10 Great Landing Page Examples

10 Great Landing Page Examples
February 26, 2019 - (Updated December 30, 2019)

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Landing pages are used for one purpose –  to guide the website visitors to the next stage in the buying journey. These pages should be designed to focus visitors attention on a websites value proposition. With all the available options in the market, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, for this reason, designers should take their time to design striking stand-alone pages that are specifically adapted to your business. Although designing a landing page may seem simple in theory, it actually requires some detailed planning.

We have gathered 10 great examples of successful landing pages that showcase different stages in the buying process. These stand-alone, one-page sites follow the industry’s best design practices for landing pages and implement new ideas to help move people through different stages in the buying journey. There is no one way to design a landing page, but looking at and learning from these examples can give you ideas to build your own.

1. Khan Academy

Academy’s landing page is designed to cater to three types of audiences – those who want to learn something new, those who want to teach and to those who are looking to use the site’s service for someone else. The page is colorful and is designed to have the key benefits at the bottom of the page. It has clear CTA buttons at every section of the page which makes it easier for the viewers to click on it when they feel like they have enough information about the site’s services.


2. Club W

Club W’s landing page makes nice use of the negative space and uses imagery and copy in a delightful way. This humanizes the brand and makes it likable which has a positive impact on their conversion rate. This landing page has gotten everything right except for one thing. It prompts the visitor ‘s email software which drives traffic away from the site and the browser. To keep the user on their site, it might be more effective to use an e-form instead.



3. Elegant themes

This company specializes in building WordPress templates and themes. They also sell a template builder called Divi which can be used to build WordPress templates. This landing page is designed to include social proof. This reassures the visitor about the site’s popularity. Some of the other features are two separate calls to action, a chat bubble at the lower right side of the screen, and the intelligent use of several other value propositions that can be used to discover the product.


4. Edupath

This landing page makes it easy for users to fill out the user’s name, email address and a link to download Edupath and send it directly to them. It is designed to be an easy one-click process.


5. Alexa

The headline of this landing page communicates their clear benefit, and the copy is separated into digestible chunks for easy reading. This site again makes use of a hyperlinked logo, uses a colorful CTA button. The use of minimalistic footer is apparent here – this limits any unnecessary distractions. Although it might be a good idea to add more white space in between sections so that the CTA can get more attention.


6. Codecombat

Codecombat is an educational video game that enables children and adults to learn how to program. Codecombats landing page target audiences are adults and children. Its focus is on teaching and its ease of use. Thus you tend to see two calls to action. The page also states the benefits of the program and also provides screenshots of the actual game.


7. Mailchimp

MailChimp is an extremely popular marketing company. Their landing pages are thoughtful and clear and straightforward. By keeping their value proposition as simple as possible, they try to address visitors globally. This approach allows them to address businesses of all sizes and get straight to the point. The rest of the landing page is designed to showcase the benefits of the service and also provides screenshots to help make the experience more tangible. This way, the users are able to get a clear idea of their value proposition from the beginning.


8. Salesforce

This landing page has two calls to actions – one above the fold that takes visitors to a demo and the other is placed below the fold where the users can sign up for a free trial. When a visitor clicks on the CTA button, the website takes them to the landing page which is designed specifically to sign up for a free trial. Some of the elements that stand out are – their value proposition,  support line, statement’ no download’ and ‘no software’ in capital letters, social proof, and easy sign up with google+, facebook and LinkedIn.


9. Muck Rack

This landing page is designed to be visually appealing and interactive. The page is intuitive and easy to navigate. They use descriptive header and uses quotes from the industry’s professional as social proof. It showcases two services above the fold and as the user scrolls down the page he or she is able to see all the benefits of their services.



10. Cigital

This landing page is designed to have simple and clean imagery. The headline offers clarity and the e-form is descriptive and clear. The users are able to see the value proposition as he or she scrolls down the page. The call to action button stands out in yellow and is able to inform the user of the specific value they will get by downloading the file. Although the navigation bar on top is distracting and removing it will help increase landing page conversion rates.


Written by Iggy

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