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The problem of data loss is a real nightmare to victims. It is even worse when the data involved is for official use. This is because you may have to spend heavily in order to get it back. There are instances when such data may not be recovered. The truth is that losing your data is natural and can’t be prevented. You are not expecting something unfortunate to happen. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some adequate plans in place.

The importance of data for businesses can hardly be overemphasized. This is why losing such data can prove to be devastating in the short and long run. Over the years, various methods have been recommended to help combat this problem. While some are effective and reliable, others have fallen short. This post will be revealing some of the most effective ways to prevent such situation in your business.

1 – Maintaining of regular updates

Studies have shown that most people don’t do regular software updates. They consider such practice to be time-consuming and boring. Using a software on your system without ensuring that it is updated regularly can cause more damage than you will ever imagine. Do you know that your data can be lost due to this?

When software or applications are updated on your system, such is to ensure that vulnerable patches are covered. Don’t forget that when your data is vulnerable, it can be lost through various means. The solution to this problem is to stop postponing updates. In other words, your software should be regularly updated. Anytime notifications are received about available updates, do not fail to install them on your system. With such practice, the problem of data loss can be reduced to its barest minimum.

2 – Using multiple backups

This is another way to help prevent any problem that is related to data loss. Without using backups, your data can be damaged or lost easily. There are different options you can explore here depending on the size of your files. For instance, you can store your data in an external hard drive. There is also the possibility of using a cloud backup system. Please note that the second option is more reliable. Of course, two backups are always better than one.

This is because if one fails, you will have something to fall back on eventually. Creating a disaster plan is highly recommended. It is true that such may not be needed when nothing happens. However, it can prove to be a lifesaver once something goes wrong with your system that leads to loss of important data. Just ensure that your data or files are backed up on regular basis. Failure to do this can mean danger.

3 – Using an antivirus program

Viruses are more dangerous than anyone can imagine. The problem is that most people don’t consider them as a major threat. For instance, apart from making you to lose important data, there is every chance that business activities could be put on a halt once this happens. Many businesses have suffered pause in operations due to virus attacking their systems. The end result is a huge loss which could have been easily avoided.

As a business person, one of the easiest ways to prevent a situation of data loss is using an antivirus program. With this installed in your system, malware and viruses can be detected easily. It can also help in protecting your system from being hacked.

Another mistake that most people make is that after installing an antivirus software, they fail to install regular updates. This can still make you prone to suffering data loss. Therefore, ensure that your antivirus program is updated on regular basis.

4 – Hardware protection and maintenance

Do you know that lack of proper maintenance of your system can lead to data loss? It has been discovered that most people do not pay attention to how their systems are being maintained. Talking about system maintenance, such could be in the form of how it has been stored. Areas that contain too much dust can harm your PC easily. The same can be said of a room with very high temperature. These put your system under too much stress and can eventually lead to breakdown.

Also, ensure your system is protected from experiencing high voltage. This can also lead to damage of some vital internal components thereby bringing about data loss. One of the easiest ways to combat this problem is using a surge protector. Furthermore, there should be a backup system in place to avoid sudden power interruption. This is mostly recommended if you are using a desktop. The reason for this is that large power surges are capable of damaging data and destroying your system.

5 – Formatting your hard drive

You may be wondering how formatting of hard drive can help to protect your data. The truth is that this is one of those tested and trusted methods which can help to ensure your data is 100% safe. Have you ever noticed your system is malfunctioning? In order words, such system is not working as it used to. This is only a sign that something has gone wrong. Therefore, it has to be formatted before vital data will be lost forever.

Some of the signs that you have to watch out for in order to start formatting your hard drive are constant freezing, windows popping up, slow PC performance, unknown programs running in the background without your knowledge, and many others. Don’t have your drive formatted straightaway as this can make you lose important files. Instead, ensure that all your business data have been properly backed up. After that, format the drive in order to have it restored to its default state.

The final solution

In case you have tried out all of the above solutions without any success, there is still one more strategy to explore. This is the use of data recovery software for pc. Whether you want to admit it or not, these programs are the most effective in helping to get back lost data. With them being used, you don’t have to bother about how the data has been lost. It could be through virus attack, hard drive formatting, system formatting, emptied recycle bin, damaged drive, or any other.

With such programs, your recover loss data quickly and safely. They have been developed to be very flexible. Therefore, you don’t have to bother about the types of files which can be recovered. For instance, there are those that can recover multiple file types. For a start, it is recommended to download data recovery software free. This ensures you can experience the features of such software without paying a dime.

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