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It is important to have a brand that stands out from the rest, no matter what niche you belong to. With increasing competition every second, new businesses all around the globe keep coming to existence. This populates the market, and forces you to rely on your marketing strategies to either retain the hold of the market share you have gained by being old in the business, or as a way to break in a fairly saturated market and make a name for yourself.  One such important aspect of branding that instantly gives a brand a higher pedestal over competitors if thought out thoroughly, is creating a compelling logo.  Logo design is something designers constantly keep looking at for finding a new creative outlet. How do you summarize a client’s brand in the best manner possible and portray it through a logo? Well, at times Wooden Sign Mockups can prove to provide the pop a brand looks for in their logo. If you own a brick-and-mortar store, a wooden sign for your shop would serve as good as a logo.

Doing logo mockups for your clients also makes sense, as you provide them with real-life visualization of how the logo would look once put on their website, storefront, stationery and all other important areas. Besides using mockups is easier for designers of any level too, since all of them are easy-to-edit PSD files using smart object layer in Photoshop. Once the design is ready after making your edits, you can simply drag and drop it to the mockups. Here are some of the best wooden sign mockups for logo that you can use for your projects:

1. Trendy Logo Mockup:

Trendy Logo Mockup

This set has 8 professional wooden sign mockups that are appealing and can highlight your work in the best light possible. Such mockup would instantly impress your clients and increase the likelihood of your designs getting approved. All the mockups  work great for badge, sign, typography or logos. There are 8 PSD files that come with clear structure and naming of the layers.

The results are almost photorealistic where you paste the text or logo you created inside the smart object and it fits perfectly in no time. All the mockups are high-res and detailed at 2300 x 1600 pixels. There are also helpful adjustment layers given if you need quick customization and provide the client with variations of backgrounds and logo. The 8 mockups that are included in this set are – Pearlwood, Steelprint, Retro Chrome, Distillery, Tsuki Wall, White Wall, Seaside Wall, Tsuki Wood.

2. Photorealistic Signage or Text on Wood:

Photorealistic Signage or Text on Wood

As a designer, you need to visualize how your logo would look like in the end product, and for that you could use an effective wooden sign mockup to see how your logo looks and proceed accordingly. This would help you try out different combinations through trial and error before you find the perfect combination that works best.

After choosing the mockup you can select from four different options. The ouput gives a nice 3D effect which further enhances your presentation. If you want to play around more to suit it to your vision, you can also mask the different effect layers and see what all is possible. The smart layers are smartly in place, and super easy to use. All the mockups are high-res at 4000 x 2800 pixels.  The files include background and other shadow layers as well. There are 4 mockups – Original, Flakey paint, Metallic and Wood.

3. Wood Logo Mock-Up:

Wood Logo Mock-Up

This is an impressive mockup set with high quality and high-resolution logo mockups. There are 9 impressive scenes that all have different textures, which would help you see how the logo you created looks in all different materials. Using this mockup would help you set up an impressive 3-dimensional product presentation in a matter of minutes. This set includes 9 layered PSD files. There are displacement maps included for each scene file which help add realistic distortion to the mockup. When you copy and paste your flat 2 dimension design in the smart layer, it would turn into an impressive three dimensional product presentation instantly.

The files are high-res at 2480 x 1860 pixels. The templates come with mockup militia placeholders. There is also a detailed PDF help file. The 9 mockup styles are – Acid Wash Brick Stencil, Laster Etch Wood/CNC Wood, Black Paint on White Wall, Painted wall, Sun Faded Stencil on Cladding, CNC/Laser Etched Cut Wood With Dark Honey Stain, High Gloss Painted Texture, Cracked Stencil on Blue Sail Material and High Gloss Painted Texture.

4. Wooden Store Logo Mockups:

wooden store logo mockups

These logo mockups are a fresh take on showcasing your lettertype logo in different storefronts in the most attractive manner. Your clients are sure to get impressed looking at these mockups. All you need to do is add the logo to the smart object layer and it would automatically adjust to get in the right perspective, shadows, light styles and other edits. The file comes with a ‘how-to’ file that has simple instructions and 5 unique storefront logo mockups on wooden backgrounds.

All the files are high-res at 6000 pixels x 4000 pixels and they can easily be zoomed in for cropping if needed. This is an amazing way to go from showing your logo designs in flat displays to realistic and impressive manner.

5. Wood Engraved Logo MockUp PSD download:

wooden engraved logo mockup psd download

This is a highly refreshing wooden textured logo mockup. It is designed in such a manner that it highlights the logo without causing much distraction from the surroundings. The color of the wood is light brown and the perspective is a top view of the logo. It is a perfect mockup for a flat layout of the logo  as if it is etched on the wooden background.

6. 3D Wooden Logo MockUp:

3D Wooden Logo MockUp

This is a photorealistic PSD mockup template that is ideal for a designer to showcase their logo designs. All that needs to be done is place the logo inside the smart object layer. Once done you’d see your logo get this amazing 3d wooden logo effect.   The dimensions of the mockup are 2400 pixels x 1600 pixels which make it a fairly high-res mockup.

7. Logo Mockup – Wood:

Logo Mockup - Wood

This is an aesthetic mockup template set. There are 6 different mockup files in this set. They are high res mockups with 2400 pixels x 1600 pixels. All the textures of the wood in the mockups have rugged and edgy wooden background.  The format of this file is full layered Photoshop that uses smart object.

8. 3D Logo Mockup Realistic & Pro Quality – Set of Five:

3D Logo Mockup Realistic & Pro Quality - Set of Five

This set of wooden sign mockups has the most realistic 3D flat logo mockup that can make your logo look impressive witihin seconds.  A user can use this exclusive and advanced set of mockups for presenting their logo options with wall signage, flat, bronze color metallic foil and cardboard. All PSD file in this set uses the smart object feature.

It can be used on raster /vector, shapes, or even text based logos. Replace your logo in the smart object in any of the mockups available from this set.  The mockups are high-res with 3025 pixels x 2080 pixels. The files are entirely editable well organized layers. The set comes with 5 PSD files, JPG files and 5 different mockups. There is also one help file in PDF format.

9. Photorealistic Logo Mock-Ups Vol.2:

Photorealistic Logo Mock-Ups Vol.2

This is a popular follow-up set of logo mockups to the first volume of photorealistic logo mockups that got widely popular. This volume has 9 photorealistic mock ups that can work well for logo, sign design, shape, badge or text presentation. It takes a few seconds to get an impressive presentation ready. There is something for everyone in this set of mockups. The 9 styles that this mockup set comes packed with are fancy metallic sign, painted wood sign, grunge wall 3d sign, chalk wall illustration, vintage sign on bag, glossy print on dark paper, and vintage paint on grunge wall, burnt wooden sign and metallic wall sign.

All the files are in high-res format with measurements as 2600 pixels x 1800 pixels. All of them work based on smart object that makes replacing logo quick and effortless.

10. Set of 10 Logo Mock-ups – Straight View:

Set of 10 Logo Mock-ups - Straight View

This is a set of 10 photorealistic quality logo mockups with a straight –view.  It is ideal for presentation of badge, text, sign design, shape or your logo. There are 10 styles included in this set- Paint on wood, pressed cardboard, Paint on asphalt, Grunge stone sign, Color letterpress, Silver sign on leather, Denim print, Paint on canvas and Painted watercolor.

All of them are high-res files with measurements as 2500 pixels x 1600 pixels. They are made with smart objects hence it is very easy to replace the sample images with your designed logos that gives realistic and impressive outcomes in seconds.

11. Straight View Logo Mock-ups:

Straight View Logo Mock-ups

This set of mockups comes with 9 photorealistic logo mockups. It is ideal for presenting your shape, text, sign design, logo or badge. It is a straight view style mockup and has 9 variants. The 9 variants included in this set are – denim grunge print, creased dark paper, vintage sacking print, grunge paint, vintage book cover, vintage paint on old wood, flour on wooden desk, old paint with rust and 3d sign with grunge paint. All files are sized at 2300 pixels x 1600 pixels. They make use of smart objects that makes replacing your logo in the mockups a quick and easy job.

12. 4 Old Wood Burned Signposts Boards Isolated Mockup:

4 Old Wood Burned Signposts Boards Isolated Mockup

These are 4 appealing photo-realistic wooden boards/ signposts mockups. They have an authentic and rustic feel to them especially because of the wood burned effect. There are 4 high-res signposts with variations of shadows and lighting. All mockups are of different sizes starting with Board 1 – 5402 pixels x 1656 pixels, Board 2 – 5314 pixels x 1658 pixels, Board 3 – 5155 pixels x 1591 pixels, and finally Board 4 – 5554 pixels x 1712 pixels. This mockup is suitable to be used for overlays, websites, posters, billboards and even logos. They come with smart object layer so all you need to do is replace the dummy content with your logo, text, shape or whatever you want. And you would have an impressive presentation ready that would impress your clients.

13. Sign Mock-Up • Classic Signs Vol.1:

Sign Mock-Up • Classic Signs Vol.1

This mockup set is impressive and useful for badges, present signs and all kind of artwork. You can get your logo in these impressive mockups in two easy steps. Firstly, double click on the smart object and then place your work on it and secondly save the file. The customizable reflections and lightning gives the sign ups a realistic look as if it is photographed. There are 8 views included. The content are easy to replace through smart objects. They are high res files at 4500 pixels x 3000 pixels. The high res format makes them useful for printing and other purposes also.

14. Vintage Signboard Shield Mock-Up:

Vintage Signboard Shield Mock-Up

This mockup is ideal for logos that are designed for cafes or restaurants in old vintage style for presentation of your mark, logo or sign. This set includes 2 PSD files (3200 pixels x 2250 pixels resolution). It has easy device customization. The smart objects allow you to replace design of the signboard’s shield content with your content within seconds. The PSD file layers are clean, properly named and even color coded to make it easily identifiable. If you change the transparency to appropriate layers, you can also tweak the intensity of shadows, light and reflection.

These are the 14 sign mockups for logo that you can make use of for displaying or presenting your logo ideas to your clients in the most appealing manner. Make sure to floor your client with impressive mockups that look professionally designed and crisp. Wooden textures help give a reliable, vintage and rugged look to any logo design. Make use of the mockups that fit well with your client’s requirements or hold their interest.

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