20 Casual Free Fonts for Headings

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Graphics, photos or images are not always needed to make your design stand out! Sometimes, the perfect choice of typography does the trick. But searching for the perfect font for your project may not always be a quick and easy task. There are plenty of both free and premium fonts on the web, but with the deadlines being tight, having time for browsing through thousands of fonts is definitely not an option.

25 Free ALL CAPS Fonts You Can Download

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In today’s digital world people pay much attention to typography, design and how everything looks around them. If you are a web designer, or you work in a digital agency, it is important to use the perfect fonts for your projects, because fonts can either make your design stand out or it can push away visitors and clients.

The Fontabulous Font Bundle: 76 Awesome Fonts

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This month we have another awesome font bundle offer from – and this time it is their biggest bundle ever. The Fontabulous Font Bundle contains a total of 76 beautiful, professional fonts with a sale price of just $29 for all fonts (yes – this is not a typo: $29 for all 76, which translates to just about 30 cents per font). This deal expires on December 1, 2015, so there is not much time left to act on it.

The Huge Font Bundle: 49 Awesome Fonts + 17 Bonus Fonts For Just $29 (95% Off)

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Time for another amazing deal from, and this time it is one of their biggest deals as of yet. Until the end of September only, get a total of 66 fonts (49 + 17 bonus fonts) and a bunch of extra for just $29. That comes out to just $0.43 per font. TheHungryJPEG must be losing money on this deal, but hey – their loss is your gain! Let’s take a look at all that’s available in this soon-expiring font bundle deal: