20 Creative Examples of Intro Videos in Web Design

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Remember when websites used to feature Flash intro videos as part of a splash page? These days video use in Web Design is much more creative (and UX friendly!) with many sites using video to provide an introduction or a tour of their product or service. This post rounds up 20 great examples of video intro use in modern web design, with these designs using video as embedded objects or as lightbox style popups with the help of Javascript.






Letter Learner



Things for iPad


La Bubbly

iA Writer

Sir John A Day

St. John’s University

Visit Norway

Project Re:Brief

Starved for Attention

Union State Neighborhood

Social Design House

Sony Make.Believe

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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


  1. Vishal Arora says:

    I want to make educational tutorial for mobile, what will be the best solution?

  2. gszesiek says:

    It's amazing. Where did they take these ideas?
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sanja says:

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  4. Dreb says:

    Cool intro videos and the interface makes it more interactive.

  5. smashinghub says:

    for a single portofiio, its good idea to attract your audience, but i dont think so , you can adapted this for blogs or websites

  6. Contegro says:

    Thanks for this post, nice to see something a bit different in an example-based article than another "isn't this website pretty!" post. We'll definitely be visiting your blog again!

  7. Bee says:

    Nice collection! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Hans Kuijpers says:

    Nice post Chris. Missing SparrowApp in the list:

  9. Web designing company Mississauga says:

    Very true as Videos are considered as one of the best methods for communicating with audiences.The visual impact created by videos can often be creatively used to reach out and capture the imagination of a wide audience.

  10. Navigator Multimedia says:

    Bolstering your business website with videos can help draw traffic from different platforms, like YouTube and Tumblr, as opposed to search engine query results. I say, if you have the content budget and something interesting to share, absolutely go for it!
    Thanks for the inspirational examples,

    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

  11. Adverse says:

    Very inspirational post! There are pros and cons of video that I see many others already commented on, but I say video is more interesting than anything else on the Internet, so why not throw it on a homepage?

  12. web design says:

    Hey excellent post. Really helpful in designing a web site having intro videos. These looks very attractive and interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. RedRokk says:

    This is a great list. Makes me wounder how we might be able to better integrate video into our homepage.

    Personally my two favorite examples are the St Johns and Union Station. Very Nice sites.

  14. website designing says:

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  15. Justin says:

    The thing about splash/intro pages is that they often drove away traffic. Putting these videos somewhere on the side of the content can actually help the site gain traffic.

  16. Fabnomics says:

    I love the Social Design House one, really makes me want a donut. Great list.

  17. IanO says:

    I think videos are good but some are over used you have to consider when and where they are being used. If they are viewed in a office with mute on the impact can be less. So they are good for a first impression but shouldnt take away from the rest of the site

  18. Saya says:

    Yes- videos are much more UX friendly but since it is easier to use some sites overused it- Your samples are very nice

  19. Traver Freeman says:

    I wish I could see the videos. I'm currently behind a firewall, and so the videos won't load. However, if the content of those videos is as amazing as the websites they're on, then they're probably pretty awesome.

    Those websites are gorgeous. (Never thought I'd say that about a website).

  20. adi says:

    A very unique aspect of website designing has been featured in this article.Great job Chris!!!

  21. Andy C says:

    I agree, it's all about choice. Just because we can push HD video with ease due to increasing broadband speed and the near event of 4G, it doesn't mean we should neglect the users preference. Choice is important.

    Some great videos though!

    • HC says:

      CHOP CHOP CHOP in important rural areas.
      Videos are not even worth the effort here.
      I can't help but cry discrimination and Bahhh humbug.
      I guess these are great for the city, where the chances are greater you can be tracked, no matter what you do, because of unbridled, nonprivate technology.
      Great display here.

  22. Lope says:

    Great list of sites and nice videos! Really inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Jack says:

    I thought that the FiftyThree video was going to play on the iPad, that would have been cool, especially with the 100% image background.

    I've bookmarked this page!

  24. Andy D4 says:

    Yeh video has certainly moved on from the wait and load days. Giving people the option to watch or not is the key for sure. Quite liked the pocket film.

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