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The right wallpaper can give you an energy or inspiration boost, right from the moment you open your device. For example, if you choose to use a wallpaper that is inspired by your greatest passion, you will feel more energized and ready to complete your work. Furthermore, a nice wallpaper will give your PC a stylish look.

In this article, we have gathered some inspiring wallpapers for web developers and programmers which can be downloaded for free. If you love coding and programming, these wallpapers will make you smile, and why not, some of them might inspire you to write the next big code.

Check out our list and let us know which one you like the most!

Man holds the program code

This funky wallpaper shows a white man figure holding a complex program code. This could be a great desktop or laptop wallpaper for web developers and programmers!

2 Man holds the program code - coding wallpaper

Code # 2

This hip wallpaper includes a program code on a green background. Any programmer will love it!

3 Code # 2

Information technology big data collection complex

This fascinating image contains a complex collection of data. This is a gorgeous wallpaper, suited for any web developer or programmer.

4 Information-technology

Code Wallpaper # 3

This dark gray wallpaper includes a game code.  This will certainly give your device a funky and fresh air.

5 Code Wallpaper # 3

Code Wallpaper

This is a simple wallpaper with a white mask inspired by the group Anonymous. The mask is composed of a programming code.

6 Code Wallpaper

Binary Code Wallpapers

This wallpaper is very interesting. Moreover, it includes a binary code that will make any programmer smile.

7 Binary Code Wallpapers for Web Developers

Programming Computer Wallpapers # 3

This amusing wallpaper features the famous Grumpy Cat. Next to it, you can see a little text any programmer will relate to.

8 Programming Computer Wallpapers for Web Developers

Programmer Code

This orange wallpaper features a cup of coffee and a mechanism, implying that all programmers need to get a cup of coffee, at which point their internal coding gears start working and they can be start being productive. Many programmers, web designers and developers work late at night, requiring a cup of coffee to wake up – so this wallpaper may be quite appropriate for you.

9 Programmer Code

Code Digital 

Code Digital

Think Twice Code Once

This lovely wallpaper has a beautiful blue background and a useful tip for any programmer or web developer: Think twice, code once! Smart, isn’t it?

12 Think Twice Code Once

The Time is Now Computer Wallpapers

This wallpaper is very inspirational for anyone. It features a sand glass and the message: Time is now! So true!

12 The Time is Now Computer Wallpapers

Programming Computer Wallpapers # 4

This green wallpaper has a programming code written on it. This is a very fresh and neat image!

14 Programming Computer Wallpapers

Code Wallpaper # 2 

This intriguing wallpaper has a text that seems to be a message from a hacker. This might be interesting if you are passionate about coding and programming.

15 Code Wallpaper # 2

Code Wallpaper # 4

This is a simple wallpaper, but with a nice theme. The image includes a cloud and some rain composed of ones and zeros.

16 Code Wallpaper # 4

Green Anonymous 

This is a puzzling wallpaper which is inspired both by the Matrix movie and the Anonymous group. It also contains the message: system failure.

17 Green Anonymous computers Matrix code Guy

Code PHP

Code PHP

 Technology Programming

Technology Programming

Binary Numbers Wallpapers

This eye-catching image featured in this numbers wallpaper includes some binary numbers which fall from somewhere above.

20 Binary Numbers Wallpapers

Matrix Wallpaper

(no longer available)

This beautiful wallpaper has a blue background and is inspired by the Movie Matrix. So cool!

1 Matrix Wallpapers for Web Developers

Your future

(no longer available)

This creative wallpaper has a black background and a catchy message that says: Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow! The wallpaper is available in various sizes.

10 Demain, le mot anglais, blanc

Programming Java Coffee Cups

(no longer available)

This wallpaper is perfect if you are a Java programmer. It has a brown background and the well-known coffee cup icon from Java.

13 Programming Java Coffee Cups

Computers Geek Programming

(no longer available)

This is a white wallpaper with some codes written on it. The image also contains the text: destructive simplicity. Try it!

19 Computers Geek Programming

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