Black Friday: Huge Bundle with Amazingly Cool Fonts (51 handcrafted fonts, 26 font families – $28 only)

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Fonts are fashionable.  Renew your font resources with this super bundle that includes 51 handcrafted fonts and a total of 26 font families.

Buy this font bundle and get:

  • Beautiful font resources to craft awesome graphic design projects (logos, t-shirts, flyers, posters, business cards, bags…and many more!)
    –$342 in savings – pay only 55 cents/font;
    – all the fonts you need for Christmas projects (use the bundle with or without our Christmas Mockup Scene Generator );

Shania (1 font)


Shania Script Typeface includes 432+ glyphs and 194 alternate characters, including initial and terminal letters, alternates, ligatures and multiple language support.

Brayden Font Family (4 fonts)


Brayden Family is a family of script fonts that, taken together, create a variety of choices for an artist or designer.


  • Brayden Script Thin;
  • Brayden Script Regular;
  • Brayden Script Bold;
  • Brayden Sans Serif.

Florabella (1 font)


Florabella is a new handmade script font with an irregular baseline. It features 290+ glyphs and 110 alternate characters, including initial and terminal letters, alternates, ligatures and multiple language support.

Rough Brush Script (1 font)


This font is handcrafted, multilingual and comes packaged in both TTF and OTF formats. There are over 1000 kerning (the space between two particular letters) pairs to ensure that the flow of the font is natural and easy to work with!

Octavia (1 font)


Octavia Script is a lovely and modern calligraphic typeface that happens to be one of the more versatile script fonts you are likely to come across.

Magnifika (1 font)


This font is available in four sizes and is exceptionally readable; much more so than is normally the case with bold fonts featuring wide strokes.

Marema (1 font)


The Marema Typeface mixes the vintage with the modern. It is an exclusively uppercase, bold, and serif style font that features a couple of twists.

Karla (1 font)


The Karla Script Font is a creation of Noe Araujo. This ready to use script typeface is provided in both open type and true type font formats.

Caferus (7 fonts)


Caferus Font Family is a beautiful handcrafted typeface that was inspired by the classic coffee shop typography. It looks amazing when designing promotional materials for restaurants or coffee shops.

Grandesa (1 font)


Grandesa is a handmade display serif typeface with an interesting style that makes it easy for you to create a modern and beautiful presentation.

Mightype FontPack Handlettering (8 fonts)


Mightype is a hand lettering bundle package with an natural touch of hand. The fonts present in the Mightype font pack are inspired by the many letter combinations of hand lettering artists.

Delabasto (1 font)


Delabasto is contemporary brush font, looking like it was painted on paper and carefully made into a font. Features 299+ glyphs, 64 alternate characters. including initial and terminal letters, ligatures and multiple language support.

Aaron (1 font)


Aaron Script Typeface features 400+ glyphs and 190 alternate characters, including initial and terminal letters, alternates, ornament, swash, ligatures and multiple language support.

Auther (1 font)


Auther Typeface is a vintage looking monoline display typeface. The font looks like a combination of classic & modern style typeface.

Heartwell (2 fonts)


This modern calligraphy brush typeface is called Heartwell. What brush and ink can do on paper was translated to digital and this wonderful handcrafted typeface resulted.

Jimmy Font Duo (5 fonts)


Jimmy Font Duo includes a handcrafted script font (Light, Regular and Bold weights) and a perfectly complementing all capitals Sans (Regular and Bold weights).

Carneval (4 fonts)


Carneval is a handcrafted font inspired by cheerful carnival atmosphere.

Anke (2 fonts)


Anke Sans is, as the name implies, a sans serif font. It is a simple, extremely legible font, that has a subtle look to it that might be described as “cool”.

Heather (1 font)


Heather is bold and brash. It is especially attention-getting when the word sizes are changed within a sentence or statement.

Cafune (1 font)


Cafune-Script’s creator describes it as a beautiful font, which is certainly true. Elegant would also be a fitting description.

Shallom (1 font)


Shallom is a modern brush typeface that exhibits more than just a trace of calligraphy. It is a hand drawn font. Two basic styles of uppercase letters are included in this font package, one with swashes, and one without.

Carolinea (1 font)


Carolinea features 235+ glyphs and 63 alternate characters, including initial and terminal letters, ornament, ligatures and multiple language support.

Hawaii (1 font)


The font’s creator describes it as crazy and amazing, and it is certainly some of both. It is definitely a font that draws attention to itself.

Akuma (1 font)


Akuma is extremely readable. While the strokes are wide, and somewhat dramatic, there is just enough spacing between letters to make each one stand out.

Glowist (1 font)


Glowist is a handcrafted serif typeface with alternative characters and bonus ornaments. This font, as well as the ornaments, can be used in various projects, like greeting cards, posters, t-shirts and many more.

Petal Brush Font (1 font)


This beautiful handcrafted font was created with a Japanese brush pen which gives it a lot of character and personality. Following the modern trends, Petal ensures that you will create beautiful and lovable designs that your audience will most likely enjoy.


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