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10 Tips to Create Perfect Website Mockups

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One of the things a good designer needs to know how to do is to create a website mockup. A website mockup is a visual and graphical representation of a website’s functions and its performance. A mockup of a website can consist of some or all of the properties that a website is going to have in the future. But, here’s the catch. There is a big difference between a website prototype and a website mockup. The website prototype clarifies the way how a website is going to function, whereas a website mockup talks about its design aspects. A website mockup is helpful to understand the future appearance of the website and its interactive elements.

11 Best Google Design and Development Tools

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Google is always present in one way or another when you are working with Internet or web applications. As applications like Google Chrome are ahead of their time, designers and developers need to analyze how their project is going to function across Google platforms. They need to check how the application may look, what technologies they need to implement, the security issues, and the application’s performance. Google provides users with many efficient Google tools built specifically for that purpose.

10 Rules for Packaging Design That Will Make Your Product Stand Out

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Packaging design is the thing that creates the first impression of a product. If the customer finds the product in a creative or exciting package, then they may be more inclined to purchase the product. As there are numerous products that come on the market frequently, it becomes necessary to keep up with the competition through the proper use of packaging design. One has to use more creative, convincing and distinctive ways for packaging designs to make sure that products stands out. The packaging is not just a part of the product, but also an important element of marketing. If the packaging design is not up to the mark, then it would be difficult for the product designers to showcase their product. In this article, we’ve put together a list of 10 rules that will help your packaging design outshine the competition.

18 Tips to Improve Website Design Legibility

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We all know the importance of website content. Good content is a great marketing tool if it is well optimized, well written and thoroughly researched before writing. But, content is only useful if the reader can read it and the writer can send the point across, because at the end of the day, we write the content for the readers and not just the search engines and the bots.  It is important to have for your website design to be legible.

10 App Design Trends to Follow This Year

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The app design trends always keep on changing. The more attractive and vibrant colors the app design has, the trendier it gets. Recently, app designers are taking inspiration from old school designs and colors to connect with the users by bringing nostalgia. Users get attracted to new and trendier app designs, but they relate to those designs whose color palette and fonts remind them of the good old times. The app designs always convey how the thoughts have evolved and the way we want our communication designed.

10 Tips to Get Minimalist Web Design Right

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Minimalist approach is one of the best in web design today. When designers get into designing websites, there is a whole lot of necessary and essential things. The list of items gets piled on, and the site starts to look crowded. We have consistently striven to bring out the point that content is the most important thing when it comes to minimalist web design. Many designers continue to clutter web designs and make them look all flashy and bright. When you look at the difference between minimalist design and a regular design, you will likely prefer the minimalist design approach. To create a minimalist web design, there are certain general guidelines you should follow. We’ve put together 10 such guidelines, as follows: