20 Creative Footer Designs for Awesome Websites

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Who said website footers have to be boring? Yes, that’s the place where you just add your copyright info, some social icons and maybe a couple of links and your sitemap. Also, that’s the place where most people don’t even look at, but if you know how to make it special and integrate it in your design, it can be quite an asset!

30 Flat Design Color Palettes That Just Work

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Knowing the key basics of design will help you to create better, more aesthetically pleasing works of art. When creating a design, there are both elements and principles to pay attention to. Knowing both pieces of the puzzle and how to successfully incorporate them into your designs will help you to create more beautiful pieces.

If you have a new design project and you just don’t know what color palette to create, you’re now in the right place. We have selected 30 flat design color palettes that just work.