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Investors like to talk about leveraging, and how, by taking a small or selective action, they have been able to achieve outstanding results.

Plugins are something like that. With a few bits of carefully created code they can change a so-so website into one that not only attracts far greater numbers of visitors. Also growing numbers of repeat and referred visitors as well.

Plenty of cool WordPress plugins can provide leverage. Whether it involves conversions, workflows, or simply adding needed functionality. But if you really want a website that makes waves it’s best to choose a top-rated popular plugin in its category.

And that is what you’ll find here.

These 9 top WordPress plugins have been selected for their ability to improve a website’s performance. They save businesses time and money, or provide functionality that web designers either struggled to create or had to go without.

So, if you want or need to automate a process, improve an end product, build a more beautiful and engaging website, or make life a little easier for yourself or someone else – read on.

Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

The Amelia WordPress Booking plugin automates a process, saves the website owner time and money, and makes life easier for all affected parties.

This feature-rich and affordable appointment and event booking manager for WordPress flawlessly manages bookings for more than 30,000 businesses including fitness centers, beauty salons, educational centers, healthcare centers, photographs and conferences, to mention a few.

  • Amelia enables clients to book an appointment or event online 24/7. Clients can also change or cancel appointments without having to log into WordPress
  • Amelia features frontend booking and status panels for clients and employees
  • Multiple locations can be serviced, and employees can work at one or several locations
  • Employees are able to connect to their personal Outlook and Google calendars in order to avoid booking overlaps or interference with personal matters
  • Amelia features a friendly UI/UX and offers several customizable booking forms for appointments and events
  • Amelia integrates smoothly with Elementor, Zoom and can syncs with Outlook or Google Calendars

Amelia will put smiles on the faces of clients, employees, and business owners.

Click on the banner to learn more.


wpDataTables tops the list of WordPress table and chart-building plugins because it can do so many things that other plugins in its category simply cannot.

With wpDataTables you can –

  • Build responsive interactive tables and charts
  • Build tables and charts that are editable and maintainable
  • manage massive amounts of data (thousands upon thousands of rows), and do so in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days
  • work with data from various sources and in the most widely used formats
  • build tables and charts with MySQL real-time data
  • create attractive and informative tables and charts by highlighting and color-coding key data

The wpDataTables plugin has been used to create tables and charts for complex analyses operations, data comparisons, financial statistics, operational statistics, and large product or service catalogs, to name just a few.

Click on the banner to learn more about what wpDataTables can do for you. 

WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce

Product bundling is a highly effective sales and marketing strategy in that it makes customers happy to buy more. While bundling a few simple products is not something to make it a point, bundling variable products and/or some selected variations should be a highlight of WPC Product Bundles.

With the WPC Product Bundles plugin for WooCommerce, you can –

  • Combine simple and variable products and/or specific variations to boost cross-selling and up-selling
  • Make customers stay while previewing a bundled item on a Smart Quick View popup
  • Manage discounts, tax rates, shipping costs, invoicing, and inventory at high efficiency and accuracy
  • Offer flexible pricing, manage coupon restrictions, and configure discounts with an amount or a percentage
  • Combine with other WPC product-related plugins for greater flexibility and improved performance

Highly adjustable display on both desktops and mobiles with RTL support and a WPML integration capability. Click to learn more.


Millions have already decided to use LayerSlider, which is a great tool for designing sliders, popups, animated page blocks, or even full websites.

LayerSlider offers:

  • A feature-rich and easy-to-use visual editor for quick content creation
  • Popups featuring unique and extensive animation capabilities are one of LayerSlider’s key features
  • Hundreds of professionally-crafted templates provide an ideal starting point for new projects.

LayerSlider is responsive and SEO friendly.

Logic Hop – Content Personalization for WordPress

How well does your site perform? Double that with content personalization.

Logic Hop gives you powerful features like geolocation, dynamic text replacement and integrations with WooCommerce and Gravity Forms to make personalization easy.

See for yourself why Logic Hop is the best personalization plugin for WordPress. With unlimited personalizations for a fixed low price and no hidden limits or per user costs, you won’t be disappointed.

Try Logic Hop today.

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a superb tool for building websites that feature a visual punch. Thanks to its new and intuitive UI and editor, it enables you to do so quickly with a minimal amount of effort.

Slider Revolution’s features include –

  • 200+ customizable templates for sliders, home pages, and other page sections
  • More than 2,000 design elements including royalty-free images, background images, and more
  • Add-ons to assist you in adding dynamic content.

Flow-Flow Social Feed

Flow-Flow gives you a powerful and user-friendly way to customize your social media feed to your needs and specifications.

  • Aggregate, filter, and display a variety of social feeds to engage your audience in a matter of minutes
  • Use feeds to add social proof to increase your eCommerce site’s conversion rate

Click on the banner and take advantage of Flow-Flow’s free Lite version to learn more. 

Heroic Inbox

Those who rely on emails to receive customer support usually expect prompt replies, which may not always happen when a customer support inbox is not well managed.

  • Heroic Inbox enables your customer support staff attain and maintain an Inbox Zero status
  • An intuitive UI and smart workflow are key performance drivers
  • Key metrics are tracked to measure performance and make necessary adjustments

Click to learn more. Your support staff will love you for it.

Ads Pro Plugin – Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

You can expect to earn more when you can more effectively manage your advertising. Ads Pro helps you do this in a variety of ways.

  • Ads Pro features an option-filled and intuitive Admin Panel to manage ads
  • 25+ responsive and user-friendly Ad Templates and 20 Ad Display options are at your fingertips together with 3 Billing modules and 4 Payment methods.

Click to learn how to improve your ad management experience.


WordPress plugins are great for adding functionality and extensibility to WordPress and WordPress-based websites. They can be looked upon as leveraging devices in that they are often capable of producing vastly improved capabilities with a seemingly minimal amount of effort.

It only makes sense to go with the best WordPress plugins in their respective categories, like the 9 top WordPress plugins described in this article. Since they are reasonably priced and give you maximum value for your investment.

Kate Dagli
Kate represents BeThemes, a WordPress and WooCommerce template creator, and has knowledge and experience with regard to web design. We are glad to have Kate as a contributing author.

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