Huge Showcase of 85+ Detailed Interface Design Elements

Huge Showcase of 85+ Detailed Interface Design Elements
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Dribbble is a fantastic place for designers to share their works in progress and is also a great place for designers to gain inspiration and pick out recurring trends across the design spectrum. This post rounds up a collection of snapshots of rich interface design elements from both website designs and app designs. Each one has been carefully crafted for its detail, use of textures, subtle lighting effects, and various tones & colours.

Searching on Universal Subtitles (web app interface UI UX)

 Detailed Interface Design ElementsPin

This web app interface uses a light blue palette and a green search button for its interface design.

Planner app

 Detailed Interface Design Elements Dribbble shotPin

This planner app is only a small detail in a cool interface design. This is a good example of choosing the right textures, fonts and colours for your project.

New Flyosity Design: Contact Page

Contact Page Dribbble shotPin

This is another example I find interesting through its neutral yet also friendly interface.

Web Stuff

Web Stuff Dribbble shotPin

Sarah Mick chose a dark and light grey palette of colour for project’s interface design.

Dashboard Design

Dashboard DesignPin

This is an example of a light grey dashboard design that also shows a great interest in choosing the right typography.

A Theme

A Theme Dribbble shotPin

This is a much more creative example thanks to the textures and colours it uses for its design.

Web Store Mock


This is a sneak peek at a web store project that uses grungy greys and bold green texture for its interface.

Web Interface

Web InterfacePin

This light blue interface might be your next source of inspiration as it uses a classy and clean design.


Vintage Dribbble shotPin

This example has a vintage theme for its interface design that uses light brown as its dominant colour.

We Need Web Heroes Today

interface design Dribbble shotPin

Check out this bold interface design that uses colours, textures, images and so much more for its web design layout.

Design Notes

Design Notes Dribbble shotPin

Design Notes has a sensitive touch thanks to the mathematics paper it uses as background texture.


View the Dribbble shotPin

This innovative yellow search button might serve as a source of inspiration for your next project.

Blog Page Design for Marketing Website

Blog Page Design for Marketing Website Pin

If you’re in the mood for a bold coloured interface inspiration then you might want to check out this blog page design.

Photoshop Browser UI Action

Photoshop Browser UI ActionPin

Who says red is no longer trendy? check out this cool Photoshop browser.


View the Dribbble shotPin

Or maybe you’re in the mood for design layout that uses darker colours, if so you should check out this sneak peek from Ubiquity.

Dashboard Web App Product UI Design: Job Summary

Dashboard Web App Product UI DesignPin

If you like dark blue themes, this dashboard design might be a good source of inspiration for your project.

Wood Navigation

Wood NavigationPin

This is another good example of mixing the right textures and colours. The dark and grungy green blends well with the wood texture and the pale pink.

Slider Caption

Slider CaptionPin

This is yet another example that mixed the right textures for its interface design.

Website Design

Website DesignPin

This interface’s colours blend really well with the chosen texture that makes images stand out.

dashboard UI

dashboard UI by uixNinjaPin

This is another example of a dashboard UI this time with a much more girlier interface design thanks to the pink colours.

Freebie PSD: Flat UI Kit 2 (Blog)

Freebie PSD Flat UI Kit 2Pin

This is a great set that also comes with a free PSD included. Feel free to try it out!

Ui Kit Rainy Season

Ui Kit Rainy Season by Sunbzy Pin

If you’re up for a rainy season theme then you might want to have a look at this UI Kit.

Splash of red

UI Kit Dribbble shotPin

Or maybe you’re in the mood for a splash of red in which case this design might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Zora Dash – Properties (WIPs)

Zora Dash Properties (WIPs) Pin

This example has a friendlier look and mixes bold orange colours with light grey tones.

Dellustrations New Look

Dellustrations New Look Dribbble shotPin

And if you like bold ideas you could also check out Dellustrations’ black and red interface design.


red interface designPin

This is another inspiring example that uses grey tones and textures for its interface design.

eBay Redesign

Ebay Redesign by TintinsPin

This eBay Redesign is another good example of choosing the right palette and style for interface design.


style for interface designPin

Have a look at the orange themed interface design and their choice of textures.

CRM Search & Widget

CRM Search Pin

Check out Ivo Mynttinen’s search widget.

Joomla – Leopard Theme 3.

Joomla - Leopard Theme 3Pin

Joomla’s purple palette gives the interface a warm touch. You can also check the layout in full size.

Beta invite

Beta invitePin

This is yet another cool example of a black and red theme that could serve well as inspiration

Toy store – home

Toy store - homePin

Or how about this classy interface design that uses all the right textures.

Almost There

classy interface designPin

Almost there is combines a light grey palette with a letterpress effect in an interesting and innovative design.

Sanithouse Part II

Sanithouse Part IIPin

This the second part of the Sanithouse project and has a neat interface design.


 neat interface designPin

Buttons can give you lots of troubles and headaches so maybe this example might come in really handy the next time you’re looking for some inspiration.


View the Dribbble shotPin

This is yet another example of an interface that uses black as its background. This kind of design can seem a little rough but in this case and with the right typography you can get an interesting result.

Dropdown Menu UI

Dropdown Menu UI by MattPin

This Dropdown Menu UI is only a small piece of a project for It uses a nice palette of colours and all the right textures.

Life on Prime UI

Life on Prime UIPin

This is yet another example of an interface that uses dark tones of blue, this time, with white typography.



This one has a much more dynamic touch thanks to its colours and typography.

D for Deploy

D for DeployPin

Check out this sneak peek for Deploy and see whether you like the mix of colours, textures, images and typography.

AC redesign – old

AC redesign - oldPin

This is a much more creative example thanks to the textures and the doodles it uses for its interface design.

StudioTwentyEight v7

interface design Dribbble shotPin

This project for StudioTwentyEight has a neat and clear design that uses blue tones and nice typography.

Search Animated

Search Animated by Kerem SuerPin

You might also want to check out this sneak peek for it may be a good source of inspiration in the future.

Navigation Treatment

Navigation Treatment Dribbble shotPin

This is a much more detailed interface. It uses leader and wood textures which give a neat and classy look of the interface.

Plans & Pricing

View the Dribbble shotPin

This one uses light blue textures which make content stand out and a green colour for the Plans and Pricing button.

Working on a new downloading UI for Miro

Plans and Pricing buttonPin

This is a sneak peek from 

Checkout Interface

Checkout InterfacePin

This is yet another good example of mixing the right textures and colours into a nice interface design.

Web Interface

Web InterfacePin

This web interface uses a light blue grey palette with only a bit of red at its menu bar.

Game on…

menu bar Dribbble shotPin

Check out these details from Josh Hemsley’s project that also uses grey tones.

Admin Interface

Admin InterfacePin

This one mixes a purple palette with warm colours like orange and red but only in small quantities.

Webapp interface excerpt

Webapp interface excerptPin

This is yet another example that has a clean and neat design and uses grey tones.

Forum Interface

Forum InterfacePin

This forum interface design uses dark tones of grey and black with only a bit of blue.

Interface Design Elements

Interface Design ElementsPin

This a creative example of how you can mix colours textures and typography into a nice interface design.

Social interface

Social interfacePin

This is a much more playful example that uses bold colours like pink, green and purple.

Spot web app interface

Spot web app interfacePin

This one uses a side bar menu and light colours for its interface design layout.

Dark CMS – Dashboard

Dark CMS - DashboardPin

This dark dashboard interface mixes all the right textures and colour tones into its design.


dashboard interfacePin

This is yet another good example of choosing all the right textures for your next project.

Theme Builder V2

Theme BuilderPin

This black grungy texture that this project’s interface uses makes all the other colours stand out.



If you’re looking for some icon ideas or ways to uses them this project might be your next inspiration.

Candy Cane Loader

Candy Cane LoaderPin

This is another example of a playful interface that has a candy cane as a loader.

iPad UI for cookbook

iPad UI for cookbookPin

This interface also mixes the right texture and typography into a cool design.

Big Green Button

Big Green ButtonPin

This big green button might just be your next source of inspiration for your project

Vintage Play Button

Vintage Play ButtonPin

Or you could always have a look at this vintage purple play button. This is also a good example of mixing colours with textures into a good interface design.

Homepage Mashup

Homepage MashupPin

This is yet another bold interface design that mixes textures with striking colours and white typography.

A Big White Button

Big White ButtonPin

This neat and clear button might be just what was missing from your design layout.



Or you could always get inspired by this bolder red button.

Sign In Button

Sign In ButtonPin

You might also want to check out this green sign in button and the way it blends in this interface design.

Big ‘ol button

Big 'ol buttonPin

This is yet another cool example of mixing colours with textures into a neat interface design. Login button

Login buttonPin

This textured thematic log in button could be your next source of inspiration.

MOJO Themes redesign

MOJO Themes redesignPin

This is a cool theme redesign by Brian Hoff that uses a black background and makes all the other colours stand out.


cool theme redesignPin

Mkb SRP is a small insight on Jonatan Flores project which has a neat interface design.

[Redacted] Quality Service

neat interface designPin

This interface design mixes textures with neat and clear designs making this example a good source of inspiration for futures projets.

Home Button


If you’re in the mood for something more elegant than this home button is just what you’ve been looking for.

Upload button

Upload buttonPin

This orange upload button blends in really well with the light blue grungy texture in the background.

Download Button

Download ButtonPin

This is yet another example of a black background that makes typography and colours stand out.

Chunky Button

Chunky ButtonPin

This chunky sign-up button gives a much friendly look to a monochrome interface.

Wines Menu

Wines MenuPin

This example mixes textures and a vast range of colours for its interface design.

Trappe Door Menu

Trappe Door MenuPin

This themed vertical menu is another sneak peek from one of Matthew Smith’s projects.


View the Dribbble shotPin

This example uses a blue palette and gives a friendly and familiar touch to the interface.

Short cut

Short cutPin

A shortcut example for a menu bar that uses grey tones in its interface design.

Coming together

interface designPin

This is a sneak peek at an online food menu by Matthew Smith that uses warm colours and white typography.

Still working on it…

white typographyPin

This is Danny’s sneak peek of a project he’s been working on. It uses smooth textures and huge typography.

Theme Menu

Theme MenuPin

This is yet another project that uses orange and other warm colours in its interface and the background texture is something you don’t see every day in website designs.

Expanded menu

Expanded menuPin

This expanded menu an insight from one of Mike Precious’ projects.

Management Control Panel

Management Control PanelPin

This management control panel has a good choice of colours and texture in its design.

Pricing Welcu: UPDATE

Pricing Dribbble shotPin

The Pricing Welcu example uses a blue-grey palette and has a more formal interface.

Web Design

Web Design by Mike Pin

This one uses warm colours and the right typography which give the interface an elegant touch.

Any Menu

Any MenuPin

This a much more colourful example from ‘Any Menu’ that gives the interface a much friendly design.

Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter


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