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With the help of lyric video templates, anyone can create amazing music videos without spending a fortune. Making a music video used to be a complicated and expensive process. But not anymore!

Today’s post will focus on 15 of the best lyric video templates for music videos and intros, plus I’ll show you how you can download all of them absolutely FREE!

Adobe After Effects
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What is a lyric video template?

A lyrical video template is a pre-made video that can be edited and used as a framework for the lyrics of a music video. With the help of excellent quality templates, you can easily create your own professional-looking music video without starting from scratch. Just add your lyrics, click save and you’re done.

How to get free lyric video templates

Each template featured here is considered a premium option, but technically they are free lyric video templates due to one of the best 7-day trial offers we’ve seen in a long time.

You can literally download all of these lyrics video templates at no charge and get a royalty-free commercial license. Just give Envato Elements a trial run for 7 days. KEEP EVERYTHING if you cancel. You also get access to 10 million+ design assets like images, audio, and 45,000+ video templates.

15 Best Lyrics Video Templates for Cool Music Videos

Not all of these templates are compatible with each other. They were created with:

Top Features:

  • No plugins required
  • All 15 video templates for song lyrics are provided by Envato Elements
  • A royalty-free license is included for both personal and commercial use

1. Lyric Video Template

To get things started, the first selection here is an excellent animated lyric video created by Envato Elements with Adobe After Effects. This template give you a lot of control over animation timing, bacground colors, shapes and more. 20 pre-animated titles are included. This is a great one to start with!

  • Supported App: Adobe After Effects (Ae)

2. Eastwood

With the Lyrics Template Eastwood, you can easily create a professional-looking lyric video in no time. This template is easy to use and comes with various customization options, including 22 text holders and 6 image holders. You can also choose from various fonts and colors to match your branding or style.

  • Supported App: Adobe After Effects (Ae)

3. Lyrics Template and Elements

These Lyrics Templates and Elements are a great option for creating a professional-looking lyric video. It’s easy to use and comes with 24 customizable elements, including text boxes, titles, and overlay graphics.

You can also edit the color scheme and fonts to match your branding. This template is perfect for anyone who wants to create a stylish and polished lyric video without spending too much time on design.

  • Supported App: Adobe After Effects (Ae)

4. Scrolling Template

The Scrolling Lyric Template Music is a fantastic choice for those who want to create an animated lyric video with minimal effort. With this template, you can easily add your lyrics and customize the font size and color of the text. You can also adjust the text scroll speed to match your song perfectly.

  • Supported App: Adobe After Effects (Ae)

5. Lyrics Template | After Effects

If you’re looking for a romantic lyric video template with a modern but feminine touch, check this one out. It’s a great option for wedding videos, travel bloggers, and social media posts. The Premiere Pro version is also available and listed further down on the page.

  • Supported App: Adobe After Effects (Ae)

6. 2D Lyric Elements | FCPX

If you want to create some cool visuals for your track, then this 2D Lyric Elements FCPX template is perfect. The template includes 2D and 3D-style lyric animations, perfect for any music video. 

It’s easy to customize the look and feel with its modern design. You can easily add your lyrics and tweak the colors to suit your aesthetic. And if you’re new to Final Cut Pro X, no problem – there are helpful video tutorial guides, so you’ll know exactly how to make the most of this amazing template.

  • Supported App: Apple Motion & Final Cut Pro (FCPX)

7. Cartoon Lyric Animations for FCPX

Are you looking for some fun animations to make your lyrics jump out of the screen? This lyric video animation template is a great option. It has several cartoon designs, along with a full 4K resolution.

This template has multiple color schemes, 3D ending titles, and easy-to-customize controls. You can make custom backgrounds for each scene and adjust the speed of the animations.

  • Supported App: Apple Motion & Final Cut Pro (FCPX)

8. Cartoon Lyric Titles | FCPX

This is a great option if you’re looking to create some fun, lighthearted lyric videos. Cartoon Lyric Titles | FCPX comes with 20 fully customizable titles designed to bring your lyrics to life. It’s also compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5, so you can easily customize the video titles to fit your style and sound.

  • Supported Apps: Apple Motion & Final Cut Pro (FCPX)

9. Neon Template

This free Neon Lyrics Template is an After Effects project file perfect for any musician or band looking to create a high-energy, colorful lyric video.

The template includes 12 different text scenes and 8 image scenes, so you can create a video with truly unique videos-to-use controls that let you customize the text, colors, and effects to match your style. This is the template for you if you’re looking to make a bold statement with your lyric video.

  • Supported App: Adobe After Effects (Ae)

10. Modern Lyric Template

This Modern Lyric Template is a great option for those looking for an easy way to create a lyric video. The template is simple, stylish, and easy to customize to match your branding. It is also fully responsive, so it will look great on any device.

  • Supported App: Adobe After Effects (Ae)

11. Lyric Slideshow Video Template | FCPX

This template is a great option for those who want to create a modern and sleek lyric video. The black-and-white animations are captivating, but they will complement your lyrics. The font featured in this demo is a handwritten brush script-style font, displaying a sense of elegance. Enjoy this one!

  • Supported Apps: Apple Motion & Final Cut Pro

12. Animated Template

This template helps you to create amazing and attention-grabbing lyric videos with modern animation effects. It is easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about technical stuff.

The template was created in full HD resolution and includes 68 pre-made titles and a video tutorial. It is one of the best templates for creating music videos with a unique style.

  • Supported App: After Effects (Ae)

13. Happy Words

For those looking for something a bit more creative and happier, the Lyrics Template Happy Words is perfect. This template features fun animations, with lyrics that are right on the screen as they are being sung.

Its vibrant colors and whimsical animations make this the perfect template to add joy to any lyric video. The free download includes a 1920×1080 video resolution, a video length of 30 seconds, and 30 media placeholders. Get creative with it and personalize it with your own text and photos!

  • Supported App: Adobe After Effects (Ae)

14. Premiere Pro Lyric Template – MOGRT

This video lyric template is a great choice for users who are novices or want to create something quickly. All you need is the text for your lyrics and Adobe Premiere Pro software. It has a romantic tone and is great for weddings and feminine social media posts. An After Effects version is also available.

  • Supported App: Adobe Premiere Pro (Pr)

15. Lyrics Template (Liquid Style) for Premiere Pro

This mesmerizing template has a cool liquid shape effect that is sure to be a hit with your viewers. You can add your desired text with a “liquid look”, and make customizations according to your preferences.

With Adobe’s Pr program editing this video is as simple as dragging and dropping. The high quality is a signature of products designed with Pr, making it perfect for professional-grade lyric videos.

  • Supported App: Adobe Premiere Pro (Pr)

The Best Free Lyrics Video Templates Summary

We have listed some of the best free lyric video templates available. Whether you’re looking for a modern, stylish template, or a video with unique animation, there’s something here for everyone. Hopefully, this small effort will be helpful in choosing the best one. Thanks for visiting and please comment below!

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