15 Useful Resources to Get Clued Up on HTML5

15 Useful Resources to Get Clued Up on HTML5
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January 03, 2020

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HTML5 this, HTML5 that! There’s been plenty of HTML5 talk around the blogging world recently. It’s no longer a tiny spec on the horizon, it’s due to arrive soon! Some have already embraced it and are using it on their latest HTML5 sites. Want to join in on all the fun?

Check out this collection of some of the best resources from various blogs and websites in the industry. Each one gives an interesting insight into what’s in store with detailed write-ups, tutorials and handy cheat sheets to help you along your way.

HTML5 and The Future of the Web

HTML5 and The Future of the Web Pin

A good place to start for a dose of HTML5 goodness is this in-depth article from Smashing Magazine. Learn about the basics, and see what changes are due to take place with some handy illustrations and diagrams. You can also check out their previous articles about HTML5, such as Coding An HTML 5 Layout From ScratchRoad Map To Coding With HTML5: Tutorials and GuidelinesHTML5 Semantics, and HTML5: The Facts And The Myths.

Get Ready for HTML 5

Get Ready for HTML 5Pin

For those wanting to read up on some more complicated HTML 5 features, A List Apart has an article covering everything you’d want to know about regular expressions, SVG graphics, and the Canvas element.

HTML5: The Basics (1 of 4)

The Basics Pin

This four part series on Design Shack covers everything you could wish for, starting with the basics the series then moves on to explain the new elements, discusses semantic changes and describes how to get HTML5 working today. It also explains the key differences from HTML4.01 and XHTML 1.0 so you can start updating your sites.

A Preview of HTML 5

A Preview of HTML 5 Pin

A List Apart published this fantastic article that previewed the changes in HTML5 and which helps you familiarize yourself with this markup. This is a great article to start with, if you want to learn more about HTML5 and its features. It offers a comprehensive preview of HTML5.

Steve Smith on HTML5 and CSS3

Steve Smith on HTML5 and CSS3 Pin

Learn what renown front end developer Steve Smith has to say about HTML5 in his interview on the Teamtreehouse blog, prior to his HTML5/CSS3 workshop at FOWD in New York. He is an author, public speaker, and University of Notre Dame professor.

HTML5 Doctor

HTML5 DoctorPin

If you have your sights set on implementing HTML5 in your next website project, the HTML5 doctor could offer some great advice with a site full of useful questions/answers and articles.

Yes, You Can Use HTML 5 Today!

Yes, You Can Use HTML 5 TodayPin

Sitepoint hosts this excellent article covering some of the latest updates in HTML5, and shows us how we can put the markup into practice on our websites today.

HTML 5 Pocket Book

HTML 5 pocket bookPin

Wouldn’t it be useful if there was a handy overview of all the new elements and tags? has just the thing with the HTML 5 Pocket Book.

HTML 5 PDF Cheat Sheet

HTML5 Cheat Sheet [PDF] Free Download Pin

If you would prefer something to download and keep to hand, Smashing Magazine’s PDF cheat sheet gives an overview of each tag and attribute with a description of each. This helpful printable HTML5 Cheat Sheet lists all the currently supported tags, their descriptions, and their attributes.

HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet by Woorkup

HTML5 Visual Cheat SheetPin

How about a printable version of Woorkup’s HTML5 cheat sheet to stick on your office wall? Or better yet, stick it on your bedroom ceiling so it’s the last thing you see at night, and your first sight in the morning!

HTML5 Draft Standard

HTML StandardPin

Have a few hours of spare time? If you’re feeling adventurous why not read through the HTML5 Draft Standard from the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group.


TopStyle Editing Apps For Windows Pin


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Style Master

Style Master CSS Editor Pin

Responsive Site Designer

Responsive Site Designer Editing Apps For WindowsPin

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