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Showcase of Fresh iPhone App UI Concept Designs

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There’s so many great looking apps in the works it’s difficult to keep track of the amazing concepts designers are constructing. This post showcases over 30 inspiring iPhone app designs from the past few weeks, all of which boast great interface designs for interesting apps currently in the works. There’s a few similarities that could be an indication to what the next big trend will be.

20 Stylish Examples of Flat Illustrations in Web Design

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The over-simplied style of illustration was around well before the flat trend in web design, but it has definitely increased in popularity as we’re seeing more flat designs make use of stylised drawings made from solid colours and basic shapes. This post rounds up 20 fantastic examples of websites that feature trendy flat illustrations are part of their overall design.

How To Create a Set of Vector Weather Line Icons

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Stroked line icons really complement a flat interface style with their minimal and basic appearance. Let’s take a look at building a set of stylised vector icons of our own. We’ll base them on the weather to allow us to create a set of consistently styled icons that would be a perfect match for a weather app. Follow this step by step Illustrator tutorial to see how the most simple of tools can be used to create a set of trendy glyphs.

Inspiring Web Design Concepts Currently In The Works

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Web design galleries are great places to find inspiration and gain an insight into the next big trend, but you’ll often find that the same sites are featured time and time again. Browsing sites such as Dribbble where designers share their current works in progress is a great way to find some hidden gems before they hit the mainstream.

20 Free UI Kits & Icons For Your Flat Web Designs

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Love it or hate it the trendy flat style of web design is here to stay. If you’re looking to implement the flat style into your own designs, here’s a few resources to get you started. In this post I’ve rounded up all the best flat UI kits and icon packs to arm you with a range of quality tools for creating pixel perfect app and web interfaces.

20 Web Designs Featuring Black & White Photography

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We’ve seen full screen images becoming more and more popular in web design, but one trend that really stood out to me is the use of black and white photography in some designs. Black and white images have always conveyed more emotion than a full colour photo, and that continues when it’s implemented into the header or background of a website design. This post rounds up a showcase of 20 websites all featuring monochromatic photography as part of their layout and design.