Showcase of cool motion graphics studios’ websites

Showcase of cool motion graphics studios’ websites
Published September 03, 2021 - (Updated January 25, 2022)

It might be tough to develop a name brand in an industry as competitive as graphic design. With excellent figures indicating that viewers recall 95 percent of a message with video vs only 10 percent with text alone, it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly embracing motion graphics.

They are a mainstay in the startup ecosystem and are quickly being used as a technique to more successfully attract attention and engage with audiences by established and Fortune corporations globally. As a seasoned motion graphics company, we will assist you in properly incorporating this technology into your marketing efforts. The aim is usually determined by the type of video being created.

Business and corporate motion graphics are top-notch as a leading motion graphic design firm. Creative design and a comprehensive advertising package that will get your video infographic recognized, viewed, and shared all over the world. Users recall images and visuals better than words, so why not take it a step further by making your graphics animated? We recognize that you may not have the necessary equipment to accomplish it yourself, which is why we offer our motion graphics services cheap to everybody. 

Some cool graphics studios: 

Giant Ant


This is a narrative animation studio that exclusively works with a limited number of customers. They use storytelling as a marketing trend to produce a result that allows each viewer to feel like they are a part of the narrative. If you’re a motion graphics artist, you’ve probably seen some of Giant Ant’s work. Every video project they make is distinct and different, yet it is always fantastic. 

Odd fellows


Perhaps just mentioning that Google and Apple are clients of this studio will reveal the degree of professionalism. This studio specializes in non-standard solutions (as the name indicates), so if you have worldwide ambitions and plans (and a budget equivalent to this), you will find absolute focus in innovation here. 

Rising Sun


This studio develops visually inspiring visual effects for films, television, and transmedia customers all over the world. Gail Fuller, Tony Clark, and Wayne Lewis launched the firm in May 1995, naming it after the Rising Sun Inn in Adelaide where the first board meeting was conducted over a Coopers Ale.

With more than 100 films created, Rising Sun has done some genuinely wonderful, technically demanding work, as well as assembled a team of talented artists that are among the greatest in the industry. They have the ability and talent pool to scale to meet the demands of our clients. 

Buck tv 


Buck TV is a production firm that focuses on design. Buck design members are an integrated community of designers, storytellers, and artists that know that collaboration is key to everything – the unique alchemy that occurs when people work toward a single goal.

Buck TV works with clients in the ads, television, film sectors from offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Sydney. They’re mostly known for the creation of Buck films. Their motion designers are serious about their job, but not about themselves. 

Brand new school


Brand New School is a full-service creative agency that trusts design to convey stories and create experiences. They’ve been at the forefront of creativity for more than a decade, solving challenges for the world’s most important companies.

Blu Blu


This website with a lovely videographer theme is from Blu Blu, an ambitious studio that makes bold claims about meeting your marketing objectives. Furthermore, they carry them out. Clients describe this agency as a team that is deeply involved in the client’s company, has a professional vision, and has a distinct style. The studio, which was formed in 2014 and is based in London, has worked with companies such as IKEA, Chupa Chups, Panasonic, and others. 

Niceshit Studio 


This is another outstanding motion design firm headquartered in Spain. Their most potent talent is making videos in a simple manner with optimum marketing message delivery.

The capacity to handle any circumstance with comedy and create characters that are intelligible and spiritually related to the target audience is the second great quality. 



Blind uses the power of design to help their clients accomplish their goals, speed up growth, and gain consumers.

Blind was founded in 1995 and has worked for F500 companies and start-ups that you most likely have heard of not just once.



According to the site of this Spanish motion design firm, video and graphics have a greater impact than words. It hires creative experts who think that their work will reveal more about them than any other factor. Visit their website to see for yourself.

This firm, by the way, also offers art direction, cell animation, pixel graphics, and soundtrack production services. 



The Gizmo agency is an award-winning animation firm that provides integrated content and films with 2D, 3D, character development, production, visual effects, direction, and post-production services.

Gizmo creates top-notch cinematics for world-class game businesses using outstanding CG characters and surroundings. 

This type of website with a video background will always keep your eyeballs stuck to the screen.



A really cool motion graphics studio that you should check out is Jumbla. As with almost any motion graphics studio website, the design is simple so that the focus is on their work.

Is their work great? Not only great, but their work is spectacular and diversified. Jumbla is a studio from Australia that is specialized in animation and motion graphics.

That’s a random sample you have there, but there are others like it that are as awesome as this one.

They’re a team of 40 illustrators, 2D/3D animators and motion graphics artists, producers, and copywriters. Basically, the whole package.

And if you’re looking at their about page, you’ll start to wonder at their client list, but also at the awards they’ve received over the years. Now, that’s social proofing done right.



If you’ve been a fan of motion graphics, Blur is one company that surely hasn’t escaped your radar. Their website is simple and to the point, highlighting their best and most recent work.

This studio founded in 1995 has evolved into an award-winning production company that does a lot spanning from game cinematics, commercials, feature films, and more.

Usually, when you see an insanely real-looking trailer for a game, it’s their work. Lately, they have also had a partnership with Netflix creating short animated movies.

The Mill


Another minimalist-looking website in this article comes from Mill, a creative partner for agencies, production companies and brands. These guys are specialists in visual effects, and creative production. They’re not a small company either, having studios in London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Bangalore.



If you wanted a more design-rich website, you won’t get one. Minimalist designs are a trend among these motion graphics studios and Troika abides by the rule.

What I like about their website is that they have case studies for the client work they’re showcasing. There’s one thing to see what they’ve done and be in awe, but there’s another to actually see their process and learn to do something like that yourself (if you’re an aspiring motion graphics artist, of course).



Minimalist? Check. Focus on the work? Check.

It’s the typical motion graphics website for you.

These guys have done work ranging from network TV, advertising spots, films and streaming. And it’s great no matter what medium they’ve created it for.

I have to admit that I’ve spent a little too much on their website just to look at what they’ve done.

Luna Pictures


If you’re a movies fan, you’ve most likely seen their work in the latest years. Their website isn’t complex but it does its job. It’s simple and to the point.

And you’ll love it.

Ok, maybe not the website itself, but the work they’ve created for various movies.

Are they yet another one of the award-winning motion graphics studios? Yes, they are, and they deserve it.



If you’re feeling by now that motion graphics websites look like they’ve been built with the same template, you’re not the only one.

That slider you’re seeing on Supere’s site, for example, can be found on another website from this list.

The great thing about this one is not only the actual work of the studio, but also the fact that they’re presenting it in a case study format. What’s better to see in a portfolio than more details about what the designer/agency has done.



We’re closing this article with studio websites with my favorite studio. These Kiwis have done an insane job on any project that they worked for.

Just like Luna and others in this article, they’ve created a lot of amazing motion graphics for Hollywood movies.

And a bit of a surprise for me, their website is actually a bit different than the rest of the bunch presented here. It’s still minimalistic, but it has a little bit more than just presenting their work.

Written by Bogdan Sandu

Bogdan is a designer and editor at DesignYourWay. He's reading design books the same way a hamster eats carrots, and talks all the time about trends, best practices and design principles.

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