30 Graphic Design Portfolio Website Examples

30 Graphic Design Portfolio Website Examples

Are you on the look out for professional portfolio websites? Then this collection of 30 creative graphic design portfolio websites is perfect for you!

If you don’t know where to get your daily design inspiration from, then check out these creative graphic designer portfolio websites. These websites not only have lots of interesting projects showcased on them but also have interesting portfolio website designs. Change your own online portfolio today and make it even better.

These portfolio websites have some unique designs you’ll be impressed by. Some of these may include parallax effects, animations, video backgrounds, interactive features, beautiful typefaces, full-screen layouts, fixed menus, and more!

Which one of these graphic designer portfolio websites is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

Ryan Scherf

This is a gorgeous portfolio website which you can use as an inspiration. This site has a lovely design with parallax effect and a large grid section to display the projects.

Ryan Scherf Portfolio Website

Miro Hristov

This is an exceptional portfolio website which has an eye-catching home page. The designer used an interactive layout which will definitely get your attention.

Miro Hristov Creative Portfolio Website Design

Björn Meier

Check out this creative website design which makes use of large, bold fonts to catch the visitors’ attention. It has fullscreen photos and subtle transitions.

Bjorn Meier Graphic Designer Portfolio Website


Here’s an outstanding portfolio website which has a unique home page design with vibrant, bold colors. The interactive design showcases both a beautiful illustration and the coding lines, in a very creative manner.

Flamy Website Portfolio Design

Mariusz Cieśla – Web & Mobile Interface & Experience Designer

This is a creative portfolio website which includes all the necessary information about the designer, works, skills, etc. The home page has an interactive design with a unique animated background.

Mariusz Cieśla Web & Mobile Interface & Experience Designer

Studio Airport

This is the website for a creative design agency which includes useful info about the services they provide, team members, a blog, contact, etc.

Studio Airport Graphic Designer Portfolio Website


Here is an excellent example of a portfolio website which has a beautiful design with a grid layout. This allows you to see all the projects at a first glance.

DJNR Creative Portfolio Design

Jordan Flaig

This portfolio website has a simple but very effective design with a full-screen layout that takes up all the space.

Jordan Flaig Creative Website Portfolio

Cody Sielawa

This is another grid-based layout design which looks stunning. This portfolio website includes a parallax effect, a neat hamburger menu which opens in a full page overlay, etc.

Cody Sielawa Creative Portfolio Design

Lounge Lizard

This is a creative web design which uses professional features with outstanding results. For instance, it has a fixed menu design, beautiful fonts, full-screen layout, high-quality images, and more.

Lounge Lizard Portfolio Website

Justin Maller

This is the online portfolio of Justin M. Maller, art director, and illustrator. Follow this link and see the full web design.

Justin Maller Graphic Designer Portfolio Website

Jeff Broderick

Here is another website with a simple yet creative design. This design includes a parallax effect, lovely fonts, a beautiful transparent header with a menu and other neat features.

Jeff Broderick Portfolio Website

Delete – London Digital Agency

Here is an exceptional website which serves as an online portfolio for a digital agency. This theme was created using strong colors, beautiful animations, perfectly-chosen fonts.

Delete London Digital Agency Creative Portfolio Design

Stereo Creative

Get inspired by this outstanding website and see what neat features you discover. This design uses video backgrounds which make the entire website come to life.

Stereo Creative Creative Website Portfolio

Adhemas Batista

This is a creative portfolio website which showcases all the designer’s projects in a grid arrangement. The design has a full-screen layout which takes up the entire space of the browser.

Adhemas Batista Creative Portfolio Design

Guilherme Bento

This is an amazing website design which was created as a portfolio to showcase various projects, skills, and more.

Guilherme Bento Portfolio Website

Jeremy Sallee

This is a great portfolio website with a simple but effective design. It uses a full-screen layout with a transparent header design and a beautiful background image.

Jeremy Sallee Website Design

Rosie Lee

This is an exceptional website which includes multiple neat features: a grid portfolio showcase, subtle animations, fixed transparent header, and more.

Rosie Lee Graphic Designer Portfolio Website

Arturo Wibawa

This is an amazing portfolio website which you can use as an inspiration for your future online projects. The design includes an animated background, stunning illustrations, parallax effect, neat menu style, and more.

Arturo Wibawa Creative Website Portfolio

Femme Fatale

This is an outstanding website with a unique design which will definitely get your attention. The overall design has a sophisticated look with stunning parallax effect and eye-catching images.

Femme Fatale Creative Portfolio Design

Alexandre Rochet

Here is another excellent example of an amazing portfolio website. This design uses a creative home page with engaging music. Also, the project page has a unique design with faded colors, parallax, beautiful typography, etc.

Alexandre Rochet Graphic Designer Portfolio Website

Steven Mengin

This is an amazing one-page website design which includes multiple eye-catching effects and a unique style. It uses large, fullscreen images for a great visual impact.

Steven Mengin Creative Website Portfolio

Christopher Lee

Here is a great portfolio website which has a full-screen grid design that showcases multiple illustration projects. The whole website is colorful and has a fun atmosphere.

Christopher Lee Creative Portfolio Design


This is an amazing website which you can use as an inspiration for your current or upcoming projects. The design is quite simple but it uses a creative navigation.

Sadok Graphic Designer Portfolio Website

Olly Gibbs

This website has a well-organized grid layout to showcase previous projects, a neat textured background and an exceptional design overall.

Olly Gibbs Creative Portfolio Website

Cast Iron Studio

Here is a stunning portfolio website with a creative design and neat features. The website is divided into clear full-screen horizontal sections, each for a specific project.

Cast Iron Studio Creative Portfolio Design

Seymour Powell

This is a creative website which was created as a portfolio to showcase previous projects. The design includes video backgrounds, parallax effect, and other great features.

Seymour Powell Graphic Designer Portfolio Website

Tim Lahan

This is the portfolio website of Tima Laham, a graphic designer from New York. This creative layout has a fixed header design and a clear showcase of past works.

Tim Lahan Creative Portfolio Design

Tim Smith

Here you have an excellent website design which uses many animated effects for a more engaging design.

Tim Smith Graphic Designer Portfolio Website


This is another amazing one-page design which includes a creative navigation. Also, the overall design has a well-thought look with lovely subtle animations.

Hayk Creative Portfolio Website

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