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Another amazing deal is now available at, their latest bundle includes over 50 fonts, along with tons of extras including graphics and dingbats. Everything included comes with a full commercial license. But hurry, as this offer is only available during August 2015.

Price – $29

Regular Price – $845

Discount – 96.5%

This bundle includes an incredible 49 fonts plus 2 FREE bonus fonts as well. Not to mention tons of graphics and dingbats included at no extra cost. This awesome pack is priced at over 95% discount. But hurry, it’s only available during August 2015. Get your copy today.

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Here’s a preview of all the fonts included in this bundle:


1. Tervia by Agung Maskund

The Tervia Family Font is an old style handmade typeface inspired by sign painting art. This font family consists of 4, layer-based fonts and a set of fun dingbats. Ideal for creating outstanding designs for posters, logos, cards, labels and more design projects that need a little more creativity.

2. Vabukle by Efe Gürsoy

Vabukle! The incredible new font family from Efe Gürsoy. The font comes in two different forms, with both of the forms coming in three different weights each. Mix and match your favourite letters to create a unique looking design.

3. Le Petit Parisien by The Pen & Brush

Le Petit Parisien is a cute, hand written font that speaks to the charm of the world’s historic cities. The old and the new come together to form this sweet & nostalgic but ever so modern typeface. Try it on book titles, menus, branding, blog posts, anything that needs a charming, elegant, hand made feel.

4. Cellicia Script by Ian Mikraz

Cellicia is a pretty font that exudes elegance. It’s curly, cursive forms and almost signature looking style is great for interesting designs, especially invites, wedding favours and quotes.

5. Lanjutin by JROH Creative

Lanjutin is a super sleek and stylish script font that is incredibly versatile and can be read at any size. Perfect for both bold headers and blocks of text that want a little more pop.

6. The Flanela by Lost Volt Type

The Flanela is an amazing new set of fonts by Lost Volt Type. With a mammoth 8 font files included, you can mix and match with different weights, styles and swashes until your hearts content!

7. Karla Script by Noe Araujo

Karla is a beautiful new font from Noe Araujo. An intricate brush script with unique forms and perfect curves!

8. Argent CF by Connary Fagen

Argent CF is a new serif family from Connary Fagen. Featuring charming and expressive letterforms, a tall, breathable x-height and a compliment of italics. The open, fluid shapes evoke another time and place; the thinnest weights are airy and smart, while the superbold weight is candid and fearless. The font includes six weights and italics, plus an extra superbold weight.

9. Brooklyn Girl by The Pen & Brush

Brooklyn Girl is a modern calligraphy font inspired by the quirky, girly, handmade movement flourishing in Brooklyn, New York. She features curly caps, flowing lowercase and a really cute ampersand! Plus, with two weights – calligraphy pen & ballpoint pen – there is so much versatility!

10. Furach Typeface by Heybing Supply Co.

Furach is a typeface inspired by vintage posters, made entirely by hand with a simple style, classic look and an elegant and natural feel.

11. Beloved Script by Unicode

Beloved is a super clean yet elegant font ideal for strong headers and pretty blocks of text. Mix and match with some script fonts and incorporate into your designs!

12. Layla Brush Font by Mr. Rabbit

This font is so fun and packed full of extras! The font itself comes in two different versions, Layla Brush and Layla Painted.

13. Tigerlily by JackRabbit Creative

A handcrafted serif font by Jackrabbit Creative. Inspired by elegant cityscapes. Tigerlily brings a handmade feel to an otherwise “sophisticated” feeling typeface.

14. Marcella Script by Ian Mikraz

Marcella Script has been created in a way that even people using programs that aren’t opentype savvy can access all additional characters and swashes. Simply, change the letter/s you require to one of the additional 7 font files included. You’re welcome!

15. Brawls Typeface by Heybing Supply Co.

Brawls Typeface is a strong font from Heybing Supply Co, the font is simple, minimalistic, retro and vintage all at the same time! The font includes 2 styles, a clean and a rough to create an option for your designs.

16. Sweet Wanderlust by The Pen & Brush

Sweet Wanderlust is a fresh take on traditional calligraphy, featuring cute imperfections that add quirkiness and a vibrant, handmade feel to your text. It is an all-caps font that is bold and expressive but still a little nostalgic – perfect for modern vintage and handmade style projects.

17. Siri Floral by shawnanonna

Siri is a beautifully unique font. Each letter is layered with plants, flowers and butterflies. So great for craft projects and monograms. Please note this is a lowercase only font.

18. Naive by La Goupil Paris

The Naive font is a bumper pack of 6 Fonts. Two different fonts, Naive and Naive Fantasies which is a more fancy version of Naive with alternate letters and forms. The two fonts then come in three weights each, Bold, Light and Medium.

19. La Fa Salt by Pavel Korzhenko

La Fa Salt is a curly whirly display font that has smooth lines and clean curls. Also included is a bonus font Robinson that can be used alongside the La Fa Salt font to create unique designs.

20. Aqua by Efe Gürsoy

Aqua has so many twists and curls in its forms that you will never get bored! Both the uppercase and lowercase letters are equally beautiful so you can play with a mixture of the two.

21. Claudia by Unicode

Claudia is a modern typeface that is so easy to incorporate into any design that it will become one of your go-to fonts!

22. Angely by JROH Creative

Angely is such a unique font that we felt compelled to use it for our August bundle header! It includes two sets of fun dingbats, one more ornate and swirly with catchwords and the other is summer themed with everything from starfish to surfboards!

23. Sobbers by Maulana Creative

The Sobbers font is up there with our favourite fonts this month! Super versatile and with the right amount of graffiti edge to make your designs really pop!

24. Silhouette by Anastasia Dimitriadi

The Silhouette font includes two different weights, regular and bold. The way certain letters jump around the baseline makes this a very interesting font to work with.

25. Mia Bella by The Pen & Brush

Mia Bella is a sweet, romantic, all-caps display font inspired by traditional Roman capitals and vintage lettering. Highly decorative detail work reminiscent of paper cut-outs & love letters. You can use this font to create super-cute borders too! Simply type ***** …… ~~~~~~ “““` +++++ or —— to create cute page dividers and borders. Or experiment with your own combinations!

26. Royal by Efe Gürsoy

Royal is a beautiful brush script font by Efe Gürsoy. Matched with one of his other fonts also in this bundle, you can create a truly unique design. Ideal for funky quotes and invitations.

27. Pontiac by La Goupil Paris

Pontiac Inline is a font designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin for La Goupil Paris. This high quality and finely balanced inline font can be enhanced to improve your designs and bring an unusual and modern feeling. You could change the inside color, then add a 3D or shadow effect. To do so, you can simply superimpose the elements. The Regular above, the Inside line below, for example.

28. Marpesia Script by Anastasia Dimitriadi

Marpesia font is a hand-drawn calligraphy script with a mix of both classic and modern styles.

29. Vandella by Unicode

Vandella is a hand-inked script font with tight kerning and a fun irregular baseline. The lowercase letters compliment the uppercase perfectly and we know you’ll find many uses for this font.

30. Lorem by Noe Araujo

This font includes two different weights, a regular version and a bold version. We love the rough type-writer look that this font has.

31. Bronks by Favete Art

Bronks, a font created using ink and brush on texturised paper. It has a great organic look thanks to its messy and imperfect lines and rough edges. With oodles of patterns, textures and illustrations included, you’ll love it!

32. Nadhine Script by Ian Mikraz

Nadhine is an elegant font designed by Ian Mikraz. Easy to read at any size, it’s perfect for large blocks of text that require a script feel or equally perfect for invitations and headers.

33. Archimedes Script by Genesis Lab

Archimedes has two fonts included; a bolder, thicker version and a thinner, smoother version. Swap and change between the two when designing to accentuate certain areas of text.

34. Mila by shawnanonna

The Mila Font is an incredibly intricate font best used large so you can see all of the amazing shapes included inside each letter. Please note that this is a lowercase only font.

35. Benihana by Maulana Creative

Benihana is a clean and precise font that is inspired by ribbon forms and clean calligraphy. Equally classy and elegant.

36. Harsh Typeface by Heybing Supply Co.

The Harsh typeface is an incredible font by the talented Heybing Supply co. Strong and ornate it’s ideal for bold headers or vintage style script.

37. Moon Light by Efe Gürsoy

Moon light is a super versatile font that includes a bonus font with extra swirls and swashes on each letter. Also included is a font file of Splatters and a bumper pack of lines and swashes.

38. Marshmallow by Favete Art

Marshmallow is definitely a firm favourite in the office this month. The uppercase and lowercase are so different that it almost feels like you have two fonts included! There is also some super fun patterns and shapes too, the pretzel is yummy!

39. Karenina by Maulana Creative

Karenina is a font inspired by the effect that a fountain pen has on a rough piece of paper. Edgy, unique and oh so pretty!

40. Bebby Washington by Genesis Lab

Bebby Washington is a beautiful font created by Genesis Lab. Its mix of calligraphy style and intricate baseline is so pretty and effective.

41. Moonshine by Jackrabbit Creative

Moonshine is a sans serif font by Jack Rabbit Creative that is inspired by the rough, grungy culture of moonshine whiskey. Edgy and imperfectly perfect!

42. Harmonie Script by Ian Mikraz

Harmonie is a font that has a real hand-written flow, much like a signature script. The thin lines and edgy kicks looks great even in large blocks of text.

43. Tycho Typeface by Maulana Creative

Tycho is a fun font that comes in three different weights and also includes a set of dingbats! Also included is a set of great elements and doodles.

44. Cherry Blossom by Genesis Lab

Cherry Blossom is a fantastic font by the talented Genesis Lab. It’s script-like feel is great paired with a tough, bold header. Use the dingbats to add a little fun to your designs.

45. Jailheart by Mr. Rabbit

Jailheart is a funky hand-lettered font ideal for adding a ‘hand-drawn’ element to your designs. Use one of the 5 bonus backgrounds to add a hard edge too.

46. Hazlenut by Heybing Supply Co.

The Hazelnut font is so Jam-packed full of goodies, you won’t know where to start! Not only does it include a bonus font (Hepburns) that compliments the main font, but it also includes a pack of 95+ doodles and a pack of editable badges.

47. Cattleya Script by Genesis Lab

Cattleya is a new font based on modern calligraphy. The capital letters included in this font are especially beautiful with their added swirls and kicks, when you combine the uppercase and lowercase it creates a truly lovely script.

48. Gabriel by Efe Gürsoy

The Gabriel font is a hand made brush font that looks great at any size! Also included is a fantastic pack of watercolour splotches.

49. Love & Stuff by The Pen & Brush

Love & Stuff is a super pretty cursive font by the very talented Amy at The Pen & Brush. This font has a lovely drop shadow on the letters to really give your headers some depth. Also included is a font file of stylistic extras with tons of catchwords and decorative elements. Enjoy!

+ a bunch of extras! Do not miss this amazing fonts deal, as it’s about to end!

Get this font bundle at 96% off for just $29

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