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Have you ever wondered how often people use apps like Instagram? And of those people, how many actually share their photos on this app? Or have you asked yourself what are the most and least explored places in the world and what’s different and surprising about these places? Infographics present this information and more in a clear, fun, and animated way, and anybody can create them, whether you have a background in design or you’re a beginner. By using a variety of fonts, typography, charts, and graphics, you can create a one-of-a-kind infographic on a topic that interests you and share it with everyone else. It’s a fun and relatively simple project that you can work on in your free time, to practice some basic elements of design or share something of interest with your coworkers, friends, or a greater audience.

An infographic is practically a collage of information related to a specific topic that shows concrete evidence of what you’re trying to explain. As opposed to a basic bar or pie chart, infographics use a unique combination of elements, like different font types and images, (and sometimes including, but not being limited to, bar or pie charts) to explain different topics of interest in greater depth for others to gain a deeper understanding on the topic and to better remember the details later on.

Nowadays, it’s critical that you learn how to turn data into visual experiences in order to create a story that focuses on the facts and eliminates the clutter of confusing and often redundant information. Whether you’re in marketing or PR, content development and interpreting and presenting data takes up a big part of your content, and infographics are the way to go. They are visually pleasing and designed in a way that makes complex topics easy to understand whether you’re a bigger or an expert on the topic, especially topics that are inherently visual.

So here you have them, 40 data visualization projects for your inspiration. This article includes both excellent examples of infographics as well as vector elements that will help you better design an infographic. Additionally, there’s a fantastic example of how you can use infographics for more than just presenting external information; you can actually use it to describe yourself, and the things you do best. We’ve shared with you an absolutely wonderful example of a CV + mini portfolio infographic that presents a selection of graphic design, illustration, and drawing work, which was created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Take a glance and be inspired, and let us know which one of these infographics stood out the most to you!

Infographic: The Explosive Growth of Instagram!


UW Design Show 2011 | Kelsey Cole


Infographic Vector Elements


Best infographics data vizualisation


The largest bankruptcies in history


The Science of Social Timing Part 2


Southern Africa travel infographics


#RedsInfographics series


What is Responsive Website Design by Verve

What is Responsive Website Design by Verve

Shopify 2015 Annual Report
2014 Year in Review animated websites

Digital Podge

Digital Podge


App Development Strategy

20 website dos and don’ts

website dos and don’ts

The anatomy of a web designer infographic

The anatomy web designer infographic

Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing 101

Elements of Design 

principles design

The Psychology of Color

color Website Creation 101

Digital Nostalgia


Upstream infographics


Bloodlife // Interactive Infographic System


2012 Cannes Lions Daily Infographic Project


YouTube: The Secret Ingredient for Job Recruitment [INFOGRAPHIC]


NSRL Performance Profile


We love spending


The Three-Trillion-Dollar War: Its Cost In Ten Steps


Statistiques sur l’industrie du cinéma




Happy birthday, baby!




Infographic CV + Mini Portfolio




The Royal Weddings Social Impact – INFOGRAPHIC


Weyland Industries


Global emissions


Caffeine vs. calories in popular beverages


No More Fish In The Sea


SEO Infographic


Dashboard – Concept


The Growth of Mobile Is Driving Cloud Computing [Infographic]


Types of information visualizations


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