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Emotion icons, also known as emoticons, are a major part of the Internet and can be found especially in the chat, instant messaging, social media and e-mail interactions. These emotion icons are used to transmit emotions which cannot be put into words.

Emotion icons can have multiple variations. They can be static or animated, small or large, flat or 3D and so on and they add a friendly look and feel to the medium in which they are used.

Today, we selected some great free emotion icons you can download and use. We’re sure you’ll find something you like on this list. We selected various types of emoticon sets such as flat, colored, monochrome, minimalist, 3D and others.


30 emoticons free PSD

Here’s a free PSD set of 30 standard emoticons for chat or SMS applications. These were designed by Shota Mickaia and they are free for both personal and commercial usage, without any obligation of attribution or payment.


Yolks Free Download

This set contains 40 emoticons with random expressions and characters. The ones listed in the preview are just a small part of the emoticons available in this set.


500 Chat Emoticons Free Download

PSD Smilies Creation Kit

This PSD set contains 7 ready-made smiley faces and tons of ready-to-use elements that could help you to create your own face. You can create your own emoticons with different emotions, be it happy, sad, cheerful or amazed. Download the whole creation kit now for free and edit as you wish.


Yellow shadowed emoticons icons free vector

Here are some yellow shadowed emoticons that come as vectors. You can download all of these for free.


Emoticons Riceballs

Check out these Japanese inspired expressions made on simple white rice noggins.


The Blacy Free Emoticons Smiley Icon Pack

Black emoticons? Yes! Check out these black free emotion icons which portray the world’s worst emotions.


Rainbow – Emoticons Smiley Icon Pack Free

Rainbow by jixi2000 is the right icon pack for everyone who wants to add some color to a design. These are some unique free emotion icons we’re sure you’ll love.


POPO emotions full version

Here is the POPO emotions + addon version icon pack. Download this set and you will get both ICO and PNG files for each icon.


Emoticons – Free Emoticons Icon Packs

Check out this unique free emotions icon pack. It has more of a flat style, rather than a 3D one and uses only subtle shadows.


Very emotional emoticons 2

Take a look at this massive set of emotion icons! This set comes with 80 icons that were completely redrawn from scratch.


40 Minimal Emoji Icons (Vector+SVG+PNG)

This massive set contains 40 minimal Emoji icons that come in various formats such as Vector, SVG and even PNG!


Emotion Character Icons Sketch

Here’s a set of 9 flat, circular, cartoon emotion characters, created in Sketch! Download and use them in your own web or app projects.


Set Of Glossy Funny Emotion Icons Vector

Check out this set of glossy and funny emotion icons that come as editable vectors. Download them and start using these icons in your own projects.


60 Minimal Smile Icons

This is a collection of 60+ minimal smile icons that have the dimensions of 10x10px and come in PNG format.


Colorful Emotion Icons

These emoticons have a more simple and minimalist design. These are all the emoticons that are currently available in IcoMoon’s icon packs. These icons include emotions such as laughing, crying, angry, sad, depressed, dazed and more.


Flat File-Like Smileys Icons Vector

This is a unique set of 12 file-like smileys icons designed in the flat style. These use flat colors as well.


Emoticon stickers

This is a great emotion icons pack turned into stickers. Free for commercial use by crediting the author.


Hand drawn smileys pack

Looking for some hand drawn icons? Check out this set! It includes various types of emotions, from angry, to happy and in love. Free for commercial use by crediting the author.


Squared smiley collection Free Vector

Tired of the regular round shape of emotion icons? Check out these square, flat-styled emoticons! Free for commercial use by crediting the author.


Flat and round vector emotion icons

The flat trend is on the rise, and it can be applied to emoticons as well! Download this flat and round vector emotion icons set.


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