfectly execute the retro style, with aged textures, muted colors, and impacting typography. Check them out!

Collette Dinnigan

This is a lovely website design with a handmade feel. It uses hand-drawn images and a lovely font with decorative details and an energetic retro vibe.

5-Collette-Dinnigan Retro Style Website DesignsPin

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk

This website uses a lovely vintage script, super dynamic and likely custom. It stands out and makes the website design truly unique.

2-Chamberlain's-Leather-Milk Website Designs with an Aged StylePin

Vintage Hope

The sepia filters make this website look aged and retro. It has a perfect font choice as well and a complementary color palette.

Vintage-Hope Retro Style Website DesignsPin


This country-style piece seems to be straight out of the past and in this case, the Cowboys time. This website is loaded with retro elements.

1-Trainrobber Retro Style Website DesignsPin

Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Co.

This is the website of an American advertising agency in Chicago, Illinois that creates integrated marketing communications.

 Retro Style Website DesignsPin


This restaurant website has beautiful food images, large typography and lots of retro / vintage elements.

Barleysgville Retro Style Website DesignsPin

Cascade Brewery Co.

Cascade Brewery is a brewery established in 1832 in South Hobart, Tasmania. This is their vintage-inspired website design.

 Retro Style Website DesignsPin

Trellis Farm & Garden

This website design uses black and white photos, old paper textures and a vintage color palette to recreate a vintage atmosphere.

 Retro Style Website DesignPin

Matt Hovland

Matt Hovland is an audio engineer in Los Angeles, CA with specialties in ADR/VO/Foley recordings. This is his portfolio website with a retro vibe.

This Land Is Hovland Retro Style Website DesignsPin

Austin Beerworks

Austin Beerworks is a Texas brewery hell-bent on excellence. Check out their website and get inspired by the bold color choices and large, retro fonts.

Austin Beerworks Retro Style Website DesignsPin

Moonshine Grill

Here is a great font featuring beautiful, retro ligatures. The website also uses great, dark textures, which make the texts stand out.

Moonshine Grill Retro Style Website DesignsPin

Three penny editor

Looking for a proven book editor to transform your fiction or memoir? This website offers just that. You’ll love the vintage atmosphere given by the carefully design web elements.

Three penny editor Retro Style Website DesignsPin


The monochrome palette contributes to enhancing the aged style of this website design. It has some retro-inspired web elements as well.

City dog Retro Style Website DesignsPin


This website design features a custom piece of lettering, which is dynamic, like most retro scripts, and has a vibrant, fun look.

Shiner Retro Style Website DesignsPin

All star lanes

This is the presentation website of a bar with bowling, delicious home-made food, and fun cocktails.

All Star Lanes Retro Style Website DesignsPin

Dna Darwin

DNA to Darwin is an educational project funded by The Wellcome Trust. The website design has a retro touch.

Dna-Darwin Retro Style Website DesignsPin

Bay Street Biergarten

This website design opted for a retro vibe, using rounded corners, a limited color palette, and simple illustrations.

 Retro Style Website Designs BiergartenPin


Large photography paired with bold, huge fonts, make this website very eye-catching and interesting. Check it out.

Creative Retro Style Website DesignsPin

Website design for Tallahassee

This whole website has an old school, elegant feel. Even though it uses lots of retro elements, it still looks contemporary and modern.

 Retro Style Website Designs TallahasseePin

Macaroni Bros

This website uses a retro typography set and a retro color palette. It combines beautiful photography with subtle, aged elements. Check it out!

Macaroni bros Retro Style Website DesignsPin

Farmer’s Market Kitchen

The color palette made the designer think of delicious homemade soup on a cold night in New England. The website looks pretty awesome and it’s truly an inspiration for retro styled website designs.

Farmer's Market Kitchen Retro Style Website DesignsPin

Austin Eastciders

This brand uses an eye-catching white and vintage-inspired type to create an elegant label. The whole website looks retro, but modern in the same time!

 Retro Style Website Designs eastcidersPin

American Scraps

This is the website of an industrial warehouse that converts scrapped artifacts from American history into comics.

American ScrapsPin

Le tipi

This website has a classical vintage design, with a retro color palette and a clever choice of fonts.

Le-tipi Retro Style Website DesignsPin


Check out this lovely template that you can quickly insert into your WordPress site. This premium item has a stunning design with neat features.

PN Retro Style Website DesignsPin


This great WordPress theme comes with 3 color variations, a beautiful responsive design that will automatically adapt to any screen size, and other great characteristics.

Hipster Vintage Website DesignsPin




Check out this amazing WordPress template and use it to create your next website. This premium theme can be used to build professional multipurpose sites.

Argenta Retro Style Website DesignsPin


This is an excellent WordPress template with a vintage design that you can easily customize to meet your requirements.

Retro styled Website DesignsPin

Retro Portfolio 

This premium template comes with a fully responsive layout which will automatically readjust to fit any screen size. Enjoy!

Retro Portfolio Retro Style Website DesignsPin

I know that everyone is concentrating on modern websites nowadays, but isn’t it nice to see a vintage or retro-looking website design once in a while? If you just love the stuff that “used to be”, or have a client that specifically asked for a design that has a vintage look and feel, use the websites in this list for your vintage inspiration. I even included some pre-built vintage website templates in case you want to use a retro website template that is already made.

Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter


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  1. Agentur Berger says:

    What also would be a cool idea is to do a retro site with a theme of the first designs that were available on the net (Aol, compuserve ect) Of course, one would have to incorporate modern elements (mobile friendly modern) – but a “retro -www” could be amazing!

  2. Dan says:

    Wow! That’s some impressive designs! Inspiring!

  3. Designer Meleny says:

    I love love love this style! But it can be a bit of a tough sell to client who are wanting something more status quo.

  4. Designer Ricardo says:

    La Bubly – Sparklin' wine for the sparklin' mind. That's precious. I would say that other than the dark colors, this is my favorite UI and design.

  5. Converage Integrated Media Solution says:

    I love these retro styles. Thank you for giving good collection of impressive designs at one place…………

  6. Webspace in Nepal says:

    I like your examples. Keep posting such a great article.

  7. SJL Web Design says:

    I love the Von Dutch site and how they combine retro and responsive web design

  8. dragos says:

    Awesome designs!

  9. seb says:

    Very nice! I love that, thanks.

  10. Sushi Digital says:

    They all looked great, I love all the designs. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Anjali says:

    great work i love these kind of designs. Can any tell me is their any particular kind of webdesigner for getting website designed in old patterns.

  12. Justin says:

    The design for the Barrelhouse Flat site is amazing! It really gives the site an "Old Western Tavern" feel to it.

    After reading this blog entry, I think I may give my site a film noir look to it.

  13. Tim Fuell says:

    Some great stuff here.
    We've had a retro-feel from day one, it puts clients at ease especially when dealing with a modern concept like social media they may be scared of. We're very proud of our website and our retro feel office too – the Comic book wall is certainly the only one we've seen in London!

  14. Nispaara Solutions says:

    Thank you for giving good collection of impressive designs!!!!!!

  15. graphic design maryborough says:

    i like it, i will reuse this idea on my blog soon.

  16. Medma Infomatix Pvt.Ltd says:

    Loving this retro look… Really impressive designs :)

  17. S3bY says:

    I always enjoy an elegant website with retro elements in it! So thanks for this collection!

  18. Jeff at Huemor says:

    I think this style might just be a fleeting thing (only time will tell) but I do enjoy the muted colors and textured pages. When I have an opportunity I might do my personal website in this style

    (which will make this post very helpful in the future thank you!)

  19. Fred Dirkse says:

    Awesome designs! Love all of them. Very inspiring, this could help a lot for anyone who would have plan to give some retro styles on their websites. Thanks for posting such a great list.

  20. Web Designer says:

    This is a good collection of Retro designs, thanks for sharing…

  21. Stolarija Elatio says:

    Great collection in one place, thx :-)

  22. RedRokk says:

    Love retro sites. This is a good collection of new designs I haven't seen before. Nice choice is designs.

  23. Travis Welborn says:

    Nice group of sites, Chris. I have to say that Bitfoundry was my favorite.

  24. John says:

    Great piece, thanks. And for some more inspiration and sources: is outstanding…

  25. Ruth says:

    I love these retro styles. Probably some of my favorite designs!

  26. Aaron @ says:

    Love it!

    I am currently re-designing my site in a retro 50's style and these will come in extrememly useful for some much needed inspiration.

    Cheers Chris.

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