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Branding, the most critical aspect of digital marketing in today’s digital business age, often begins with typography. A lot more in digital marketing depends on aesthetics and typography.

Besides graphics and images, typography plays a resourceful role in shaping up a business identity that customers not only adore but trust There are many typography tutorials available, but finding diamonds out of the stone mine is a daunting task. We have made it easy for you with the 10 best typography tutorial videos here. 

For a visitor of your website, every font is the same. A non-designer is rarely concerned with font size, white space, font colors, color palettes, and font type. For a typical website visitor, information is more important than in which font the information is given. This is the perception and it is by and large true too. However, what most web designers underestimate is the overview that a visitor takes. “Ahaa, the website looks really good” expression is a success in branding terms. The feel-good factor that the visitor enjoys is a bigger achievement for a web designer. Therefore, typography plays a very critical role in branding and in building trust among visitors and clients. 

If you are a beginner and looking to understand the basics of typography or you are a seasoned designer and want to know the typography trends in 2021, you are covered here. Doesn’t matter if you are looking to understand the concept of art direction or wish to learn to develop your own fonts, you have everything here from basics to performance evaluation in this typography tutorial roundup.

1. Typography basics explained

If you are a web designer or aspiring to be one, understanding the terminology of typography is the very basic you should start with. In this video, you will learn the basic concepts of typography. Tracking, leading, and kerning, font family, display type, hierarchy, body copy, headlines, and more. 

This video tutorial makes it easy for a newcomer to understand typography concepts such as widows and orphans, cursive fonts and script, white space, sans-serif fonts, serif fonts, the difference between kerning and tracking and why both are necessary and when to use – questions like such are answered in this tutorial. Moreover, why responsive typecases are important and how to apply typecases are also discussed in the video. 

Basically, for those who are just starting the web designing learning process, this could be the most helpful video to learn basic typography things in just a few mins.

2. Beginning Graphic Design: Typography 

In a previous video tutorial, you learned about the basic typography terminology and what those words are, and where they are usually used while developing a web design. In this video tutorial, you will be explained in detail the basics of font, font family, which fonts to use, which fonts to avoid, how font combinations are developed, and more about the font. 

In addition to that, you will learn the font colors, scripts, hierarchy, leading, kerning, and tracking. So, basically, this video will clear the confusion about the typography and explain the terms that you have learned in the previous video. The most important aspect that you will learn here is the difference between serif and sans serif fonts and which font should be used where.  

What is important here is to get familiar with the terms and their usage instead of learning everything on day one. 

3. 2021 Typography Trends & Variations

Only a few can become trendsetters, while the rest are always trend-followers. Nope, we don’t mean you can’t become one, but to become one, you need to observe the trends for some time. 

This video explains the ins and outs of typography in 2021 and what would rule throughout the year in 2021. Basically, the video discusses the general trends of typography and font variations. You will learn the type of fonts, the graphic-font correlation, and combinations, the white space use, and typefaces. The color palettes and font sizes and more.

The focus on the new trend of fonts in which 2D and 3D fonts are created very easily using some basic tools. Most importantly, you learn to implement the special after-effects on fonts such as slicing the fonts, texturing the fonts, and abstracting the fonts. Do you know the most important thing is while designing a webpage with typography? Well, don’t afraid of experimenting with new things and implementing new ideas.

4. 10 Rules To Help You Rule Type

No matter what you do digitally nowadays, whether you are designing a graphic or web page, devising a digital marketing strategy, or implementing a social media campaign, the most important thing is discipline. Therefore rules are important while you design the website as well. 

This video tutorial is very helpful in understanding how fonts should be used in text and in the graphic space. Amazingly easily, the video tutorial explains what is the ideal typography practices and how to avoid the basic mistake that every typographer might be doing. 

This tutorial is about the rules a web designer must follow while designing the webpage. One of the simple rules is avoiding the texts in the corner of the graphic area. One of the important rules is to keep text aligned to the left as if makes reading easy. The tutorial also explains about using any font but just one font. It details the importance of minding the gap between words and using double point size. Overall, you will be clarified with all the basic rules you should know before switching on your desktop for designing a website.

5. Typography Design & Art Direction

The most important thing for a creative person is his or her creative space and freedom. It is an unwritten rule of the creative world that creative people do not make mistakes, they just oscillate between the great and worst aspects of creation and merely detail various perspectives. 

Chris here in this video, explains how a creative director, who actually understands the needs of the clients and have the vision to deliver the fine product, provides art directions to the designers, which does not appear demeaning the designer or encroaching upon the creative space of the designer, which is however absolutely to the point in his suggestive endeavors. 

In the video, Chris actually analyses his designer’s creations and offers his remarks or suggestions on a few aspects of design keeping in mind the look of the design, rules of the design, modern trends, and client’s needs. He while explaining makes amply clear that a clean design with the right use of white space with modern graphic touches would create a successful magazine design. 

6. Seven Ways To Start Making Your Own Fonts

If you are working in a creative space, the first thing you do is observe. There is a lot to learn before you actually start experimenting with the art. Creating your own fonts is the same thing. As far as web designing is concerned, developing your own fonts should be at the advanced stage of web designing.

The video explains the basic thing one requires before designing one’s own fonts – spacing, curves, and letter construction. Once you have enough knowledge of these things and a little bit of knowledge of font-family, you are sure to design a font that typographers would admire.

In this tutorial, you will learn about the 7 different software that helps develop new fonts. From iOS-specific software to windows bases software, you have seven options here to create your own fonts whether you use them for web designing or simply sell them on marketplace and app stores.

7. Using Variable Fonts

Fonts often look innocent to content writers when they write something and they are largely concerned with the look of the digital space. However, only typographers can tell you the fonts can be a complex business and truly confusing at times. Font and typeface – one in the same thing for the common man – are actually two different things. Usually, a typeface is referred to as a visual design, while fonts are what you use to create that visual design. 

What web developers often overlook is the difference between the font style and font family. Font style means “Arial Bold” typeface, while the family denotes “Arial Regular” to Arial Understrike” each of the styles is included in one family of the font. These various font styles are known as font variations. This video tutorial explains the various combinations and permutations of variable fonts and how to use them in web designs. 

8. How to build responsive typography

Font weight and font size that is often passed through unobserved to a common man is always paid extra attention by the web designers. Working with the variable fonts itself is an awesome opportunity that shines when you use them in creating responsive typography

The video talks about how font weight and font heights of variable fonts can be utilized to create an animative typeface that results in amazing responsive typography. The video explains in detail how to use these different animated fonts in CSS stylesheet and how-to beauty your website. 

9. After Effects CS5 Typography Animation Tutorial

We are always fascinated with the after-effects of the graphics whenever we watch Hollywood movies. In fact, that is the one aspect that Hollywood is famous for. But make no mistake, as a web designer, you too can create the same after-effects, although not on the visual scenes but on fonts for sure. 

This adobe tutorial has five videos in series that explain in detail about creating animation using fonts while designing a really creative and aesthetic website. Each of the videos in the series addresses specific aspects of animation and how fonts can be given various after-effects.

10. Performance and web typography

Are you designing a website to impress your girlfriend or win an accolade from your parents? None. You don’t even design a website to impress your bosses. The main purpose of designing a website is to attract customers to build long-lasting relationships. Basically, typography is very much part of the branding, and therefore, the performance of the website is very the most vital aspect of designing a webpage. 

In this video, you will learn to create a balance between designing a website for aesthetics and designing a website for performance. You will also understand the performance metrics that continuously influence web designing. Besides, how SEO web designing should be included in the designing aspects to ensure the website rank better and receive decent traffic as soon as it is launched.

There is no dearth of tutorial videos for web designing and typography. What we aimed here to do is to provide you the silver bullet for you to get inspired and start exploring further to enhance your skill as a web designer and typographer. We expect this would quench your thirst initially but make you more thirsty for more web designing tutorials. We, to the effect, would ensure to provide you more such videos in the future. 

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