Showcase of Parallax Scrolling Effects in Web Design

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The parallax illusion is one of the coolest effects to hit the world of web design. This showcase rounds up the best examples of websites that have a scrolling parallax effect. Some use the effect to add a subtle treat to the website’s background, whereas others use the parallax effect more prominently to create an exciting browsing experience.


The parallax effect has been around for years in classic video games, but came into trend in the web design community when it was implemented into the background of the Silverback app website. The simple type of parallax effect seen on the Silverback site was used to spice the design with a hidden treat, only visible when the user’s browser is resized. The effect has since evolved and is now commonly seen as part of the scrolling feature of a web page, where multiple backgrounds seem to move at different speeds. Fast forward to recent months and the latest incarnation of parallax effects was pioneered by the Nike Better World website, where the whole site is based on one big parallax effect to create an interesting browsing experience.

Vertical parallax & scrolling parallax examples

This showcase of examples pulls together some of the latest and best vertical and/or scrolling parallax effects in web design, starting with the ever popular Nike Better World website. As you can see from the showcase many have been inspired by this example, and some even take it a step further. Be sure to check out each site individually and stroke that scrollwheel to see the full effect.

Nike Better World

View the website

Campaign Monitor is Hiring

View the website

Ben the Bodyguard

View the website

Old Pulteney Row to the Pole

View the website

DrupalCon Denver 2012

View the website

Tribute to Becks by Neil Berry

View the website


View the website

Manufacture d’Essai

View the website

The Chase – WeSC Footwear

View the website


View the website


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IWC Schaffhausen

View the website

The Beatles Rock Band

View the website

CSS & jQuery parallax tutorials

Fancy giving it a go with a website of your own? This collection of resources will come in handy. Two of these tutorials cover the process of building the popular vertical or scrolling parallax effect, whereas the third from a few years back looks at the clever CSS behind that original Silverback example.

Recreating the Nike Better World Parallax Effect

View the website

jQuery and CSS Single Page Portfolio Vertical Parallax Experiment

View the website

How to recreate Silverback’s parallax effect

View the website

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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

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    I find a lot of web browsing effects pointless and a waste of time but this one I love.

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    You forgot this one:

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      that one is really great, i love the effect that it starts again on top when your on the bottom of the page but keep scrolling.

  • Gonzo the Great

    Hi Chris,

    .. nice collection featuring the parallax effect. Ben the Bodyguard and Nike are still the most impressive I think ..

    Maybe because I saw this effect first on these sites? What can I say, .. I'm an sentimental (old) fool ;-P

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    Great selection here – most of these are really well done. We did something similar at ResIM for one of our blog posts –

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    I have to be honest, most of these don't do much more than confuse me neurologically. Ben The Bodyguard is clearly the best use of this effect. I think it worked well with the Beckham & IWC sites, as well.

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    Definitely a great effect – love seeing innovative uses of it.

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    This is a strange technique like said above it does confuse the eyes a bit, having said this some of the designers have made it work, the Beckham one looked quite good.

    Thanks Chris:)

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    Great examples of parallax effect while those are very well executed it would be intresting to know how this one is done.

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    Campaign Monitor's hiring site is just plain WOW

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    The effect can be nice sometimes, but it is terrible for SEO. So many designers don't take SEO into consideration and great web design is a match between all of the elements, not just design and interactivity.

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    Parallax illusion is very helpful in the field of web designing but some old designer don't except this strategy.

  • Adam Booth

    Great incite into a great effect to either enhance web-design or create a stunning backbone for a site.
    The 'Nike Better World site uses the full potential of this effect. I love the way it has been used with quality photography to create a sleek interface.
    This is contrasted with sites like 'IWC Schaffhausen' and 'Old Pulteney Row to the Pole' which use it in a more subtle way to add a little more in interest to the site without it being overpowering.

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    The web has really come along way over the past few years. The whole web 2.0 push has changed things forever… and dare i say jQuery!?

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    There's no doubt that parallax is a killer experience. But it's only killer on modern browsers WITH modern computers. Until browsers become more efficient with all of these effects, and more people have powerful computers, I'd hold off. Don't forget that 25% of online shoppers are still using IE 6! :: shrugs::

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