25 Best Free Website Templates For Launching Your Website Today

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If you are interested in finding a nice template to create a website, then this article will surely help you find one or at least will give some ideas. Below, you can find a list of 25 free website templates for launching your website today, with easy customization and everything you need for a brand new site. While many website templates require a small fee, there are free templates for websites out there that have all the bells and whistles you need, without any cost. Enjoy!

25 Non Profit Website Templates for 501 C Organizations

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For most charities and non-profit organizations, choosing a right design for the website is crucial. Thus, they often turn to themes already prepared and easy to install and customize as they represent a cost-effective option which can provide a professional and trustworthy effect. To exemplify, we invite you to go through the following list of 25 non profit website templates for 501 C organizations. Enjoy!

How Has AI Impacted the Web Design Industry?

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The Internet is nothing but a massive reservoir of websites that contain audio-visual content of varying formats and themes. However, we have come a long way in the space of website development, as today we have all kinds of software that can be used by an average person with no programming background to create beautiful and responsive websites in a matter of few hours.

In truth, there are many technologies that are pushing website development to great heights, and Artificial Intelligence is easily one of them.

25 News WordPress Themes for Reader-Friendly Websites

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Readability is extremely important for a website if you mean business. That is why you need to pay extra attention to this aspect if you wish to have a successful website.
Many websites on the market offer a lousy experience and that is because of bad readability. There is a certain rule about how to build and display content because you don’t want to fill up your entire page with a lot of unorganized hard to read information.