Line25 Sites of the Week for August 15th 2014

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Line25 Sites of the Week is a weekly roundup of the most outstanding website designs that I stumble across during my every day browsing. In this week’s collection, we have designs from Wanderlust, The New Heroes & Pioneers, Functional Works, Exposure and Project 53.

50 Web Designs with Beautiful Creative Typography

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Typography on the web comes in two formats; firstly there’s the classic image replacement technique which allows for beautiful typographic designs, but it lacks the technical wow factor. Then there’s true examples of web typography where designers wrangle with browsers to manipulate HTML rendered type in impressive ways, but while browsers and web technologies are continuously improving, this method often lacks in the visual flair that is achieved when designing typography in Photoshop and exporting it as an image. Both techniques result in equally inspiring web designs, so today’s showcase features a huge collection of sites with all kinds of web typography.

30 Web Designs Featuring Pop Out Navigation Menus

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Once upon a time navigation menus were constantly anchored in place along the top or side of a web design, but nowadays as Javascript and CSS animations are becoming more popular, we’re starting to see different UI approaches when it comes to directing your users to where they want to go. The “hamburger” icon has become the recognised metaphor for menu, which allows designers to hide away their links until they’re needed. Today’s post features 30+ modern website designs which make use of pop out navigation, these sites cleverly bring the menu into view using slide-in or overlay effects.