13 Amazing Animal Illustrations

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Graphic design and illustration design are technically two different areas of work. But these two usually overlap each other in one way or another. Generally, a graphic designer tells a story or conveys his or her message through text and pictures, but they can also use illustrations sometimes to make the designs even more effective. Illustration means portraying a story, message, object, concept, etc. in a creative and attractive visual image format rather than just text or photographs. This is a beautiful way of art and it is highly demanding in every possible business sector. Because they are unique, attractive, universally appreciated, and give better message delivery, illustrations are always on the top of the list in global trends. Illustrations are like digital versions of paintings and drawings.

Anybody can need them in any sector regardless of their purpose and knowledge. In the article, you are going to see a number of beautiful picks of animal illustrations. Animal illustrations can be used for many different purposes like designing, logo creation, education, cartoons, campaign creation, etc. Let us take a look at our specially curated list of 13 amazing animal illustrations.

12 Amazing Video Game Logos for Inspiration

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Logos are important to any brand or any business out there – big or small. Logos help grab the customer’s attention and give your brand a chance to make a strong first impression. It also becomes the foundation of your brand’s identity, helps customers remember your brand, and differentiates you from your competitors.  When we talk about the big players in any sphere, having an impressive logo becomes more important. All big brands and companies take their logos very seriously.

Think about the ‘swoosh’ by Nike, the ‘two-tailed mermaid’ of Starbucks, or even the ‘M’ of McDonald’s. They are instantly identifiable and indicators of their respective brands. Big companies and chains take pride in their logo. These symbols or any other form of logos aren’t created randomly. After thorough research and to make a psychological impact that connects with the audience’s minds to relate their want to your services and products, they are worked upon after thorough research.

17 Inspirational Sites to Design Your Own Digital Comics

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During the 90s, the first entertainment source or introduction to superheroes was not through television or theatres, but instead it was comic books. Comic books enjoyed unparalleled popularity during the 1930s to mid- 1940s. It’s not like the sales or craze of print comic books have declined in today’s time. However, if superhero comics manage to sell 10,000 copies per month, they would sell 1.4 million to 1.5 million copies a month in the 90s.

Understanding Logo Shapes

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Brand recognition is mainly aided with logos, which the audience often fails to realize. Whenever there is a conversation about brands, aside from the brand name, it is the logo that comes to mind first. Visuals leave a strong impact, and furthermore, influence how the brand is perceived, based upon the principles of psychology. An effective logo is the perfect combination of elements that include colors, shapes, font type, font size, text, and graphics. From all elements of a logo design, the element of shape is the strongest, as it is an important determiner of the entire design. According to the Journal of Consumer Research, the most basic yet the most important element of the logo, its shape, is helpful in influencing how the perception of the audience is built. Several organizations continue to be dismissive of the fact that shapes truly are an integral part of the logo. Like the typeface and color, shapes are capable of being symbolic of the emotions and ideas. It is through the logo and, in turn, the shape, that a brand is able to portray the values, products, and services it offers.  It is a popular conception that designing a logo can be a highly artistic affair. However, it is important to note that it requires a thorough understanding of logo design and the product in order to facilitate the brand recognition and recall value

11 Vintage Illustrations for Inspiration

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Illustrations have been a potent tool for designers. They can express their creativity and their artistic bent of mind in various ways. A designer can use different kinds of colors and brush strokes to convey the ideas in their mind. An illustration is the best thing to derive inspiration from, especially for graphic designers. The illustrations can be about a product, a human being, food and beverage, traveling, or anything else.

10 Tips to Design Stunning Graphic Novels

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Comic books and graphic novels are a form of art that represent stories, characters, and plot in a graphical way. Popular comics Marvel and DC have allowed the world’s best creators and storytellers to come together and form endless stories. These stories have managed to win many people’s hearts. There are so many comics that you should most definitely read. But, if you are a designer, you should know how to design a graphic novel that compels a reader to read. Moreover, the graphics you add in the book should lure a reader in.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the tips that help you design stunning graphic novels with specific tricks and tips. This blog lets you understand how you should design a graphic novel that stands out.

10 Amazing Medical Illustrations For Inspiration

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When it comes to the field of medicine, it is difficult to explain because of the profoundly complex nature of the subject, and words cannot define it accurately. This is the reason why there is always a pictorial representation of everything related to medicine. Even if you want to explain how you chew the food, it takes a lot of effort to put it into words. But with diagrammatic representation and animation, you can explain even the most complicated process. Medical Illustrations help readers and students of medicine understand each aspect easily. But to design medical illustrations, it takes a lot of hard work from designers. If they don’t pay the right amount of attention while creating illustrations in the medical field, the readers can easily be misguided.

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