22 Useful Bootstrap Skins for Web Developers

22 Useful Bootstrap Skins for Web Developers
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Bootstrap is a very popular framework with powerful features and an intuitive interface. Its goal is to help web designers and developers to create functional responsive websites.

Today, we selected 22 very useful Bootstrap skins web developers can use. These premium-coded Bootstrap skins will save developers and designers a lot of time.

You will find in this list Bootstrap skins for admin templates with flat, multifunctional and even metro-styled designs.

Here they are!

Josh – Laravel Admin Template + Front End + CRUD

Josh Admin Template Pin

If your project is done in Laravel then you might want to have a closer look at the Josh template. Using it can save you a great deal of time and it also comes with really nice features. It has a friendly and responsive user interface which will make everything a lot easier.

Plan – Flat Bootstrap Skin

Plan Flat Bootstrap SkinPin

This is a flat Bootstrap skin with a very intuitive user interface based on cards concept, a design trend that divides the content into individual components. It is also very easy to install and customise.

Sesamo – Bootstrap Skin

Sesamo Bootstrap SkinPin

If you liked the previous example you might also like the Sesamo Bootstrap skin. This skin is based on a flat style with more spaced components. There are no overwritten rules or bloating CSS, making it a lightweight skin. All you’ll have to do is simply drop the skin files and you’re basically good-to-go.

47Admin – Bootstrap Admin Skin

47Admin Bootstrap Admin SkinPin

The 47Admin is yet another cool admin skin. It has a really nice and friendly interface design. The online ThemeSwitcher that comes along with this theme will also reduce your time working on this project thanks to its ability to generate custom theme colors.

Antagon – Multifunctional Bootstrap Skin

Antagon Multifunctional Bootstrap SkinPin

Antagon is a multifunctional skin for site built with Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.2 with 34 jQuery plugins and many new built-in features. This template contains the LESS files and many other great features.

Extrastrap – Deluxe Bootstrap Skin

Extrastrap Bootstrap SkinPin

And if you want a fancy skin for your admin page then this might be the template you’ve been searching for. This skin is based on a flat design and has included a new set of custom UI elements like toggles, buttons, selects, progress bars, all based on the Bootstrap markup.

Chandra – Laravel Admin UI Kit

Chandra Admin UI KitPin

This is a really nice Laravel template called Chandra. It has a modern and functional design and it comes with a series of great features such as valid HTML 5 and CSS 3, 6 color schemes, different layout options, multi-level menu, 40+ pages included, 100+ components used, and more.

InfinityStrap – Flat Bootstrap Skin

GentlemanDesigns ProductsPin

InfinityStrap is a Bootstrap skin which has a flat design. Flat design is quite trendy nowadays and in this case, the template will make your admin page look both modern and eye-catching.

Kanda Bootstrap skin

Kanda Bootstrap skinPin

Kanda is a fully responsive Bootstrap skin which will make your website look great on every device. Make sure to have a closer look at this example as it might be just the one you’ve been searching for all this time.

ModernUI – Bootstrap Metro Skin

ModernUI Bootstrap Metro SkinPin

ModernUI is a really nice Bootstrap Metro skin with a modern design. It comes with great features and a friendly user interface design and over 25 of the most popular Bootstrap plugins from the Open Source community.

Flat – Responsive Bootstrap Navbar

Flat Bootstrap ResponsivePin

Flat is a responsive Bootstrap theme which can come in handy. It has a really nice design which will make working on your admin page more compelling. Comes with multilevel submenus, off-canvas menu, simple, mixed and iconic style variations, and it was built with Sass.

BMD – Bootstrap + Material Design

BM Bootstrap Material Design Bootstrap SkinsPin

If you haven’t made your mind just yet, feel free to have a look at this awesome Bootstrap template. It contains some really nice features such as MD color palette, MD spinner, MD floating action button (FAB), MD form input, MD nav tabs, MD cards, MD toast message, MD sidebar menu, and more.

Boske – Skin for Bootstrap 3

Boske Skin Bootstrap 3Pin

This is yet another cool and useful Bootstrap skin. It is called Boske and it is easy to install and customise thanks to the LESS files with are included in the template. Feel free to have a closer look at this example to find out if this is what you had in mind.

Flatner – Flat Bootstrap Skin

Flatner Flat Bootstrap SkinPin

Flatner, as the name suggests, is a flat Bootstrap skin which is perfect for modern websites. It has a clean design and some really nice features, such as a responsive framework, example pages included, +300 retina ready icons by Font Awesome 4, styled select, checkbox and radio elements, and new UI elements (button, toggles, select, radial bar, etc.). Make sure to check it out!

Kvelle – Multipurpose Bootstrap Skin

Kvelle Multipurpose Bootstrap SkinPin

Kvelle is a multipurpose Bootstrap skin which also has the LESS files included and many other great features. Comes packed with over 25 jQuery plugins,  5 colors to choose from, and more!

Future UI – Bootstrap 3 Skin

Future UI Bootstrap SkinPin

If you are looking for some more functional and modern admin skins check out the Future UI Bootstrap skin. It is a fully responsive theme which will make working from smaller devices much easier.

Elegant – Bootstrap 3 Skin

Elegant Bootstrap SkinPin

Elegant, as this theme’s name suggests, is an elegant Bootstrap skin. It has 5 predefined color schemes for you to choose from, a saturated design, additional UI elements and simple landing pages, plus Google Fonts.

FaceStrap – Bootstrap Skin & UI Kit

FaceStrap Bootstrap SkinsPin

FaceStrap can come in really handy and it is easy to install and customise. It also has a few extra components which will help you make responsive websites and applications.

BootKit – Widget creation set for Bootstrap

BootKit Widget BootstrapPin

BootKit can also be a great choice if you’re looking for an admin skin for your website. Use it to build stunning and complex panels by combining built-in classes.

CLIP UI – Bootstrap Skin

CLIP Bootstrap SkinPin

Clip UI contains several color variations and many great features. It has compatibility with the latest versions of modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and oldies like IE8+ and the grid and components are designed for mobile with progressive enhancement for larger devices. It is a responsive Bootstrap skin which will make your admin page look great on any device and browser.

Be admin – Bootstrap Admin Skin

Be admin Bootstrap SkinsPin

Be admin makes your admin page look neat and modern and it also makes working on your project much easier. It is compatible with all latest version of browsers, ready to work on any resolution and devices, and has icons built with font awesome.

Project X – Bootstrap Skin & UI Kit

Project Bootstrap SkinPin

Last but not least, Project X is a cool Bootstrap skin and UI kit which will save you a great deal of time. This is easy to use, easier to install and customisable using LESS (files included). Have a look at this example and the amazing features it has to offer.

Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter


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