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Photoshop brushes are designed to help you create the visual elements quickly. Right brushes can enhance the visual experience and help you design faster. There are plenty of brush collections available in the market. But only a few are compatible with all versions of Photoshop. Some of them are easy to use while others need advanced skills.

Here is the list of places for building your Photoshop brush collection. Most of these sites provide free brush sets and include a tutorial to help you use those brushes. You can certainly find something to suit your requirements.

1. Obscuro:

10 Excellent Places for Building Your Photoshop Brush Collection - Obscuro

Obscuro offers several free brushes in various themes. There are many categories to choose from, such as Pixel, Vector, Hand Drawn, etc. There are more than 40 unique brush sets. These brushes were created in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and so they work with all new versions such as PS 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC. This site provides a tutorial showing the method to use the brushes. These brushes have Creative Common Attribution Noncommercial-share Alike license so you can easily download these brushes. This site also provides options to download the image pack for providing a reference.

2. FBrushes:

10 Excellent Places for Building Your Photoshop Brush Collection - FBrushes

FBrushes provides more than 4000 individual Photoshop brushes and 200+ brush sets. This site acts as a medium that collates various brush collections on a single platform from around the net. All the brushes featured are copyright of their owners. This site categorizes the brushes into themes like nature, splatter, vintage and more. You might need to sign up for some of these brushes but the registration is free so you can easily download the brushes. Not all brushes support newer versions as they might be created long ago. Check their descriptions before downloading any brushes.

3. BrushKing:

10 Excellent Places for Building Your Photoshop Brush Collection - BrushKing

BrushKing offers free and top quality Photoshop brushes. This site is created to provide a gallery-style experience. Hovering over the thumbnails of the brush sets provides information such as number of brushes, number of downloads, name of the designer and size of the file. There are more than 15 categories of brushes including drawings, ornaments, symbols, and space. There is an option to filter the brushes by date, by popularity, by hits or by name. BrushKing also suggests relevant brush sets or more from the creator, when you select a brush set. Some brush sets might not support the newer version of Photoshop.

4. Brusheezy:

10 Excellent Places for Building Your Photoshop Brush Collection - Brusheezy

Brusheezy showcases different Photoshop brushes from all over the internet. These are more than 1000 brushes free to download. You can filter brushes according to the Photoshop version for compatibility, popularity, and more. With this site, you can access unlimited premium brushes for $14 per month. They also have the option to favorite, share or comment on the brush sets. All the Photoshop brush sets have license information attached. Additionally, Brusheezy has free PSD templates and Photoshop patterns.

5. Obsidian Dawn:

10 Excellent Places for Building Your Photoshop Brush Collection - Obsidian Dawn

Obsidian Dawn has a variety of useful and attractive Photoshop brushes. The brushes are free to download but require credit wherever used. Alternatively you can purchase the license for $3. These brushes are sorted into useful categories like Fantasy, Holiday, sketches, and more. The description of the set includes several brushes, Photoshop version compatibility, Photoshop Elements, GIMP compatibility, and a brief description. This website also provides recommendations of relevant categories for you to choose.

6. MyPhotoshopBrushes:

10 Excellent Places for Building Your Photoshop Brush Collection - MyPhotoshopBrushes

MyPhotoshopBrushes provides collections of Photoshop brushes from different designers and artists. There are various themes to choose such as human, texture, abstract and more. Once you select a brush set, you will find information like the number of brushes, number of downloads, name of the creator, file size and terms of use. Most of the brush sets are free to download. Besides quality brushes, this website also offers Photoshop patterns and custom shapes. There is a ‘This or That’ option to guide through different brush collections.

7. Qbrushes:

10 Excellent Places for Building Your Photoshop Brush Collection - QBrushes

Qbrushes showcases high-quality Photoshop Brushes from different talented creators. There are various filters to find specific brushes. For example, you can browse by categories like tech, space or fractal. You will find information about the set like name of the creator, license, related brushes, and a brief description. You will also find Photoshop tutorials along with the brushes to help you use the brushes. This website allows accepts submission of brushes if you want to add your collection.

8. GetBrushes:

10 Excellent Places for Building Your Photoshop Brush Collection - Get Brushes

GetBrushes offers high quality, free to download Photoshop brushes online. This website features a collection of Photoshop brushes from different artists and designers. You will find Photoshop brushes categorized into different themes such as gothic, coffee spills, fractal, hair, grunge, and more. Every brush set provides information about file size, number of downloads, editors rating, user rating, and a brief description. This website has a forum section to provide a platform for discussion related to Photoshop and graphic design.

9. BrushLovers:

10 Excellent Places for Building Your Photoshop Brush Collection - BrushLovers

Brush Lover is focused on Photoshop brushes for graphic designers. This website comprises of various categories to provide you with the most unusual and creative brushes. With a single search, you will be presented with hundreds of unique brush sets. You will find information about the author, file size, number of brushes and tags of the brush set. Always read the licensing details before downloading, so that you don’t have any copyright issues. You can always reach out to the support team of Brush Lover to clarify any details.

10. Photoshop support:10 Excellent Places for Building Your Photoshop Brush Collection - Photoshop Support

Photoshop support provides a platform for all the creators to share their collection. This is the longest running still an active resource. This website also offers tutorials, tools, and resources for Photoshop users. This way you can learn how to use the brushes if you are no experience. This resource is great for visual image editing. All of the Photoshop brushes are free to use. They offer high-resolution Photoshop brushes used in resizing the graphics for printing something at 200 or 300 dpi.

Photoshop brushes are one of those essentials that can change the way an image is presented. This is the way you picture the image and how each brush stroke affects a visual. You should know how to combine different brushes to create great artwork.so, choose your brush collection according to your usage.

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