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There are many ways in which a web designer can create an engaging website that will keep its viewers connected. Today’s article focuses on subtle motion effects which, when used right have a major impact on a site’s desirability. Designers are using more and more animations to improve their overall design and to increase the website’s appearance. These can surely make the difference between a simple visitor and a potential client.

Two modern technologies of CSS/JS animation and HTML5 video allow designers to add awesome motion effects to their web designs, common examples being large background videos or web elements that move into place.

These effects don’t always have to be so obvious though, which today’s featured websites prove. Subtle motion and animation can really enhance a design without being too distracting.

The animations may apply to the background, various buttons, illustrations, icons, headings, and more. You can easily add a subtle effect to any element, making it more appealing to the visitors. You can also create interactive designs which users can play with, there are some examples in this article that you can use as a guideline.

Check out these 20 web designs that make use of clever video loops, animated objects, and particle effects! Browse through this amazing collection of outstanding webs designs, get inspired and use what you learn in your future designs.


This website uses a stunning animated background and an amazing design overall. Follow this link, navigate through its pages and see its full features.

AQUATILIS EXPEDITION Subtle Motion in Web Design

BarCamp Omaha

Here’s an amazing example of a subtle effect which you can use to improve your overall design. Take a closer look at the toys, notice anything special when hovering over them?

BarCamp Omaha 2014 Subtle Motion in Web Design


Check out this amazing design and use what you learn in your upcoming projects. Get inspired by this design, scroll down and see what it unveils.

WILD Subtle Motion in Web Design


This is a creative website which uses a subtle effect straight from the homepage. Follow this link and see it in action!

Nerisson Subtle Motion in Web Design

Blu Homes

The designer used high-quality images animated backgrounds, transition effects, and more. All these play a big role in the overall design.

Blu Homes Subtle Motion in Web Design


This is an amazing web design which will definitely get your attention. The background has an outlined illustration which builds up as you scroll down.

LETTERS, INC. Subtle Motion in Web Design


There’s a lot going on in this website’s layout: animated background, transition effects, etc. All these add to the charm of the whole design.

Omnisense Subtle Motion in Web Design

INDUSTRY – Define What’s Next

This is another beautiful website with a creative layout. Follow this link and navigate through it to see its full features.

INDUSTRY - Define What's Next Subtle Motion in Web Design

The Beauty of Brewing

Here you have a stunning one-page design which includes multiple animations, including backgrounds, buttons, icons, etc. Moreover, it includes lovely high-quality images that will keep you wanting for more.

The Beauty of Brewing Subtle Motion in Web Design

Bicycle Speed Shop

Check out this unique website design which has a creative animated illustration right from the homepage. Here it is!

Bicycle Speed Shop Subtle Motion in Web Design


This is another great example of a web design which includes various effects which boost its appearance. This layout includes an animated background, various transition effects, as well as animated buttons.

Thermodo Subtle Motion in Web Design


This layout includes neat animated effects which apply to images, buttons, backgrounds, etc. Aldo, you’ll discover some transition effects that will keep you interested.

Bellroy Subtle Motion in Web Design


Check out this stunning website which includes an amazing illustration and a neat overlay effect. Follow this link and see it in action!

Siberia Subtle Motion in Web Design

Carbure Digital Workshop

This is a fairly simple design which includes an animated background with interactive elements. You can use your mouse to drag & drop various elements, to play around with them.

Carbure Digital Workshop Subtle Motion in Web Design

High Tide

Here you have another wonderful example of how an animated element can become the focal point of your website.

High Tide Subtle Motion in Web Design

Pure Portfolio Website

This is an outstanding website which includes multiple animated elements such as icons, buttons, etc. Get inspired by this layout to create your own projects.

Pure Portfolio Website


This layout is an excellent example of a web design which uses subtle animations in a beautiful manner. This applies to the background, the headings, etc.

Hipstech Subtle Motion in Web Design


Here is another wonderful website where the designer used lots of animations to get the user’s attention. Check it out and see what new things you can learn and then apply them in your own designs.


Nitteo Subtle Motion in Web Design

Made by Few

This is another great example of how animations can significantly improve your overall design. This web design includes an animated background, buttons, various illustrations, etc.

Made by Few Subtle Motion in Web Design


Here is a stunning website design with a subtle parallax effect that will definitely get your attention. The effect here is really cool – as you scroll down, your view of the sunset and the sun slowly disappears behind the mountain that seems to be in front of you.

Firewatch Subtle Motion in Web Design

Have you got any projects you are working on or that you’ve recently completed where you have used subtle motion?

Which one of these motion designs was your favorite and why?

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

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  1. These are some great examples, good web design is tricky when done right it is barely noticeable and when it is done wrong everyone notices it. I think it is very important to carefully manage color and animations.

  2. I loved all your animation and motion in your posting but the dragon animation sprinkles me like a heaven.There is no words to express your imagination!

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  4. Indeed good collection. i would wonder how would be the IT firms working without CSS/JS animations as well as HTML videos. CSS is required everywhere moreover for development of any website these things are must.

  5. Totally agree with your idea about motion and animation can really enhance a design and it sure helps engage the person.



  6. Really very nice post Chrish. Motion effects can be used in all sectors be it for a serious cause or something lighter such as social awareness programs, child education, gaming sectors training sectors or in entertainment sectors etc.


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