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Popups and opt-in forms can encourage your visitors to subscribe to your email list and help you in generating leads. If you want to grow your email subscribers, you must design visually appealing popup forms that are targeted to certain visitors.

With the help of WordPress Popup Plugins, you can customize the popups to express your style. Here is the list of Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins.

1. Popup Maker:

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins - Popup Maker

Popup Maker offers great Support Forum which is helpful for users to share their queries. This plugin helps you build any kind of modal or content overlay for your website. This supports most of the popular plugins such as Gravity forms, Ninja form 7, etc. Popup Maker can easily target WordPress content visitors. This popup plugin is compatible with mobile phones. Also, this is a free plugin. Popup editor allows you to create modal forms, option popup, EU cookie notices, etc. Furthermore, Auto Open Trigger lets you set the time and customize the popup display. The Cookie Creation Event allows you to set the frequency and edit the cookies.

2. OptinMonster:

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins - Optin Monster

OptinMonster first started as a WordPress popup plugin and then transformed into a platform-agnostic SaaS tool. However, it still offers an exclusive WordPress plugin that makes integration easy. It has a Drag-and-Drop builder which lets you customize any existing templates or create popups from scratch. It comes with built-in A/B testing and multivariate testing for optimizing the popups. Moreover, a feature like Smart Success displays different offers to viewers. You can also schedule your popups to run at certain times. OptinMonster offers targeting popup by Geolocation, Ad block usage, cookie, and more.

3. Elementor Pro:

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins - Elementor Pro

Elementor is a WordPress page builder plugin while Elementor Pro is an add-on for using Popup Builder. This provides flexibility to control your popups. This plugin lets you build Modal popups, Fly-ins, Slide-in, and more. Furthermore, this popup plugin offers usual widgets and styling options such as Email opt-in forms, Registration forms, Contact forms, etc. Elementor Pro includes 100+ popup templates but the built-in analytics and A/B testing are missing. This popup plugin offers targeting through archive pages, referral source/URL, sessions, and more. Lastly, for a single site license, the cost is $49 while a multisite site license costs $199 for unlimited sites at the time of writing this article.

4. HubSpot:

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins - Hubspot Popup

HubSpot is a free marketing plugin for generating leads, email lists, and managing your contacts inside its free CRM. This plugin includes lead capture tools such as forms, popups, live chat, and more. These features do not require any development skills. HubSpot Academy offers free online educational resources. This plugin provides four types of WordPress forms namely, inline form, overlay modals, top banners, and slide-in boxes. You can edit the text, add the image, add form fields, and design a custom thank you a message. Lastly, you can target users by page time, URL or on-page behavior to attract certain people.

5. Bloom:

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins - Bloom Popup

Bloom is a popup plugin by Elegant Themes which allows you to create popups from the WordPress dashboard. It provides you a selection of 6 different display types such as opt-in popup, opt-in fly-ins, etc. 115 pre-made templates are included in this plugin. Moreover, the custom panel gives you a report on Bloom accounts, opt-ins, conversion rates, lists, and data. A/B testing allows you to compare the performance of your form with split testing. However, adding Bloom on your site may slow down your site. Also, it does not have features like canvas popup and exit-intent trigger.

6. Popup Builder:

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins - Popup Builder

Popup builder is a WordPress popup plugin that allows you to add unlimited features like animation effects, themes, and custom options. Its unique Scroll Popup Option displays a popup when a user scrolls down on your website. Moreover, you can enable notification sound to alert the visitors with Popup Builder. It is compatible with WPML and you can decide the language of your popups. You can get likes on your social media posts with a premium version. Lastly, it supports popular drag-and-drop builders like Divi and Visual Composer to create your optin popups.

7. Popups:

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins - Popups

Popups is a free WordPress popup plugin that displays multiple popups. You can show important messages such as your social followers, EU Cookie notice, and increase your mailing lists. This plugin provides 5 different locations on your website to place popups. Furthermore, popup frequency allows you to set the number of days for returning visitors to display the popup again. With this plugin, you can customize the color, background, typography, border, and background opacity for each popup. Lastly, you can target certain users with the filter option based on user comments, page visits, user roles, and search engines.

8. Cherry:

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins - Cherry Popup

Cherry is one of the best WordPress popup plugins in terms of customization. It lets you create various layout types (center, full-width center, full-width bottom), background types (image, color), color styles (light, dark, red), and animations (fading, scaling). There are different times when popups will appear on the screen like page scrolling. Moreover, you can schedule the time so that the page will load by itself. Its unique feature helps you double up your popup efficiency. Cherry lets you display 2 popups, one at the top of page and another one at the bottom of the page. Finally, it comes integrated with MailChimp and WordPress Social Login.

9. Layered Popups:

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins - Layered Popups

Layered Popups is the fastest premium WordPress popup plugin. This plugin allows you to make multi-layer animated popups. This offers more than 200 ready-made templates from the library. Moreover, this plugin has an advanced targeting system that makes it easier to alter where and how to display the popup maker. This popup plugin comes with a quick support team to solve your queries. This plugin handles different events efficiently. You can create an unlimited number of A/B testing campaigns for your performance statistics. Finally, JQuery methods and CSS3 styles can help improve the appearance of your popups.

10. Hustle:

Top 10 WordPress Popup Plugins - Hustle Popup

Hustle is a free WordPress popup plugin. It comes with four customizable layouts, a predefined color scheme and easy to manage dashboard. With the built-in live view editor, you can apply various animations to make your popup look attractive. You can target the users with their location, page, action, post, device type, etc. Hustle blocks Ad blockers and brings your popup into the view. It also allows you to monitor your performance by showing the number of visitors who saw and subscribed to your forms. Finally, conversion rates can be tracked for analyzing which popups were more effective.

These WordPress popup plugins boast of more than thousands of active installations and are compatible with most WordPress themes. Most of them offer multiple features like advanced popup customization, A/B testing, and targeted trigger. Using these plugins, you can design pop-ups for your WordPress website to increase lead generation and boost your marketing.

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