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When it comes to showing off your designs, presentation is key and that’s when mockups come in handy, to help you save time and create amazing presentations for your clients.

For app and UI designers, having some high-quality free app screen PSD mockups in their freebies collection is crucial. Mockup templates help in showcasing your designs in a professional way and show it to your client from different angles and perspectives.

There is a noticeable growing demand in mockups and that is why more and more designers take their time and develop high-quality, realistic mockups which they usually give for free for others to use them too. We don’t want you to waste any more precious time, so we gathered here 40 amazing free app screen PSD mockups which will help you showcase your app screens or interface design in a realistic and client-friendly manner.

These app screen mockups come in fully editable PSD templates and you can easily change their background color. Plus, most of them are powered by Smart Objects, so you will be able to easily change the screens by double clicking the smart object layer.

Choose the app screen mockups you like and download them for future use.

Perspective Mobile Screen Mockup

This perspective mobile screen mockup template provides you with a great layout to showcase your mobile apps and responsive websites on. There are 4 styles in this mockup pack and they also come with light and dark backgrounds.


Colorful Screen MockUp For Desktop

This colorful screen mockup is perfect for showcasing your app design or app interface presentation. This mockup is fully editable via smart objects. Also 2 of the 5 screens include a 3D depth of 8px and 4px. This comes at a resolution of 2800 x 2000px.


PSD Mobile Screen Mockup

This PSD mobile screen mockup gives you a different way of showcasing your app designs. This mockup is easy to edit in Photoshop, because everything is separated into smart layers.

Branding App Screen Mock-Up

This is a different kind of app screen mockup, this time with a horizontal display. It is perfect to showcase your mobile apps designs. Plus, in the pack are included three floor textures for you to pick from.


App Screen Mockup

These perspective mockups can be easily edited. You can replace the blank screen with your created design with just a couple of clicks.


Server iOS Screen Mockup

This mockup template comes with a ready-made design showcased on it. It is a representation of server data using 3D pie charts and curves.


App Screen Mockups UI Kit

This is an essential perspective mockup for app and UI designers. It is simple and has some nice, subtle shadows you can play with.

App Screen Mockups UI Kit

Perspective App Screens PSD Mockup

Check out this free perspective mockup display for mobile app screens. This mockup set comes with two available options. These were created with editable smart-object layers in Photoshop.


Free PSD Perspective Screen MockUp

This perspective mockup set contains 4 app screen mockups ideal for  your app or interface design presentations. One of the screens in this pack also comes with a depth size of 5 px. All layers are editable via smart objects.


PSD Perspective Mobile Mockup Screen

This is a very easy to edit mockup, because the PSD file contains a smart object layer on which you can drop in your app screen design. This mockup has a nice, 3D effect and a cool transparent style.


iPhone App Front Screen MockUp PSD

Check out this front app screen mockup. The depth of the screens is between 5px and 16px and it is completely editable using smart objects.


Free PSD Perspective Mockup Template

Quickly download this lovely angled perspective mockup. It has a nice effect due to the added smart blur.


Android / iPhone Perspective App Mockup PSD

These mockups have some really nice perspective angles. These were made to showcase both iOS and Android apps.


PSD App Screen Converter

Another great app screen presentation mockup.

PSD App Screen Converter

App Screens Perspective MockUp PSD

This is a fully-editable PSD template which can be used to showcase your app screens or interface design. Every detail can be easily modified.


App Screen Showcase Mockup PSD

Check out this perspective app screens mockup which will help you showcase your app design in modern way. Editing is very simple, just add your design via smart layers, and modify any other details, such as background or screen positions.


iPhone App Screen PSD Mockup

This awesome iPhone app screen PSD mockup will help you create a neat presentation for your latest mobile app design. It makes it really easy to change the background color and you can add your own design via smart layers.


Check out this top view iPhone 6 PSD mockup. Editing is very easy, all details can be modified, including the design showcase, background color and layers position.


This great free mockup will let you showcase your new iPad app design with style! All you have to do is replace your design with smart layers. Any other details, such as background color, can also be modified.


Free PSD Perspective App Screens Mock-Up

Here are two elegant app screen mockups. This mockup template also comes with a nice high-res blurred background, ideal to showcase your iOS7 designs.


3D Mobile App Screens Mock-Up PSD

Check out this perspective app screens mockup that uses smart objects for easy customization. PSD file is fully layered and grouped.


Free PSD Mockup Isometric Mobile App Screen

If you’re looking for a different kind of angle, check out this isometric screen mockup. The Photoshop file is super easy to edit because everything separated into layers.


Perspective App Screens Mock-Up PSD

This is a great mockup set containing some high-quality perspective mockup screens. You can use the smart object to replace the screen design with your own.


Perspective App Screen PSD Mock-Up

Showcase your new app design with this simple and clean app screen mock-up in perspective. This app screen mockup has a very interesting shadow effect and editing is done easily with the use of smart layers.


Perspective Tablet Mock-Up PSD

Here’s a different kinf of app mockup template, with a tablet perspective app screen in portrait orientation. This can be stacked to create a great presentation for your app or interface design work.


Free 3D Perspective Mockup PSD

Check out these stacked perspective mockups in 3D. Feel free to use and modify them as per your requirements.


Clean Perspective App Screens Mock-Up

Clean Perspective App Screens Mock-Up

Iphone 6 Wrap Around Screen Mockup PSD

This freebie PSD mockup comes with two color variations, in white and black. It is very easy to edit and has a subtle, 3D effect.


Free PSD App Screen iOS 7

This freebie is called iGravertical (iGravity + Vertical). It helps you display up to 4 vertical screens in one shot. All you have to do is add your screen to the smart object.


Chameleon Modern Ios UI Kit PSD

This awesome app screen mockup set includes 10 modern app screens that can help you showcase your app and interface design, with style!


Isometric Perspective MockUp PSD

Showcase your designs in an isometric perspective, with this great free app screen PSD mockup. This mockup comes with 3 depth sizes and it’s editable via smart objects.


This is another great isometric PSD mockup, with smart layers included. You can modify it as you please.


3D App Screen Mockup

Check out this perspective mobile app screen mockup with a transparent glass. the PSD file comes with smart layers. All you have to do is open the smart object, drag and drop, save and close.


Isometric iPhone 6 PSD Mockup

This awesome and simple isometric iPhone 6 screen mockup will help you showcase your app design easily. The layered PSD file is packed with smart objects for easy editing.


App Display Screen PSD Mockups

This is a set of 3 different app screen display mockups in PSD format. The PSd files are fully layered and editable with the help of smart-object layers.


Free iPhone Perspective App Screen Mockup

This free iPhone perspective app screen mockup has a clean design and features a ton of customization options. Smart Objects are included in the PSD file to add your design easily.


Free PSD Photorealistic Music App Screen Mockup

Check out these 4 different PSDs that include up to 4 screens in a single shot. These are easy to edit as well.


Perspective Apps Mockup for Mobile

Perspective Apps Mockup for Mobile

Free Music App Screen Mockup PSD

This perspective mobile app mockup also comes with a pre-made music app design showcased on it. This mockup can display up to three stacked screen designs.


Free App Screens Mockup PSD

This multi-screen mockup lets you display your app designs in a unique, aerial view.Use the smart-object layers to quickly drag and drop your designs.


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