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The concept of the elevator pitch has become a popular feature in web design. Bold statements that introduce and describe a company or individual now dominate the mastheads of agency and portfolio sites.

In today’s web design showcase, we present 25 great examples of websites that successfully explain what they’re all about in a clear and concise statement. See how they use white space, typography, and color to ensure their message gets across.

Get inspired by these web designs with a clear and concise elevator pitch and see what new things you can learn and then apply in your own projects.

Jan Cavan

Saying as little as possible and not leaving anything to wonder, this artist combines useful information with a short portfolio to make everyone interested in their work.

Jan Cavan Website Design


Another great example of elevator pitch translated into a stunning website. This design uses the first page to make a resume about the company, who they are and what services they provide and also their best clients, to give credibility and to build up trust.

Boomerang Creative Website


Get inspired by this website which uses the concept of elevator pitch along with some funny creative animated graphics!

Blocks Website Concept

Talk PR

This website incorporates the elevator pitch concept into every topic in their menu. You can grasp at a glance their message by browsing rapidly through the contents.

Talk PR Website Concept

A Collective

This creative studio’s website has a simple but very effective design which allows you to quickly get the information. Also, this design includes a creative side menu which is within reach at all times, for easy navigation.

A Collective Website Concept

Matt Carvalho

Take a look at the combination between large and small fonts with expressive images which were used to attract site visitor’s attention.

Matt Carvalho Creative Website

Static Interactive

The semi-transparent overlay gives the website a sense of mystery. You can take a glimpse at what lays behind it but you need to take further action to completely see the design.

Static Interactive Website Concept Design

The Infantree

This creative website design will definitely get your attention with its looks and features. Neat features like the video background, full-screen layout make it more appealing and user-friendly.

The Infantree Website Concept Design


A beautiful parallax effect has always helped to improve the overall design. This elegant characteristic makes any website look modern. Moreover, the responsive design assures you that the website will display perfectly on any screen size.

Raygun Creative Website


This minimalistic website has a creative layout with a grid organization. Also, on hover, the images get a semi-transparent color overlay which displays further information about each item.

Nudge Website Concept

Coulee Creative

This website design will definitely get your attention. With the stunning video background from the homepage, parallax effect on different sections, beautiful typography, etc. there’s a lot to handle with this design.

Coulee Creative Website Concept elevator pitch


This website stands out thanks to the unique menu which is displayed in a continuous movement on the right side of the layout. This creative agency also includes animated elements, a complex design with overlay items which you can see when your begin to scroll down.

Drexler Website Concept elevator pitch


This is an outstanding website design which has a very creative manner to showcase its content. Even without taking any action, the design continuously moves from bottom-up. You can select which area you want to view by using the scroll.

Fuzzco Creative Website Design elevator pitch

Paradox Design Studio

Here you have a lovely website with a well-thought design. The information is organized and everything is accessible, with some animated effects that will get your attention.

Paradox Design Studio Design

Romsey Web Design

This website includes many great features that help improve the overall design. For instance, there’s a beautiful video background, animated effects, neat overlays, lovely fonts, and more.

Romsey Web Design


There’s much to say about this website design. It includes lots of user-friendly features that make it more accessible. The fixed menu design, big headings, concise information, organized layout, responsive design, etc. are some of its features.


Simple Focus

This is a minimalistic website with a well-organized structure in clear sections. It includes beautiful animations which unveil when scrolling down.

Simple Focus Website Design elevator pitch

Navy Design

This bold design will definitely get your attention with the help of the colored background and the big heading. The overall design has a clear organization, everything is within reach, accessible.

Navy Design Creative Website


This is a creative website design which has a lovely grid organization. This full-screen layout will surely get your attention with the stunning high-quality graphics and subtle animations.

Hatch Website Concept Design


A parallax effect will definitely make a website stand out. Also, the responsive layout makes it display perfectly, regardless of the screen size.

Spindletop Creative Website


This is a one-page layout design which has a creative slider gallery. Have a look and see what new things you can learn and use in your future designs.

MoreSleep Website Concept elevator pitch

Electric Pulp

The designer used lots of overlayed elements to create a special design. This includes text, colors, images, etc. Also, the fixed header design makes your navigation accessible at all times.

Electric Pulp Creative Website


This is a minimalistic website which makes good use of the white space, in order to get the message across.

Finely Website Concept Design

This stunning template can be used to create your own website with a clear pitch design. This pre-designed layout will assure you that your message will definitely get across.

Startup X Concept Design

This is an excellent presentation template which you can quickly customize and showcase it to your clients.

Pitch Presentation Concept Design

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I visited their site and I like the simplicity and style of each websites.

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    Very nice post. RGB Media, Coulee Creative are the best. It’s great to see such a beautiful web designs collection.

  3. thanks for sharing , i visit all of them harmony of colors were great , attractive design

  4. Truly enjoyed this post! For myself, I’m not too satisfied with the idea of elevator speech for designers. You have thirty seconds to advise me the reason why your website matters, as well as what it can provide me.

  5. Love how clean and simple these are! I love Coulee Creative, the photography really makes this one work really well. Very concise on who they are and what they do. Thanks for the share!

  6. I actually like the simplicity of A Collective and More Sleep just telling it like it is. A very to the point, coles notes version without all the jargon

  7. There are some really nice sites there, but so many of them use the same guff about being unique and fresh in the opening line.

  8. I really like these examples, although it would be cool to see how these designs impact conversion and user metrics.

  9. A good website design is that compel users to browse across the website unlimitedly. Bounce rate should be as minimum as possible. And last but not the least, it must have the capability to convert visitors into customers, an ultimate goal of each business.


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