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Whether you’re a graphic designer or an individual needing a birthday font for that special celebration, there’s one for everyone here. Our post has 25 fonts that are ideal choices for birthdays.

To make our events more memorable, designers have rapidly increased styles and designs of typography to match practically any occasion, including that special day!

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Birthday fonts come in all types of designs and you’ll see some cute, fancy, and elegant styles in our collection. Making a good selection is important and if you need a little help, see our tips on how to choose a birthday font below along with FAQs.

You may also find our post on the best brush script fonts helpful along with the best bubble fonts and our selection of the best number fonts.

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Best Birthday Font Downloadable Options

1. Birthday Wishlist Signature

Birthday Wishlist Signature Font

A simple signature font, the Birthday Wishlist typeface is classy, elegant, and very easy to use. Even while being a signature font, it has shades of the modern trend as it keeps the letters thinner and uses short extenders.

You can use it for various applications like birthday invitations, branding, occasion website, digital marketing, and many other online and offline designs. 

2. Briella


Cursive script fonts are always attractive, but Briella is even more effective with the gentle brush strokes it uses in the letters, giving it a feminine look. A simple handwritten font style, Briella can be used for designing birthday cards, wedding invitations, greetings, posters, logos, and a lot more. 

3. Birthday Dream

Birthday Dream

The Birthday Dream is a script handwritten typeface that can be handy. Giving the standard calligraphy fonts a modern touch, this font looks quirky and creative thanks to its handwritten feel. The font includes everything you need such as upper and lower case, numbers, and punctuation.

4. Illusias


Elegance is the word that comes to your mind when you see this Illusias font. This typeface is a cryptic name with all the makings of the perfect invitation or greetings post. And not just for birthdays, you can use it for any special occasions like anniversaries, weddings, and more, and the font will never fail to impress.

5. Birthday Cutties Quirky Handwritten Font

Birthday Cutties Quirky Handwritten Font

Using shadows or outlines for fonts in print design is always a good choice. Birthday Cutties font comes with an inbuilt wide outline. The base of this typeface is simple handwritten fonts, but the overall structure and the outline make it quirky and usable for birthday kid’s parties and other designs.

6. Quick Storm Font

Quick Storm Font

A classic display font, the Quick Storm font has wide letters, and they are given handwritten styling. The fonts are big enough to be used as headers or logo designs. They can also be paired with san-serif modern-style fonts for posters, invitations, or other print designs.

7. Rabbito – Fun, Fancy & Playful Font

Rabbito - Fun, Fancy & Playful Font

As the name suggests, this font is inspired by the cuteness of a rabbit. Rabbito font is a playful display font that can be used in various applications related to children like birthday invitations, wishes, book covers, posters, and more as they are big and bold.

8. Argiss Handwritten Font

Argiss Handwritten Font

Continuing with playful and quirky fonts, we have next on the list – Argiss Handwritten Font. This typeface is simple and pleasing to the eye. The wide outline makes the font stand out. Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuations, and additional characters are included in this font package.

9. Cheese Sugar a Delicious Font

Cheese Sugar a Delicious Font

Designing the menu for kids’ birthday parties? Then we have the right font for you. The Cheese Sugar, a Delicious font, is as good as it sounds. Inspired by a cartoon-style theme, this font is always a hit with kids. In addition, it is easy to use and supports multiple languages, making it more versatile.

10. Playkidos – Playful Font

Playkidos - Playful Font

Not all kids’ fonts need to be very quirky and loud. This Playkidos font is a good exception as it comes out as a modern, playful and cheerful font specially created for kids. You can use this fun and cheerful font for invitations, party designs, posters, and much more.

11. Wonder Boys Fun Font

Wonder Boys Fun Font

Display fonts are a good choice when you want your design to be viewed from a distance. The Wonder Boys font is a perfect example of a simple and effective display font. It has its unique rounded style of letters and is perfect for branding and printing.

12. Huckleberry – Fun & Quirky Typeface

Huckleberry - Fun and Quirky Typeface

Huckleberry has a lighthearted font style that is perfect for almost all types of kids’ designs, especially for that happy day. Each letter is designed uniquely, making the font fun and quirky. In invitations, cards, and posters, you can easily use this typeface for birthdays and other celebrations.

13. Love You – Funny Cute Balloon font

Love You - Funny Cute Balloon font

Did you know that there is a balloon font style as well? The Love You font is an ideal representation of balloon style as the letters here are round and bulky, just like a balloon. In addition, the special negative space design element gives the font an extra creative appeal and makes them perfect for posters and branding. 

14. Baby Bday – Cute Brush Calligraphy Font

Baby Bday - Cute Brush Calligraphy Font

The Baby Bday font is a good choice if your design needs a brush calligraphy font. As you can see, each of the letters is creative and still easily legible. In addition, you can pair this font with a modern style of fonts for subheadings and use them for invitations, baby showers, social media, and other digital designs.

15. de Floras – Light

de Floras - Light

The term de Floras translates to flowers or floral in English, perfectly depicting this beautiful script typeface. The font comes with an extended start and end swash, perfect for short words like a happy birthday or other wishes. In addition, you can use this font for invitations, greetings, and even logo design.

16. The Wallington Pro

The Wallington Pro

Next on the list is a highly decorative vintage serif font – The Wallington Pro. The elegant curves and firm functional structure make this font suitable for typography, prints, and invitations. In addition, the Wallington Pro comes with 721 glyphs giving you a lot of creative bandwidth for letter designs.

17. Sweet Hearts Candy Font

Sweet Hearts Candy Font

The Sweet Hearts Candy font is made from photographs of real candy hearts using five different colors. Fun and bouncy letters are set on the candies and combined, they form a good display font that the kids love. You would be surprised to know that this font includes punctuation and numbers.

18. Glitter – Festive Font with Sparks

Glitter – Festive Font with Sparks

Shifting from kid’s fonts to elegant fonts, we have Glitter – a festive font with a glittering feeling. The base of the typeface is a handwritten font, with a fine brush stroke giving it a feminine feeling. Uppercase letters are provided with sparkles and can be used for happy birthday monograms or other designs.

19. Candyhouse Fun Script Font

Candyhouse Fun Script Font

A loopy and quirky typeface, Candyhouse is a fun script font ideal for any type of party design. The entire font package is worth the money as you get four different font styles bonus set of 30 elements, including doodles, swashes, and more. You can use this font to give an extra playful character to your designs.

20. Cats Party – Playful Font

Cats Party – Playful Font

Creating visual designs for kids requires special fonts, and Cats Party is a perfect font to include in that list. A handwritten font, Cats Party has a lot of cute and funny elements to it. The package includes 49 design elements that can go well with the fonts and be used for birthday invitations, posters, and other print designs.

21. Crazy Party – Quirky Handmade Font

Crazy Party – Quirky Handmade Font

A font meant for slightly grown-up kids; the Crazy Party is a handmade font full of quirky and cool characters. Each letter is uniquely designed with a varied perspective which gives this font its playful nature. This font is perfect for party designs, T-shirts, and outdoor branding applications.

22. Airthay – Modern Calligraphy

Airthay – Modern Calligraphy

Using a beautiful calligraphy font will never go out of fashion and is a good selection for a more elegant birthday event. The Airthay typeface is a modern calligraphy font designed using a delicate stroke with restricted extenders. You can combine this font with modern san-serif fonts and use it for invitations, posters, websites, and other digital applications.

23. Faralista Elegant Script Font

Faralista Elegant Script Font

Here’s a festive-looking font that is great for many occasions including birthdays. Using a unique blend of calligraphy and script font, the Faralista typeface is elegant and, at the same time, uses letters with broader widths, making it suitable for creating monograms. In addition, the extenders and swashes give the fonts an artistic touch, and you can use them for logos, packaging, labeling, and branding.

24. Autumn Embrace – Floral Font

Autumn Embrace – Floral Font

Adding floral elements to any font makes it look rich and elegant, which is what Autumn Embrace’s typeface has done nicely. The font package includes two styles of font – regular and floral and an extra 52 hand-drawn floral elements. This font can make your design look beautiful when used with nice earthy or pastel colors.

25. Enchants – Magical Font

Enchants – Magical Font

We end the list with a vintage but truly magical font – Enchants- a good choice if you want a good font for print designs. The font design is very clean and strong, supported by additional glyphs and design elements. The font supports both cases, numbers, and symbols, and the package also includes alternate glyphs and animal and nature elements.

Tips on how to choose a birthday font

Selecting the right font for your design is a fine combination of art and science and is a knack you master with time. Never ever choose the first font that you see! Here are some pointers that will help you select the perfect font for birthday wishes:

  • Keep the purpose in mind: Select fonts based on the context of their application and the target audience – smart and modern for corporate, casual and cool for kids, cursive and elegant for personal use.
  • Readability is of prime importance: If your text is not readable, your entire purpose of designing is defeated. Ensure that the text is easily readable no matter what font you use.
  • Visual hierarchy: Always establish a visual order for text in your design. The happy birthday should be the biggest, and the rest of the text following it should be smaller in proportion.
  • Use complementary fonts: Understand the science of fonts to know more about serif, sans-serif, display, and other types of fonts. Then use this knowledge to pair complementary fonts with each other.
  • Keep in mind the scale: Certain types of script fonts look good and are legible only in large designs. If your design is small in scale, use fonts that would look good in smaller spaces or when viewed from a distance.  
  • Font families help: Just like our families, font families are there to support each other. Wherever possible, always go for font families, as you will easily find fonts in different stylings that will look good with each other.
  • Print vs Digital: Choose the font based on whether your design is just for digital consumption or printing. If it is for printing, do not use fonts with intricate details overboard, as the minute details might get lost in the printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What font is best for a birthday?

For kids, casual, quirky, and playful fonts are best for birthdays like Argiss and Wonder Boys. For grown-ups, script-style or calligraphy fonts, which are more elegant, are best for birthdays like Faralista and Illusias.

How do you say happy birthday in a stylish font?

When you use a stylish font, your birthday wishes will stand out from the rest. There are many online sources like Envato and DesignCuts which provide stylish fonts. You can select the best of them and see how your birthday wishes look in those fonts. In addition, you can add additional design elements like cakes, balloons, and more to make your birthday wishes creative.

What is a good font for a birthday card?

A good font for a card is easily readable, creatively unique, and adds to the artistic appeal of the card’s purpose. For example, greeting cards generally use calligraphy and script-style fonts. At the same time, business cards prefer san-serif and modern style fonts like Roboto, Montserrat, and more.

25 Best Birthday Font Downloads – Summary

Now it’s time to decide. Remember, when it comes to displaying birthday wishes with a font, it is important that the design carries emotion, matches the event or design, and overall fits the occasion well.

We are glad you’ve seen our list of the 25 best happy birthday fonts and please let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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