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Halloween is the fun beginning of the holiday season. Halloween is associated with parties, themes, celebrations, activities, and enjoyment. And to support you in your invitations, cards, banners, decorations, and other designs, we have curated this post of 21 scary fonts to give a horror feel to your designs – right in time for Halloween.

This collection of fonts have various styles and designs that hold unique spooky and dramatic touch that can be used in any horror, thriller, suspense-based design. So if you are working with some cool posters, fun invitations, book cover pages, or horror games designs, then you can get your most suitable typeface from today’s list. Fonts convey the tone and style of your content.

That’s why it’s essential that you choose the ideal typeface to establish the right feel and look in your audience’s mind. We have selected different bold, sharp, rough, creative, and vibrant font styles to offer you both free and paid design assets that can elevate your project. So let’s check them out in detail:

1. Dreadful + Extras:


Dreadful is a beautiful vintage-style typeface. It has a classic feel of retro movies and comic books. You get bold and sharp font style with four different visions, and they all can be a perfect fit for horror books, posters, banners, headlines, and invitations. You get well-constructed and impactful fonts with some interesting horror objects and illustrations. It is a complete package for scary designs where you can give a spooky look to your design with its fonts and extras.

2. Exorcist – Horror Display Typeface:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Exorcist

Exorcist is a smart and substantial font style that can help many Halloween posters, cards, banners, invitations, and flyers. It has tight fonts with a rough geometric look. Moreover, it can be a very good choice for many thrilling, suspenseful, and dramatic movie posters or cover pages. It has a modern look with a pinch of vintage style. You get a pack of uppercase letters, numerals, and punctuations for your creative design concept.

3. Horror:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Horror

This typeface has the typical horror look that you see in many different horror designs. It is sleek and simple. But it looks impressive and chilling at the same time. The irregular strokes and overall theme gives a serious look of handwritten fonts, which can make a substantial impact on design. Your Halloween or any horror design can look scary and thrilling with the help of this font style. So try this for free and add a spooky touch to your creative projects.

4. Ghoulish Font:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Ghoulish Font

A horror version of serif fonts is what you get from this typeface. It has bold and uneven letters that reflect a beautiful vintage theme. You can make excellent headings from this typeface and impactful logo designs as well. Overall ghoulish is a professional-looking typeface ideal for some unique scary designs where you need a bold and interactive element through fonts.

5. Story Brush:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Story Brush

If you want to get a handwritten touch with some good brush style typeface, then story brush is great. It is essential, powerful, and professionally designed for horror themes. You get two different versions and 240 glyphs from this typeface, and it allows you to add a rushing and impulsive feeling to your design that you may want in horror designs. So overall, it’s fun, vibrant, and connecting typeface to help in Halloween posters, logos, and t-shirt designs.

6. Chiller:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Chiller

As its name suggests, this font style is very subtle and straightforward. It has calm and simple strokes that make it a dynamic handwritten style. You get very clean and natural-looking fonts to make your scary designs minimal and realistic. Chiller is packed with eye-catchy graphics and a number of alternatives to help you in many creative designs. You can utilize this in many dramatic and quirky concepts as it is a very adaptive font style.

7. Real Horror Font:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Real Horror Font

Some realistic font styles of scratches and engraved strokes can add a unique touch to the designs. And if you want such typeface to make your design look natural and convicting, then Real horror font style is a good choice. It has sharp and handcrafted letters with an edgy and spooky feeling. Your design with cuts, wounds, marks, and scrapes can look fantastic with this typeface. So have this in your collection and use it in your next horror and Halloween-based designs.

8. No Mercy Font:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : No Mercy

It is a unique style in the horror category. No mercy font style is definitely compelling, contemporary, and attractive. You get hand-drawn glyphs of pen strokes effortlessly created to give an outline with filled hatching. It is a bold, natural, and confident font style to use in horror, thriller, and any other impactful design idea. You can collect this and use it creatively to give a sharp and innovative look to your headings.

9. Blood Of Dracula Font:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Bloof Of Dracula

This one is a classic typeface with a dripping design. Blood of Dracula is an Old English font style with a horror touch. You can see many logo designs as well created from this font style on its webpage. You can download this for free and make your designs look vintage and powerful. With its dripping design, it gives a scary animated look that can elevate your design wonderfully. You can try this timeless font style for both vintage and modern designs.

10. Halloween Spider:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Halloween Spider

Halloween spider is a caps font style with a unique spider web design. This font style is bold, creative, and ideal for any Halloween designs, horror posters, games, and branding designs. The spider web design is smartly incorporated in every letter, making this sans serif font style exciting and spooky. Overall this typeface can give a natural and unique look to your designs with its artistic style. So try this typeface for free and make your headings and logos realistic and thrilling.

11. Ruthless Drippin Two Font:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Ruthless Dripping

Clean, straightforward, but impressive fonts are what you get from this typeface. Ruthless has a dripping style that gives a horror touch to its basic brush strokes. Moreover, this typeface has a decorative and handwritten design with sleek, attractive, and curvey letters. You get two alternatives, special characters, and numerals, from this typeface. So try this in some cool horror designs where you don’t want a loud scary look but a decent and exciting spooky touch.

12. Outright Horror:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Outirght Horror

It’s another font style with interesting brush strokes. It offers two different versions like a regular one and bold style. With bold typeface, your designs can have a comic font style with a horror feeling. It is an attractive, loud, and eccentric font style that holds unique stroke weights and adaptive outlook. You can use this typeface and make some fantastic creative designs for Halloween parties, horror theme-based competitions, or thriller storybooks.

13. XXII Ultimate-Black-Metal Fallen-Angel:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Fallen Angel

This one is unique, striking, and extremely distorted font style. You can use this typeface for creative comic, eccentric, and scary designs. It has innovative hand-drawn strokes with freestyle lines and curves which gives a very intense look. This typeface might not be perfect for all designs, but it can surely fit some robust, scary designs with minimum and impactful content. So try this font style for unique logos and headings and see how effortlessly your design can look horror.

14. Hey Boo – Spooky Halloween Font:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Hey Boo

It is more of a comic and cute font style. You can make incredible designs with this font style for kids’ party, and stationery items. Hey Boo has a simple script style with serif fonts. One thing that makes this typeface interesting is tiny spiders and web objects on letters. It is undoubtedly a creative and attractive font style professionally designed for horror and Halloween theme. Children’s theme parties and competitions may need this type of typeface to add a scary element but in a comic and gentle manner.

15. Groovy Ghosties:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Groovy Ghosties

Horror designs don’t necessarily have to scare people off. They can be fun, engaging, animated, and humorous as well. With Groovy Ghosties, you get three fantastic font versions designed with light-hearted illustrations. The letters are very relaxed and subtle. And different expressions of each letter make this typeface even more exciting. You can use this font style for fun projects where your horror design has a more casual and childish approach.

16. Hollyweird:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Hollyweird

For thrilling fairytales and witch’s stories, Hollyweird will be a perfect choice. It is an elegant and rough handwritten typeface that has soft curves and swirls. When you are working on horror stories, especially in the kid’s section, you need a scary typeface but with a delicate and relaxed design for fascinating cover pages and headings. Overall it is a very casual, shaky, and dreamy font style.

17. Doktor Terror Font:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Doktor Terror

Doktor terror has hand-drawn hatch pattern strokes with creative design. You get bold and powerful fonts with creative design to make your horror designs look attractive and scary. It is a greatly eroded typeface with some skull designs that you can use creatively to make your Halloween designs look authentic and fun.

18. Vermillion Stamp Font:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Vermillion

Vermillion stamp font style offers three amazing variants that will look perfect in bold and dramatic horror designs. It has freestyle strokes with sharp and rough edges. In addition, you get regular, outline, and stamp versions with all the necessary characters to give a creative spooky look to your designs. Overall it is a striking, neat, and professional-looking typeface for solid horror posters, t-shirts, logos, and invitations.

19. The Crow – Vintage Style Font:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : The Crow

Horror designs with a vintage theme need a classic retro typeface like The Crow to create a nostalgic impact in the audience’s mind. This typeface has well-designed discipline fonts with inserted vintage patterns. It offers eight different variants: regular grunge, inline grunge, shadow and shadow grunge, inline shadow, and inline shadow grunge. This typeface is creative, powerful, and crafted with a horror touch to make some cool vintage designs like posters, fairytale cover pages, and many other spooky projects.

20. Spooky Grave:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Spooky Groove

You get an excellent Halloween font style with multilingual support from this download. It is bold, distorted, rough, and creative font design to help you with horror theme-based banners, hoardings, invitations, and logos. The spooky grave is a professionally designed typeface that offers regular and italic as two variants and flexibility to use in any contemporary project. The fringes on the edges add more scary touch to its strokes, and that’s why it’s one of the most recommended ones for horror designs.

21. Deathgrin:

Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel : Death Grim

It’s an eye catchy handmade typeface with sharp and harsh strokes. It looks powerful, straightforward, and very much focused font style. You get caps letters with useful characters and punctuation to make a solid impression through your design. Deathgrin is a smart choice for horror design if you want to add dramatic, scary elements in your design with the basic and minimal font style.

Horror designs are challenging and exciting at the same time. It has more of a personal aspect and entertaining nature. To create a special thrilling and spooky look in your horror designs, you may need freely structured, scratches, wavey, rough, dripping, eroded, and imbalanced font styles.

Generally, horror fonts are not supposed to be perfect, disciplined, and clean because they portray a calm and well-maintained mindset that has no connection to the horror theme. That’s why to complete the beautiful composition; you need to go for attractive, intense, and dramatic font style so that your end Halloween projects or any horror designs can leave a mark on people’s minds.

We have managed to find some unique and exciting typefaces that can help many design professionals or anyone who wants to type something in horror style. We have mentioned all the aspects as well, so find your suitable one and make your collection or projects powered with the captivating font style.

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