The Fontastic Bundle: 45 Premium Fonts for Only $29

The Fontastic Bundle: 45 Premium Fonts for Only $29
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A designer’s font collection is never complete, so when an unmissable bundle comes around it’s hard not to take up the offer to widen your choice of typefaces for your future design projects. The Fontastic Bundle was recently launched by The Hungry JPEG, it’s a massive collection of 45 premium fonts, discounted down to just $29. If you’re looking for some elegant script fonts, bold display fonts, or fun handmade fonts, this collection will be right up your street!

The Fontastic Font BundlePinPin

With 45 fonts on offer—many of them also including bonus extras such as logo templates and vector graphics—the value of this collection is huge! It can be really expensive collecting a library of premium fonts, just a couple would exceed the price of this entire bundle! Take this opportunity to get 45 fonts for the price of 2 and provide endless possibilities for creating cool designs in your future projects.

Angelline Script

Angelline ScriptPin

Hydrangea Script

Hydrangea ScriptPin

Matilda Font

Matilda FontPin

Naive Inline

Naive InlinePin

Conflow Typeface

Conflow TypefacePin

Queen Caps

Queen CapsPin

Lussira Brush Script

Lussira Brush ScriptPin

Scratch Sketchy Script

Scratch Sketchy ScriptPin

Octavia Script

Octavia ScriptPin

Brayden Script

Brayden ScriptPin

Hellous Typeface

Hellous TypefacePin

Dreamboat Script

Dreamboat ScriptPin



Coalface Typeface

Coalface TypefacePin

Heartwell Typeface

Heartwell TypefacePin



Candy Rose

Candy RosePin





Syaqilla Handmade

Syaqilla HandmadePin

Wonder Script

Wonder ScriptPin

Amethyst Script

Amethyst ScriptPin

Wolfs Bane

Wolfs BanePin

Realist Typeface

Realist TypefacePin

Pretty Many

Pretty Many Pin



Emillia Script

Emillia ScriptPin

Matador Script

Matador ScriptPin

The Artist

The ArtistPin



Mr. Brunch

Mr. BrunchPin

Sabella Script

Sabella ScriptPin

Merno Typeface

Merno TypefacePin

Lemonade Script

Lemonade ScriptPin

Stand By Script

Stand By ScriptPin

Hillda Script

Hillda ScriptPin





Nadhin Script

Nadhin ScriptPin

Violet Bee

Violet BeePin

Mira Typeface

Mira TypefacePin

Dreamy Script

Dreamy ScriptPin

Saberina Script

Saberina ScriptPin

Karmela Script

Karmela ScriptPin

Mallow Typeface

Mallow TypefacePin



Buy the Fontastic Bundle

The Fontastic Font BundlePinPin

This Fontastic Bundle of 45 premium fonts is only available for the duration of May. At $29, it’s exceedingly good value for money, especially considering all the fonts can be used in your personal and commercial projects.

Buy the Fontastic Bundle ($29)

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