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It is a must for a graphic designer as well as for a web designer to have a good collection of abstract backgrounds. While designing, it is better to have the background selected first so that the designing process could start. The most critical yet difficult task is to choose the background that is attractive and elegant. While selecting a background, you must consider the color combination that would suit your project. In this free abstract backgrounds roundup, we present you with some irresistible and smart abstract backgrounds that will enhance the beauty of your design. The best background will direct the attention of the viewer to the designs. Without further adieu, the free abstract backgrounds are as follows:

1.  Eight Colorful Backgrounds: 

Eight Colorful BackgroundsColorful Backgrounds

Web designing can commence easily once when you have the background decided. These abstract backgrounds are just what you need to enhance your product or services. These backgrounds are apt for brochures, flyers, presentations, and office papers. The files have high resolution i.e. 1920x1200px. The abstract background has multicolors. It is available in a pack of 8 different styles. The same pattern is available in two shades in blue, purple, red, violet, yellow, green, and orange.

2. Abstract Background Set 3: 

Abstract Background Set 3

The abstract background has 6 images. The first image is the bokeh effect in greenery, and it feels like the sunlight captured among the leaves. The second image has a mixture of purple and lavender with bokeh effect. The image seems like lights strained in the forest and given the color. The third image is again bokeh effect in the blue shade like light filtering in the blue water or sky. The fourth image consists of strips of waves in a different color. The fifth image is light radiating in shades of brown. The sixth image is horizontal stripes of multicolors. All the images are in high resolution. These images are perfect for all kind of projects, including business cards, flyers, collages websites, web or print project.

3. Abstract Background Set 2: 

This background set has 8 backgrounds that you can use for your web templates. These images are of high resolution, i.e. 1800×1200. The images would be apt for print designs too. The eight backgrounds are great if you want to with a minimalistic approach. The shades are just elegant and can make any product or services look good with this background. It has two blue backgrounds giving a surreal look, two green backgrounds that give a refreshing look.

4. Bubble Wave: 

Bubble wave abstract background have nine color variations for your choice. It has different variations of color that make it easy for you to select for a variety of designs. The backgrounds are available in high resolution i.e. 1600*1200px. The images are best for collages, posters, flyers and apt for website backgrounds. The bubble wave abstract background has bokeh effect created in a wave with lights filtered horizontally. It seems like a mirage effect.

5. Abstract Bokeh Background: 


These thirteen abstract backgrounds would suffice your need for the background options. These thirteen images give your color option for your website designing. The image has a bokeh effect and has a very refreshing look that can get users hooked to your website. The image looks natural and surreal and is one of the best options for abstract background. It is too elegant and does not have a contrast color that would strain the eye. The backgrounds are available in high quality i.e. 1600x1200px.

6. Abstract Hi-Res Colorful background set:

Abstract Hi-Res Colorful background set

The abstract backgrounds are available in high resolution i.e. 1920x1080px. The image has waves with bokeh effect, which are slight light compared to other designs. The backgrounds are suitable for a web design project, flyers, presentations, collage and much more. The high-resolution background gives the benefit of not getting blurred for website designs. The whole background set gives you options of the blue, green, magenta, purple, red and yellow.

7. Abstract Bokeh Background set:

Abstract Bokeh Background set

There is 6 abstract background in the set with high resolution. The concept of the image is one, but the color combinations are different. One image uses a combination of three colors to give a distinctive look. The colors form an alluring look which would make the users make way to your website. These eye-catchy backgrounds are merely perfect for website background as well as for posters, presentations, collages and much more.

8. Twelve Abstract waves background: 

The abstract background has twelve option for you in a different color. The image has a varied color of stripes in a waveform which kind of gives direction. The combination of colors used in the image is commendable as it gives out a minimalistic approach and elegance. Though multi-colors used in the image does not shine or glare to give you an eye strain. The finishing is matte and gives a positive effect outlook to the design. If you want to change the background later, you can do that in a different color with the same pattern.

9. Abstract Whirl Background: 

In abstract whirl background, there is four background in various color. The whirls in different color create a distinctive effect on the design. These backgrounds are perfect for website, personal portfolio, wallpaper and much more. The background with abstract whirl is alluring and would enhance the designs of the website. The images are available in high resolution.

10. Abstract Linear background:

Abstract Linear Background

There are 8 images for the background which gives you enough alternatives for designing. The image has shiny stripes and smoke effect at the bottom. These abstract linear backgrounds are suitable for any purpose and especially for web backgrounds. These images are available in high definition, and so there is no fear of the image getting pixelated. The backgrounds can also be perfect for flyers, posters and much more.

11. Abstract Background set:

Abstract Background set

The abstract background set has 5 images with color variations. It has two blue-colored images, orange, green and purple. Use of only one color in the image with different shades has made it more elegant. The abstract background set is available in high resolution. The image has a light surrounded by waves of different color in different images. The background is best for website background and any design project.

12. Holiday background set: 

Holiday background set

The holiday background set has four images for web designing. The abstract holiday background had a Christmas tree and snowflakes which gives winter feel. You can use it for your website background for the Christmas theme. The background is available in purple, blue, green, and orange. The images are high resolution, and so there is a no chance of the image getting blurred.

13. Outer space background: 

Outer space background

The outer space background set has four images. The background gives you a surreal feel. The space background makes sure the designs look enhanced and has much more elegance than another abstract background. It gives you a feel as if the background is a capture of the starry sky. The four images are in a variety of color. The background is available in high resolution. The outer space background can work well for website pages, flyers and much more.

14. Abstract Winter Wallpaper: 

Abstract Winter Wallpaper

The abstract winter wallpaper has four images. The image is of snowy Christmas tree snowflakes above. The background is dreamy to look at. The abstract winter wallpaper gives the design a complete look and the viewers a subtle feel. Each color conveys an overall different feel and looks as per the design and showcase of the product and service you can select from the available alternative.

15. Thirty Abstract Backgrounds part 2: 

Thirty Abstract Backgrounds part 2

The abstract background set has a total of 30 images for selection. The image has a high resolution which makes it blur-free. The image has vertical colored lines but when horizontally seen has cylindrical lines. The background also has a bokeh effect which is exceptionally light yet evident. The images are magnificent and give an alluring look for the website. The images are available in high resolution i.e. 1900x1200px.

16. Snowman Winter Wallpaper:

Snowman Winter Wallpaper

The abstract background has snowflakes and an illustration of the snowman, which looks adorable. The snowman winter wallpaper has 4 images. You can get this background in four different colors. High resolution is what you get in Snowman winter wallpaper. The images are available in purple, green, blue and rust shade. The background is suitable for website designing, flyers and other projects.

17. Abstract background Pack: 

Abstract background packb

The abstract background pack has four images. The images are in high resolution, and this helps to have a bright website background. The background is available in green, purple, blue and orange color. The backgrounds are excellent for website background, banners, wallpapers and much more.

18. Free Abstract Background Set:

free abstract background set

There are four images in this background set. The background images are high resolution which is suitable for the website background. The image displays fire and smoke effect in different shades. The images have 4000x3000px resolution. The background gives depth to the designs of your website. The background image is available in blue, green, purple, and red color.

19. Abstract Snowy background Set:

Abstract Snowy BackgroundAbstract Snowy Background

The snowy background set consist of 4 images in a different color. The images are high resolution and cover up the problem of a blur. The images are 4000x3000px resolution. The image has light rays coming from a light source and illustrations of snow on the light rays. This background gives you an elegant look for your website. The backgrounds are apt for website background and other designing projects.

20. Starry Abstract Background: 

Starry Abstract Background

The starry abstract background had 7 images for you to choose for your website. The images are available in high resolution i.e. 1600x1200px. The image has fading vertical stripes with starry abstract background. The images are appropriate for website projects, flyers, posters and much more. The background images are available in seven attractive color that would make the visitors hooked to your website.

While creating a website, make sure you add a personality and uniqueness to your site. From the above-listed abstract background, you would get several choices for your website background. There are multiple color options, designs, and theme from which you can select as per your preference. For both personal and commercial projects, these abstract backgrounds can be useful. The abstract background also has themes, so it would be easy for you to select.

The best part of these backgrounds is that it is free to download and has a set of images in which you get multiple images in varied color and thus giving you an option to select from. There is much demand for the abstract background. From the list mentioned above, we have the best of free abstract background with varied color, design and theme options. The quality and unique collection would make sure that you can get the best out of the listed abstract backgrounds. Not only website projects but these backgrounds would come to use for many other purpose and projects. Select the amazing abstract background for your website as per your preference and let it stand out.

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