25 Innovative Websites that Buck the Design Trends

25 Innovative Websites that Buck the Design Trends
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November 05, 2018

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Certain trends have become so mainstream that the majority of modern web designs have similarities in their layouts and styles. Still, there are a lot of unique web designs which you can use to create a one of a kind project.

In today’s post, we showcase 25 innovative designs that buck the popular trends in favor of experimental ideas. These websites have all been chosen for their unusual navigations, out of the ordinary layouts or clever uses of animations and effects.

These are multi purpose websites which you can use to build websites for various niches. Discover all these features and choose the ones you love for your next project. There’s much to choose from!


This is a creative one-page website which has a unique layout and an angled, geometry photo overlay which adds dynamism to the design.

Airnauts Innovative WebsitesPin

April Zero

This web design uses stunning graphics and an animated background that will blow your mind. Also, the animations will keep you engaged, wanting for more.

April Zero Innovative WebsitesPin

Letters, Inc.

Here’s an excellent website design which uses a lot of creative features. This includes the menu bar, with neat animations, the outlined illustrations from all over the site, the unique loading icon, etc.

Letters, Inc. Innovative WebsitesPin

Uppercut – Digital Product Design & Development Studio

This is an amazing website design with a creative menu that, when used, it pushes all the layout to the left, to unveil its content.

Uppercut - Digital Product Design & Development Studio Innovative WebsitesPin

Jonathan Patterson

Check out this wonderful design which has an amazing grid layout. This allows you to see better the full content of the website and to navigate easier.

Jonathan Patterson Innovative WebsitesPin

Sivert Høyem

This is a minimalistic web design with a wonderful layout and neat features. You can also discover a hamburger menu navigation with a simple but effective animation.

Sivert Høyem Innovative WebsitesPin

Your Local Studio

Your Local StudioPin


This is a complex web design which includes a beautiful animated background that will keep you engaged. Moreover, the menu has a lovely animation and the whole website includes beautiful illustrations.

Dataveyes Innovative WebsitesPin


Check out this interactive website that requires further action from your part in order to unveil its content. This template has a well-thought layout with stunning animated illustrations.

Vtcreative Innovative WebsitesPin


This is a colorful one-page web design which will impress you through its layout. Also, it includes many animations that will get your attention.

Ondo Innovative WebsitesPin


Here you have a full page menu design which allows you to see the full structure of the website. Get inspired by this design and use this trend in your future projects.

Adaptable Innovative WebsitesPin

Carlo Barberis

This is a very creative website which includes stunning images, beautiful animations, and more.

Carlo Barberis Innovative WebsitesPin

Jun Duffy

This is another lovely website design which includes a beautiful layout, lovely photography, a neat fixed header design, and more.

Jun Duffy Innovative WebsitesPin


This is a remarkable design that uses a stunning graphic from the beginning to get your attention. Here you’ll discover lots of well-designed icons with lots of styles and uses.

Webalys Innovative WebsitesPin

Personal Brand Institute

This is an outstanding website with a marvelous interactive design. Get inspired by this creative idea and use what you learn in your own projects.

Personal Brand InstitutePin



Creative Knight

This is an amazing template which includes many neat features, such as smooth transitions, large animated images and videos, and more.

Creative Knight Innovative WebsitesPin

Active Theory

This is another outstanding website with a well-designed layout that will blow your mind. This design includes many animations, with interactive elements, stunning images, etc.

Active Theory Innovative WebsitesPin

Kevin Lagier

This is a remarkable layout that has an interactive design. This will definitely keep you connected, navigating through its pages.

Kevin Lagier Innovative WebsitesPin


Here you have an excellent website which has an interactive design. Also, you can choose between a 2d or 3d layouts that will automatically change before your eyes.

Offpixel Innovative WebsitesPin


This website uses the menu as a frame that contains the content of the site. This is a unique manner of keeping your menu at reach at all times.

Hillside Innovative WebsitesPin

The Anonymous Hamburger 

Here’s an example of a website which doesn’t use a menu. You need to scroll until you find what you are looking for.

The Anonymous Hamburger Innovative Websites Pin


Here you’ll discover a very creative manner of showcasing the menu. This pops up an overlay which includes a grid layout with the menu buttons. Also, on hover, you’ll see a related image.

Edelson Innovative WebsitesPin

Paradise Pad

This is a remarkable web design which uses a split screen concept to create its unique design.

Paradise Pad Innovative WebsitesPin

Grim London

This website uses an interactive design and a custom scrolling effect to navigate through the site. You’ll discover a map of London and you need to use your mouse to drag and navigate through it to find what you are looking for.

Grim London Innovative WebsitesPin

Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter


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