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We all know how important typography is in web design and design in general. Choosing the right typeface(s) for web, colors and, if necessary, applying the right type treatment can help tremendously in conveying your message to your audience.

Most of the websites showcased today use large typography mostly in their headers, but also in other places such as subheadings and other elements to draw attention to areas of importance. Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of typography in web design.


kidd81 home typography in web design

Kidd81 is a creative designer’s personal web site. This is a nice example of using both typography and a vast color palette of striking colors in your project. It has a childish design, but it matches the designer’s style perfectly.

Get Finch

Finch - Designer typography in web design

This website is an excellent example of using the right typography and colors to highlight important facts and present information to its readers. The important groups of words are emphasized using different shades of blue, to catch the readers’ attention.


Creative Design & Digital Agency typography in web design

This website uses typography to establish a link between itself and its readers through a warm ‘hello’. Furthermore, this site uses horizontal bands which build jamhot’s portfolio.


polargold.de typography in web design

Polargold is a website that presents a digital agency for contemporary marketing through typography, color, and a minimalist design.


Demotive. Toiling since 1975 typography in web design

Demotive is a single page website that displays a compact and lightweight design through both bolded and regular fonts. It’s a great example on how to combine bold fonts with thin ones.


Fernando Silanes typography in web design

Fernando Silanes’ website also has a good choice of typefaces, color and design to information about himself and his line of work. He uses both large fonts and normal-sized ones in this design.


Premier Retail Paid Search Agency typography in web design

This website uses a large typography in their header to present not just their motto but also other important information as to what they do, how they do it, their resources and team.

Digital Mash

digitalmash.com typography web design

This website uses typography and color as a way to ease readers’ search through the gallery as each word represent a showcased project. It may be difficult to read the text with all those colors but the overall design definitely catches you attention.


Gummisig typography web design

This website belongs to a designer that designs, codes and loves what he does. It is also another good example of large typography used in web design. He uses huge fonts on the homepage and in the menu as well.

Electric Pulp

Electric Pulp - Responsive Web Design & Development

Electric Pulp not only tackles projects of all shapes and size but they have also put a lot of effort into mixing good design with good typography.

Kyle Steed

Kyle Steed typography web design

Kyle Steed’s website presents his passion through images, texts, colors, and fonts. Even the site’s logo is made of a playful typography.

Josh Hemsley

Josh Hemsley typography web design

Josh Hemsley’s website is another example of choosing the right typefaces and colors to present information to readers. On his site, you’ll find a list of projects, details about him and his interests.


Brad Frost Web Design, Speaking, Consulting, Music, and Art

Bradfrost.com is yet another example of using typography in the site’s header. This one uses a bold white font over a colorful horizontal band before to express an invitation to finding out more about what he does.


Hello Monday typography web design

HelloMonday website is a Digital Creative Agency’s mission to turn Mondays into the best day of the week. This site uses an animated design to showcase different projects the agency has had over the years.


Jessica Hische Design & Illustration

This example is a website that presents the work of Jessica Hische, who’s love is typography. With a great interest for letters, Jessica’s website is a good example of combining web design with typography.


JLern Design Creative Development for the Web

In my opinion, this is another way of using typography in your project. This website loads as a redacted file, letting you discover each category.


Mulletized Design Photo Chaos

Mulletized uses animations, static images and typography to create a sensitive web design to connect its readers with the image gallery.

DIBI Conference

DIBI Newcastle 2017 typography web design

DIBI conference is a website that gives you the opportunity to share your story in 30 minutes. Furthermore, this website is an excellent example of creating a playful design through colors and typography.


Hello NOSOTROS typography web design

Nosotros’s website focuses on laying out information to its readers through a regular dark gray font on a light gray background. They are an experienced team that makes great websites and unforgettable brands.


Home Spark Capital typography web design

Sparkcapital focuses on investing in startups led by creative thinkers and their website surely expresses their aspiration towards creativity. They use large typography on a horizontal background that showcases images of their work.

Sourhaze EP

Sourhaze typography web design

This website is yet another example of choosing the right typeface, colors and web design to lay out information to your readers.


SrBurns typography web design

Srburns uses an interactive web design using a creative typography to connect with its readers. It has a slightly vintage touch, due to the styling of the typefaces used.


Strip Turnhout typography web design

Stripgids uses typography to present information about a biannual magazine that showcases interviews, essays, news releases, columns, reviews and pre-publications, and with a very broad focus.

Life Coach 

4 Life Coach WordPress Theme


14 MentorPress - Life Coach & Advisor WordPress theme

Huge Inc.

Huge Digital Agency typography web design

Huge Inc.’s website uses typography in a creative and interactive way. Keep scrolling to find out more about what they do and in how many ways the letter ‘H’ can be creatively changed.


switch mediaworks typography web design

Swtchmw was founded by a team of design addicts whose aim is innovative design quality. Their website sure expresses their aspirations through the use of animations, changing backgrounds, fonts and colors.


Things That Are Brown Matt Brown typography web design

This website is another good example of using typefaces to convey your message to your audience. It uses the same font in different ways to present information to its readers.

For A Beautiful Web

Fabulous web design UK, Stuff & Nonsense website design

Stuff & Nonsense express their taste for exquisite typography and experience in web design through their website. They specialize in creative design and have worked with clients from all over the globe.


dkoo dot net typography in web design

Derrick Koo combines typography and minimalist design for his business card website which only displays links to his other social profiles.

Design Woop

DesignWoop Web Design Blog typography in web design

Like most websites today, Design Woop uses large typography on a horizontal band, but also in other places such as the columns that showcase other articles the site is promoting.


Trent Walton typography web design

Trentwalton is a website that combines typography and minimalist design to showcase a designer and web builder’s works and thoughts.

What’s my IP

what's my browser typography web design

This website also uses large white typography in their header but also in other places to draw attention to areas of importance such as the first row of the articles which explains what a browser is.


Typejockeys - Type & Graphic Design

Typejockeys is a graphic and type design company. Their aspiration is towards an appropriate use of typography in their line of work. It is a fun design with cool typography.


Gaby Castellanos typography web design

This is yet another example of using typography in a website’s header. This website uses different types of fonts, colors and illustrations to connect to its readers.

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

30 thoughts on “A Showcase of Beautiful Typography in Web Design”

  1. Hey, these are really awesome – great collection – I love them – though from SEO prespective, I'd use less graphics and use regular text for headings. Sometimes you have to sacrifice beauty :)

  2. Great examples on how to get around the restrictions in traditionel web typography. The good news is that these restrictions is becoming a thing of the past. With the new @fontface tag, designers typographical pallet is greatly expanded. In theory you are now able to use any font for html text on the web. There are some browser, as well as copyrigth restriction. But finally we are moving in the right direction. Read more here: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fontface

  3. It is an exhaustive collection ! Good typography is just as important on a Web page as it is in any other medium. The fact that it appears on a computer screen and not on a piece of paper is immaterial. It should still be pleasing to look at and easy to read. However, my personal favourites from your list would include Get Finch, We Are Academy, Project 365, Digital Mash, Design Wise, Denise Chandler, FL2’s Blog, Sourhaze EP, Design Woop, Find Me By IP, Lorem Ipsum.

  4. I like a lot of these, but others… I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something, but I just don’t see them as good, or even competent typography.

    DevDays is horrible, IMO: no feel for letterforms at all, looks like a bad student project. Carsonified Events is also dreck – or is it an attempt are ironically evoking the early days of desktop publishing?

    Lest you think I’m picking on Carsonified, their Carsonispace example is quite good. So’s Get Finch, Academy, Dustin Curtis, Alpha, and a few others.

    The lack of basic typographic skills here is quite astonishing. Joao Andrade: Dude, you gotta kern. (Almost) everyone else: kerning doesn’t mean pushing the letters together until they touch. The 1970s are here, they want their typography back. Kylie Steed: the whole point of a script like that is to look hand-drawn. Repeating the same whimsical “e” three time destroys the effect.

  5. awesome set of resources! thank you for sharing this and doing the research for us all to discover. i will definitely be referencing this time to time.

    i just want to add, another excellent resource / place for typography is http://www.pilo.me – it by far is the most complete and solid font forum i have visited. you can definitely find similar resources as you have mentioned here at pilo. anyhow, give it a look if you are a type lover. i think it is invite only or it usually is at least, so good luck getting in. if you do get in, be sure to participate as i know they remove deadbeat users time to time.

    thanks again for the excellent links!

  6. Nice Showcase.
    I really enjoy sites that pay attention to typography, way to often it is the other way around.

    Didn’t know you have guest writers on Line25 Chris.


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