15 Awesome Websites That Tell a Story As You Scroll

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As new CSS properties are becoming more widely supported designers are combining tools to create amazing websites that were once only feasible in Flash. This post showcases 15 websites that take parallax scrolling to the next level by combining CSS animations and Javascript to manipulate page elements upon scroll to immerse the user into a developing story.

Every Last Drop

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Ben the Bodyguard

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Dangers of Fracking

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Eclectic Pedicab Rides

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Hegarty On Advertising

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Range Rover Evoque

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Inception Explained

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Slavery Footprint

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How Far is it to Mars?

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Air Jordan 2012

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James Bond 007 Cars Evolution

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Peugeot HYbrid4 Graphic Novel

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D’Angelico Guitars

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The State of the Financial & Economic Education

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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • Terry

    Hi Chirs. Really awesome selection of websites here. This is just 20 years since the start of the internet. It would be interesting to find out where web design is heading in another 5 to years. Very inspiratiional 15 site designs you’ve showcased indeed.

  • DezineRobotics

    This is the first time I am seeing such stuff and I am circulating this over facebook and skype right now. This is great!! Where do you look for such stuff? :P

  • Ohio Web Design

    This is a very nice effect beyond standard parallax scrolling.

  • Julia Agnes

    Amazing websites!))

  • Alen

    These websites are perfect example of CSS animations and Javascript , i have forward this url to my designer to learn something new from these website. Chris article is really helpful

  • welogodesigner

    cool stuff. really like the Every Last Drop and Slavery Footprint.

  • tootallval

    My goodness!! Sick work!! This Parallax Scrolling is insane!! Love this stuff!

  • Web Services Company

    Totally amazed with these websites, that’s all about creativity. Designers and developers can learn more from these links.

    Keep sharing such type of information. :-)

  • redfox1939

    I like the simplicity of each website you had in your list,simple yet eye catching.Maybe the one who design this really work hard.

  • Media3

    Awesome websites

  • Ajay Prasad

    Wow! This is amazing. It looks awesome.By just looking at the websites one can actually understand what the website is all about.

  • Victoria

    Wonderful graphics design -Peugeot HYbrid4 Graphic Novel – it’s really amazing site design and interactive game online! Thanks for such creative list – it’s inspiring for all designers

  • Web Design in Vancouver

    I love our Responsive design has enabled some beautifully, simply and smart websites. Great coding being used for artistic purposes.

  • Sandra

    Most of the design are really nice, though many of them aren`t optimized for mobile devices at all. That could help a lot. But thank you for your article, good inspiration!

  • Hemanth Malli

    Wow !! really amazing collection .. Great stuff … creative and impressive designs.. Thanks and Keep sharing the amazing posts :)

  • Lyricsguru

    Totally worth visiting these sites. especially that water one, in a scrolling way I had learned how much water we consume each day, and the range rover website was stunning. :D