How to Get Your Typesetting Right

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Typesetting is the art and process of placing and arranging text on a page, a document, or a book/novel. It might look simple, but if not done in the right way, it will be full of flaws in terms of its look and layout. In all, typesetting means visual communication.

Typesetting or Typography is an art that takes years to master and a never-ending learning process. There are certain secrets to get the typesetting right. But the drill here is that as much as you will go into its depth, you will discover newer secrets to get it right and better. Here we will give you a few such secret tips to get your typesetting right:

5 Tips on How Best to Use Google Fonts While Designing Websites

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Attention to detail is what separates a professional website from an amateur looking site. These tiny details can completely change the appearance of your website without much time or effort. Fonts are one of these tiny details. Fonts make a significant difference when it comes to communicating your message on the website. Optimizing typography can improve accessibility, usability, readability, and overall graphic balance of your website. Choosing the right font for your website is necessary. Since Google Fonts are very popular, it is essential to know how best to use google fonts while designing a website so that you can improve your website’s look and feel.

10 Best Fonts to Make Your Business Cards Design Stand Out

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Business Cards are an integral part of your organization’s branding. Your organization’s business card acts as the first link of communication. As a result, you want to make sure that your business card stands out and creates a positive first impression.

Selection of font plays a vital role in the effectiveness of your business cards. Fonts along with design, layout and color create a great business card. It’s a good branding exercise to select a font that is specific to your business card and other business stationary like letterheads, envelopes etc.

15 Beautiful Free Wedding Fonts for Designing the Perfect Invitation

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Your wedding is one of the most beautiful moments of your life and obviously, you want to make it special. If you are searching for printing, designing and paper for your wedding invitation then you must be thinking about the typography as well. Typography in your wedding invitation can be just as important as the words and paper texture of your wedding invitation card.

How To Choose The Perfect Font For Your Website

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Creating a perfect website design is an exhausting task. There are many factors to be considered before starting to create a website design and one of them is choosing the right font. You have to take due care when writing the website content and during the selection of images for the home page.

The 10 Most Popular Google Fonts of 2018

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Google Fonts is an open source collection of nearly 900 font families that are used by graphic designers, web designers and content specialists for both digital and print design projects. Google Fonts have been downloaded over 19 Billion times by users. All the fonts are available for download from the Google Fonts GitHub repository or you can download the font library into your server. While companies like Adobe and others have followed suit and built their own font directories, Google Fonts remains the top choice for personal and professional use due to its breadth of quality open source font options.