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Without a doubt, posters are among the most efficient means of promotion. An original, stylish, and thought-through poster design can have a strong visual impact on a target audience. When it comes to announcing club events, a poster is something that can help you reach out to a large number of potential visitors, and quickly spread the news around.

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Today we’d like to offer you a special collection of 30 free poster templates for club events in PSD format (for Photoshop only). Selected from the best resources, these samples match the original ideas with top-quality graphics. You can easily adjust them in Adobe Photoshop. On top of that, all materials in our compilation are available free of charge!

1. R’n’B Saturday

Announce your big R’n’B party with this one-of-a-kind template! While the image of a statue looks classy, the shiny neon writing adds a modern accent. The elements in striking pink create a cool contrast with the prevailing dark green color. No guest will pass by your fabulous posters!

R’n’B Saturday

2. Disco Party

Use this simple yet cool template for effective promotion of a Disco party! Shiny spotlights and a vivid header are what make this sample look catchy! You can easily change the writing and the colors in Photoshop. This poster model will turn into cool posters once printed.

Disco Party

3. Party Vibes

Your potential guests won’t help but notice this beautiful poster! A dreamy model and a fantastic combination of black and neon blue give this template an elegant and mysterious look. A unique layout is apt for announcing a wide variety of club events. You can edit it within minutes in the PSD Photoshop format.

Party Vibes

4. Rock Music Festival

Thanks to the catchy colors, bold writing, and other cool elements this superb template is perfect for promoting a big night of rock music at your place! In case you’d like to try out a different color combo that’s easy to do in PS. Besides, you can place your logo, change the text, etc.

Rock Music Festival

5. DJ Guest Invitation

Wow, get the parted started with this captivating template presenting your guest DJ. With its bright green elements on a dark gray or black background, you are sure to grab the attention of your fans. Download the fantastic PSD template and start customizing it for your upcoming club event.

DJ Guest Invitation

6. Birthday PSD Poster Template

This special Birthday poster model will instantly create a festive mood! The sparkles and glitter make it look catchy and glamorous. With the help of having this in a PSD format, you can easily edit text, replace the photo with your own one, and change the colors of every element, including the big frame and the disco balls.

Birthday PSD Poster Template

7. Pool Party

What an amazing poster sample we’ve got stored for you here! The striking blue tropical leaves and a vivid yellow header look great against a black & white image placed in the background. Use this superb template to announce a hot summer night near a pool!

Pool Party

8. Free DJ Poster Template

This poster sample is amazing with its one-of-a-kind layout! Use it for a successful promotion of a special DJ’s night. You can replace the image with your star guest’s photo, change the palette, and edit the text. The ideal quality of the template will make the printed poster look fantastic!

Free DJ Poster Template

9. Black Friday PSD Poster Template

Black Friday is not all about shopping! Why not spend the night relaxing at a club with your pals? This special B&W template with eye-catching color accents will help to announce a cool-themed party at your club. The image, text, and other elements are changeable in Photoshop.

Black Friday PSD Poster Template

10. Club Event

Here’s a sample that can become an excellent canvas for practically any type of club event you’d like to promote! A big bash, a concert, a DJ’s night – you just name it… a colorful background and a fantastic glowing header will instantly grab the attention of your potential guests!

Club Event

11. Night Club

Meet one of the most stylish additions on our extensive list! Thanks to a catchy header, colorful hand-drawn elements, and a special B&W image this sample matches both modern and retro vibes. Whichever event you’re about to host – this poster will give it a due presentation!

Night Club - PSD Poster Template

12. Urban Live Music Concert

Why not use this superb template to announce an unforgettable night of favorite urban tracks? A seemingly simple layout can easily draw your potential guests’ attention. The big advantage of this poster model is that you can adjust every element in Photoshop.

Urban Live Music Concert

13. Afro Beats

Here’s a fabulous sample that will successfully announce your big night of hot Afro Beats! A playful header and a combo of bright colors seem perfect for the event. A few minutes will be enough to change the palette, and the text, and replace the image if need be.

Afro Beats

14. Jazzy Night

Won’t you agree that the Jazzy Night poster featured here looks incredibly stylish and atmospheric? The neon text and the floating triangles will certainly interest everyone. We’d recommend you to go with the minimal changes, but you can easily change the colors, and replace the photo if you wish.

Jazzy Night

15. Rock Concert

Bold, stylish, catchy – this poster model is perfect for spreading the word about your big rock event! Open this template in PS to play around with the colors, add a photo of an invited artist, and edit the wiring. We promise that the printed samples will impress both you and the guests.

Rock Concert

16. DJ Remix

Meet one of the coolest templates on our list! Don’t hesitate for a moment if this playful layout seems good to present a DJ who you invited to rock at the club. All elements of this sample are adjustable in PS – all you need are a few spare minutes and basic knowledge of the program.

DJ Remix - Free PSD Poster Template

17. Fall Weekend

In our opinion, this dreamy, elegant, and unique template is perfect to announce a fall weekend party. A combination of black and orange will make your posters look atmospheric and noticeable. PS will help to edit text, add your logo, and replace the photo of a model if you wish.

Fall Weekend

18. Summer Vibe

This minimalist yet wonderful poster sample will aid you at promoting a themed summer party. An image with a watercolor effect will appeal to the guests who dream of feeling a fresh sea breeze on hot summer days. Apply PS to change the colors, text, and other details before printing.

Summer Vibe

19. Birthday Bash

The masterfully combined textured colorful pieces, a posh golden frame, and elegant floral elements turn this template into a masterpiece! Use it to announce your unforgettable birthday bash, and impress every single guest you invite. The poster model is easy to adjust in Photoshop.

Birthday Bash

20. Disco Party

A header written in a unique attention-grabbing font is what makes this poster model look so cool. The basic layout can be instantly altered in Photoshop: you’ll only need a couple of minutes to add a different photo, change the wiring, and choose a perfect palette!

Disco Party

21. Great Vibes

We strongly recommend you download this designer template! A cool image, a stylish vertical header, and lines drawn with neon colors will make the printed posters look fantastic. You can use this sample to advertise any club event – we promise that it will bring you success!

Great Vibes

22. Electronic Music

This superb template seems perfect for announcing a big night of electronic music hits! Download it, and open it in PSD to choose the right palette, add a different photo, and change the text. The excellent quality of the posters you print will help to reach success at the party promotion.

Electronic Music

23. Hookah Club

The unique fonts, exotic vibes, and contrasting combo of the dark and neon colors make this sample your best bet for promoting a club event for hookah lovers. Don’t hesitate to download this file, and spend a couple of minutes in PS to adjust the text and other elements before printing.

Hookah Club

24. Party Template

The childish and playful look of this poster model might help to interest your potential visitors. The simple yet cool layout is apt for announcing a big variety of club events. Yet another perk is that this template is extremely easy to adjust in PS – changing the text and colors will take only a few moments!

Party Template

25. Free Concert Template

A big music star that you’ve invited over to your place deserves a special presentation! Download this pro-level template with scenic city views to impress your future guests. In Photoshop you’ll be able to edit text and turn a photo of the DJ into a mysterious silhouette.

Free Concert Template

26. Feel The Music

Simple yet attention-grabbing – this template will make your guests put aside all their plans and show up at your club! Although we believe that the photo of a rock artist used for this sample looks unique and atmospheric, you can replace it in Photoshop. The text and colors are adjustable, too.

Feel The Music

27. Afterparty Template

Just have a look at this kicky template! It can become a perfect fit for your special club event. It was crafted by pros to help you grasp future guests’ attention. We wouldn’t change a tat in this superb layout, but you can easily alter it in Adobe Photoshop before printing.

Afterparty Template

28. Jazz Festival

Although the header of this sample says “Jazz Festival” you can as well use it for a memorable and atmospheric jazz night at your club. A simple and elegant layout will instantly appeal to your potential visitors. All you need to do is change the text in Photoshop.

Jazz Festival

29. Karaoke

No fan of karaoke nights will pass by the cool posters prepared with the help of this template! A one-of-a-kind layout is meant to interest and amaze. Apply Photoshop to replace the images, try various colors, and edit the writing. The result will exceed your expectations!

Karaoke - Free PSD Poster Template

30. Enjoy The Music

Keep it simple yet stylish with this designer template. Its minimalist layout is apt for most various club events. In our opinion, the great advantage is an amazing sepia image of a musician. The other plus is that you can change every element, including the colors and text.

Enjoy The Music

Summary of The Best Free Poster Templates for Club Events

We hope that you made good use of this unique poster collection, and chose a perfect free PSD template for your next event. After you spend a few minutes customizing the important details the sample will be ready for printing. We guarantee that the quality and unusual posters will help to bring in many customers to your club.

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Please take a moment to comment below and let us know which one is your favorite.

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