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In your search for a WordPress theme that will best suit your needs, your first impression might be that most of them look alike. You’re left with the feeling that you can’t make a bad choice, or, conversely, that you can’t make a really good one.

If you really want to find a theme that stands out well above the rest, here is what you need to look for:

  • Most WordPress themes rely on plugins to perform their page building capabilities. Plugins, even highly popular ones like Visual Composer, are not always totally compatible with the themes they are used with, or they have been modified such that some of their useful features are not present. A better choice is a theme whose features include an integrated front-end builder, as is the case with Kallyas.
  • A WordPress theme, just like an outstanding website, should offer a cool UX. Your theme of choice should make web building a satisfying and enjoyable venture. Look for intuitive dashboards, clever shortcuts, no need for coding, and a set of features that can deliver a gratifying overall design experience. Kallyas has all of these.
  • You want to be able to customize to your heart’s content, right down to the smallest detail or the most innovative function. That’s cool, and that’s what Kallyas allows you to do.
  • Check out the user base. If its large, in the area of 15,000 to 20,000 or more, it’s a good sign. A theme with some market history to back it up is often a good choice.

Introducing Kallyas – The Theme that Offers All of This and More


Being a web designer, you try hard to create good experiences for clients and users alike, but who is watching out for you? Is anyone out there focusing on designing better user experiences for the designers?

Kallyas answers that question. This all-in-one premium theme comes with an integrated front-end page builder. With Kallyas, you no longer have to put up with the limitations plugin page builders often force on you, plus this theme’s ability to customize to the most minute level of detail gives you a powerful web design tool that is also an enjoyable one to work with.

“Enjoyable” is a benefit that few WordPress theme authors advertise, or even seem to be aware of. Kallyas’ authors work hard to deliver a product that is fun to use, and you benefit as a result. Being able to relax and enjoy your web design work invariably leads to higher quality visual solutions, and superior user experiences.

Check it out here:

One more important feature: Kallyas’ creators discovered a clever way to deliver the necessary elements, and only those elements, to a page to a device. This results in faster load times, and fast load times can lead to higher conversion rates.

With Kallyas, you can create an outstanding UX and a fast loading website, and enjoy yourself while doing so.

Templates are Not Essential – But They Can Serve as Convenient Starting Points

You don’t have to be particularly tech savvy, nor do you need to use code in order to take full advantage of Kallyas’ unique and powerful customization capabilities. If you prefer working from templates, or you encounter situations where using templates makes good sense, these three demos illustrate some fantastic layout possibilities.

  • The Main Demo demonstrates the ease in which you can create awesome home pages, including the use of sliders and other features. Notice how the hero image contributes to this balanced and beautiful layout and UX.


  • Note the impact long scrolling has in the ATHOS demo’s home pages, and how specific nuances and micro experiences contribute to achieving the desired look and feel.
  • The ARES demo is an example of what it takes to create a visually stunning online store. It makes good use of current design trends, including presenting information in a cards format.


Although each is unique, these three demos have one thing in common. They all offer a great user experience by using layouts that are designed to engage the user.

Kallyas – Main Features

Kallyas is a gigantic, all-in-one designer’s toolkit. Few, if any, WordPress Themes can make that claim; but even for those who can, there are several reasons why Kallyas differentiates itself from the rest of the pack.

One of these is the visual front-end page builder, a feature that makes web design a joy instead of a chore.

Kallyas’ authors put a tremendous amount of time and effort into creating this visual builder. The resulting benefits have been substantial, and something you can share in. Forget the edit, save, and retrieve routine. With the visual builder, you can see the effects of your changes in real time.

You’ll also benefit from the ultra-smart Kallyas page optimization feature, as will your clients. When you load a page, only the necessary elements are loaded; not everything else, as is all too often the case. Pages load quickly, users don’t become frustrated, and conversion rates improve.

With Kallyas, you gain access to 150+ video tutorials, 100+ supporting documents, plus top-quality support from a reliable team that is there to make sure your website building adventures will always be enjoyable.

Join the more than 18,000 web professionals already using Kallyas.

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